New Beginnings in the Second Life Escorting Business

New Beginnings in the Second Life Escorting Business

Last Updated on: 15th April 2024, 01:20 pm

Yes, I know I promised fewer random updates, but trust me, this one is worth your attention. We’ve changed locations at X-Sisters Sex Bar, which is a big deal considering how much I’ve shared about this place—nearly half of all my posts revolve around it. Why move? Change is good, refreshing even, and it was time to shake things up.

Moving locations is both a logistical nightmare and an emotional rollercoaster. But, oh, it’s fun to start fresh! The new location offers us a chance to reboot, reimagine, and reignite the excitement that X-Sisters is known for.

So, how did it come about? Well, read on and you’ll find out.

New Beginnings | A Fresh X-Sisters Chapter

As I touched upon a few posts ago, the grid is feeling a bit tighter these days. Spending has notably decreased across the grid. This isn’t exclusive to the sex work scene either. It’s happening across the board. Furniture creators, fashion designers, and even scripters are feeling the pinch. It’s a universal slowdown, but hey, it’s okay.

The world’s still reeling from post-COVID impacts, ongoing war conflicts, and a persistent cost of living crisis that’s making everyone think twice about their spends. In such a climate, it’s natural for hobbies and luxuries like Second Life to take a back seat in people’s budgets.

Given these times, especially with the war tensions rising, I knew it was important to think ahead. Getting ready while being agile, ready to adapt. And while the X-Girls are still most definitely making money, my only goal with the X-Sisters Sex Bar is to make sure that there is continued sustainability.

A Sanctuary Split | Adjusting My Second Life Spaces

I’ve had a private sim for a long time now, and it has been my sanctuary. The place where I could truly be myself. It’s also where I keep my slave inside a cage in an ultra-secure bunker housed within a mountain. Yes, that’s where my slave stays, securely locked away for when I need him.

This place was my absolute favourite. A fortress where access was strictly by my invitation only.

However, uncertainty has a way of prompting change. Not knowing what the future holds can be unsettling, not just for me but for my X-Girls too. In response, I made a bold move—I split my sim in half. Half remains my personal space, complete with the bunker and the cage of course. (No, no escape for the slave yet. He’s probably reading this getting excited at the thought of daylight. No chance. He’s in there forever.)

The other half I’ve dedicated that to the bar. This decision wasn’t made lightly but it keeps us secure if the grid hits a really bad turn.

It was the Familiar Face in the Sauna with the Cock

Let’s face it—I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share a glimpse into our first day at the new place. Wilco swung by, officially to inspect the new setup. But it was obvious that his eyes weren’t just scanning the architecture. They had a trajectory directly aimed at my tits.

After a bit of playful teasing and a dance that might have emphasized the bounce of said tits, Wilco was sold. Not just on the new location, but on spending some exclusive time with me up at the spa in the sauna. Well, we had fun in the sauna, but then we had to go again for another round. This time in the shower. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

So, here’s your invite—come check out our new sim. With so many great spots and amazing X-Girls, I promise there’s something here that will catch your fancy.

Here’s your taxi, see you soon!

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    I should not have said, that I finished furnishing my house. 😀

    Looove the new place!!! <3

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