Hey there! It’s me Jess, the proud owner of X-Sisters Sex Bar and this very website – the very person you’ve been looking for. If you’re eager to connect with me in-world and enjoy some fantastic perks, you can easily do so by joining my exclusive group, “Jess and her Gentlemen.” But for a more intimate experience, you should definitely pay a visit to either of the Sex Bars that I own with my sister..

At the X-Sisters Sex Bar, a small 200L joining fee opens the door to a world of amazing fun with any of our staff members, including me! It’s the perfect place to let loose and have a great time. 

Why wait any longer to have the time of your life? Connect with me in Second Life today!

Finding me in Second Life has never been easier. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from:

Join my group: Joining this group gets you not only a little bit closer to my inner circle but once you get the VIP role you also get 25% off of standard rates.

X-Sisters Sex Bar: Head over to our vibrant sex bar, co-owned with my sister. Join for just 200L and enjoy 30 minutes of pleasure with any of our staff members. If you’re interested in a personal session with me, feel free to book directly by sending an IM to itsjess.skydancer.

Second X-Sisters Sex Bar at Street Whores: We have another fantastic sex bar at Street Whores, offering the same experience as the first one. Join us for 200L and savour the hottest sexiest fun you can have with any staff member. If you’d like to arrange a session with me personally, just reach out via IM at itsjess.skydancer.

Dr. Kane’s AFK Morgue: This is another exciting venture I run with Kane. While I may not be there often, you might catch me performing upgrades and repairs. Keep an eye out for those special moments!

Feeling intrigued and want to reach out directly? No problem! Just send me an IM at itsjess.skydancer, and we’ll connect in no time!

Get ready to embark on a journey of pleasure and excitement with me in the world of Second Life. Don’t miss out!

Name: itsjess.skydancer