How to Find Jess in Second Life

Hi there, it’s me, Jess. I’m the one running X-Sisters Sex Bar and this website you’re on. Want to know more about me in this wild virtual world? Then join my special group, “Jess and her Gentlemen”. If you’re keen for a real adventure, try one of the Sex Bars that I run. So, if you’re wondering that important question of “how to find Jess in Second Life” then here are your answers.

Visiting the X-Sisters Sex Bar for just a small 200L fee means you can have tons of fun with me or my X-Girls. It’s the best spot to kick back and live a little.

Why wait? Jump in and meet me in Second Life!

How to Find Jess in Second Life

How to join in the fun of Jess in Second Life:

“Jess and her Gentlemen”: This group is your ticket to my inner circle. And once you’re a VIP, you’ll get a cool 25% off!

X-Sisters Sex Bar: Comeover to our lively sex bar I run. Join for 200L and enjoy fun with anyone from our team of sexy X-Girls. Want some private time with me? Just contact me directly at itsjess.skydancer.

Second X-Sisters Sex Bar at Street Whores: Try our new sex bar in the Street Whores’ neighbourhood. To meet up, shoot me a notecard at itsjess.skydancer.

Dr. Kane’s AFK Morgue: Another business I run with Kane. You’ll most likely see me hash out upgrades and fix things here.

Got questions? I’m just a message away at itsjess.skydancer. Let’s have some fun and excitement in the world of Second Life. You’re going to love it!

How to Find Jess in Second Life


Am I available for bookings outside my bar? – Yes indeed! Just fill out the booking form here, or drop me a line at itsjess.skydancer in-world. Please be patient as my mailbox gets very crowded and I might not respond instantly.

Am I up for BDSM? – Yes, but only as a Domme. I’m not the submissive kind. Yet, I have a love for wild Vanilla, which can still spice things up!

Do I have a Discord handle? – Yes, I do. A 10,000 Lindens fee grants a friend request on Discord. And yes, I’m making an exclusive server for members where I’ll share exciting content.

Is gifting me possible? – Why not?! I love surprises. Check my wishlist on Second Life via this link.

Do I accept donations? – I don’t take real-world payments, but feel free to drop a donation in the virtual world!

Can you operate my Lovense? – Yes, absolutely! I love it so much!

Name: itsjess.skydancer