Jess in Second Life | Embracing Fun, Self-Exploration, and All Things Second Life Sex

Welcome to my world, I’m Jess. Often labelled as a blogger, I am in fact an adventurer, going on adventures through virtual sex and excitement. To that end, joining me in Second Life might just flip your perception of Second Life sex on its head. Being Jess in Second Life is such an amazing experience for me and I love to share it.

The turning point in my journey has an interesting backstory. Before jumping into Second Life, I ran into Candy’s story. Her attempts to stay away from sex work showed me that this place had so much potential. It was then, I found my true calling in doing what she tried to avoid- virtual sex work.

My love for writing, doubled with an eagerness to write about my adventures, led to the birthing of “Jess and Her Gentlemen”, a corner of the internet I call my own. Every post opens a door into my world, keeping readers on their toes and excited for what comes next.

But my journey in Second Life was just starting to unfold. Fascinated and fearless, I stepped into a life-altering experience – Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. It brought me more than just income, it was a journey of self-discovery, empowerment and self-confidence. As my life at the hotel unravelled, so did my story, offering a very candid look into the world of virtual relationships and sex in Second Life.

As my audience widened, so did my bonds in this alternate universe. Strangers turned friends, reshaping my life in unimaginably amazing ways. The relationships I made became my strength, making me feel more at home than ever before.

Jess in Second Life

Jess in Second Life | Expanding the Brand

Things kept progressing and eventually my sister Lumi and I decided to move on from the hotel. We dipped our toes into entrepreneurship, kicking-off with a store that sold exclusive X-Sisters products. Our determination and drive soon led us to open the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

It quickly made waves in the Second Life sex circuit. Our business took off so well that by June 2023, we opened a second spot. The X-Sisters brand grew by leaps and bounds!

I do of course have other ways to explore. My alter egos, Dee and Sasha and now, as of November 2023, Aria.

I have never shied away from highlighting challenging issues, shedding light on the complex cobweb of human yearning and the nuances of virtual affiliations. Above all, I am true to the fact that my path is about enjoying every moment, self-discovery, and having fun.

So, if you’re all set to tag along on my journey of emotions, aspirations, and unforgettable encounters, then this is the place! Keep up with “Jess and her Gentlemen,” and jump into the world of Second Life sex.

With me, you’ll journey to uncharted territories of pleasure, friendship, and frolic, and you’ll have no reason to ever turn back!

Jess in Second Life

Jess in Second Life | Love of Sex

I won’t shy away from it – I absolutely love virtual sex. The mental excitement of it blows my mind, and when I mix it up with my Lovense toys, things just get a whole lot better.

This blog is a vault of fun stuff – posts on Second Life sex, 3DXChat sex, Lovense games, Lovense audio books – there’s a bunch of cool things.

For too long, people have been staying quiet about sex like this. Saying it should be kept hidden, even naughty. But you know what, it’s freeing and I love it. That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I write about it. And that’s why I want you to come along with me on the ride.

Discovering virtual sex was a game-changer. I swear it feels like it’s always been a part of me, it’s hard to remember a time without it. Don’t get me wrong, real-life sex is fantastic too. But each has a charm of its own, and I love them both!

Jess 148

Jess in Second Life | Love of Sex Work

Life in Second Life, intermingled with this blog, has evolved into experiences beyond my wildest dreams. The X-Sisters Sex Bar grew expansively but saw a change in leadership when Lumi took off on her own journey, leaving me at the helm.

At my core, I am what you’d call a virtual escort, a profession I love for countless reasons.

Scientific studies around the reasons for engaging in sexual activities have seen a spike in recent years. Pioneering research tracing back to the eighties and nineties listed obvious reasons such as euphoria, and tension relief with factors like boosting one’s sense of power and stress alleviation. (The evolution of human sexuality)

But there’s more to this job than meets the eye.

It’s about empowerment, with the financial gain as an added advantage. The very concept of being paid for sex is exhilarating. Imagine being desired so intensely that someone would pay for your time. Isn’t that intoxicating? The whole idea adds an extra pinch of sexiness. It’s amazing. It’s hot and it makes you feel incredibly desirable.

Jess in Second Life

Business and Beyond in Second Life

Conducting businesses in this world has tapped into my creative side. As a part of this creative spree, scripting occupies a good slice of my time. I’ve written numerous scripts, a couple of which can be found on our X-Sisters Marketplace, like the Lucky Ashtray and Secret Santa.

I’m open for commissioned scripting jobs as well. However, time is a major player depending on the job’s size.

Feel free to nudge me using any of the communication modes listed on my “How to Find Jess in Second Life” page for such requirements.

Even interior decoration services come under my professional portfolio, subject again to the luxury of time. My primary focus always revolves around my business in Second Life, the X-Sisters Sex Bar, and my private escorting clientele.


My Favourite Stories

“Got a favourite story?” People ask me often. Of course, I do! But choosing is tough. There’s just too many.

Here’s a shocker – my computer is stacked with untold tales. While it may be true that some might remain unwritten, I do have plans to revisit them, but my time is spent writing only my best stories.

For the ones who asked, here’s a short list of absolute favourites. Living as Jess inside Second Life has opened up a world of mind-blowing experiences.

The time I ate popcorn watching Zath and Fox have sex and then joined in.

When I started my first ever No Sex Challenge.

Our first St Patricks Day party with some Lovense fun.

The time a client was controlling my Lovense while I was writing a post.

Further Reading

My ventures go beyond this blog. I’m on other platforms too. You’ll find me drafting guest pieces on Second Life Adventures from time to time. Not to mention I even have a wiki page all about me. Don’t miss out on my bio over on the X-Sisters’ official webpage. And weirdly enough, there’s a group in world exclusively dedicated to me.

You can also find my social links at the bottom of every page on this site.

So, why wait? By all means, go explore and you may end up unearthing some hidden gems. I promise, it’ll be a ride to remember.

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