Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts 2024

Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts 2024

Last Updated on: 18th July 2024, 07:05 pm

If you’re familiar with Second Life, you know it’s much more than a game—it’s a fully-fledged virtual existence where real emotions, relationships, and yes, places to provide and buy adult services, play a big role. Becoming an escort or looking for one in Second Life is serious business. We’re talking about a sector that’s been booming for as long as the virtual world has existed. What does this tell us? There’s a solid market out there. People want intimacy; they want to feel desired and connect – even if it’s at a cost. Finding the right places and people in the world of Second Life escorts can be hit-or-miss.

You might end up in a club swarming with bots – attractive but as interactive as a mannequin – or maybe you’ve encountered the all-too-familiar AFKers, who might as well be part of the décor lining the streets. This often leads to that rapid bounce from one sim to another, known as sim-hopping.

But before you think this is all an illusion, let’s set the record straight. Real, authentic experiences do exist. We’re not talking about fairy tales here; with some inside knowledge (which I’ve got plenty of), you can both buy and sell the kind of companionship that fills the gaps you need. Escorts in Second Life are experienced and can give you a much better fantasy than most free sex places on the grid. Sure, going to a free sex sim has the benefit of being free but with an escort what you’re really paying for is quality above everything. So, whether you’re looking to cash in on the virtual sex economy or spend some of that hard-earned currency, this destination guide has the insights you need to make it worth your while. Couple it with my best places guide and the grid is your oyster.

Second Life Escorts

Whore Town

Whore Town stands out for keeping things refreshingly real. No need to worry about getting duped by silent, non-responsive types here – AFKers are clearly tagged for your convenience, allowing you to focus on the active and the eager.

Now, from personal experience, this place has a welcoming vibe that hits the second you land. I’ve been there to sort out some ad boards and can vouch for the sociable atmosphere. It’s pretty typical to be greeted by at least a couple of the local escorts who make a good first impression and maintain a conversation – not just with me, but with anyone who might be looking for company.

Whore Town offers a couple of choices if you’re thinking of joining the workforce. You can freelance, which does mean handing over a bigger piece of your pie to the sim through the tip jars, or by becoming an official group member and keeping more of your earnings.

It’s quieter compared to some of the busier sims, which honestly, clients and escorts alike seem to appreciate – it means you’ve got a better shot at connecting without a crowd buzzing around you. The clear marking of AFKers virtually guarantees that the person you’re hitting up is there to engage, not just rack up login hours.

There’s one downside, though: avatar quality isn’t top of the list here. So, if you’re in the market, you may need to look past a few underwhelming avatars to find the real stars of Whore Town. But, if you’re willing to do a little scouting, you’ll find that this place is primed with potential for a memorable time.

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Second Life Escorts

X-Sisters Sex Bar | Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts

Owned and operated by the owner of this site. However I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, this isn’t just another shameless promotion. It’s more of a love letter to a place that has been redefining the escort experience in Second Life.

At the heart of the X-Sisters Sex Bar is the commitment to quality—not just in terms of aesthetics, but in personality and passion. That’s the secret ingredient; that’s what keeps staff and clients coming back for more.

Think of the coolest, most inclusive club you know. Now, dial up the fun, the friendliness, and the outright love for sex. The staff aren’t just escorts; they’re the lifeblood, always ready to provide an experience that’s as real as it gets in Second Life. The rates are straightforward. Whether you’re indulging in the VIP suite or sneaking a quickie on a bar stool, you’ll know exactly what you’re investing in—unequalled pleasure and engagement.

The staff have the chance to earn extra money through other streams, like drink recycling and lucky ashtrays, not to mention the exclusive merchandise. These touches not only keep the L$ rolling in but also keep the escorts motivated, active, and, most importantly, enjoying every minute.

Step into the X-Sisters Sex Bar, and you’ll be greeted by a living, breathing person, the perfect mix of fantasy and authenticity, ready to fulfill your every desire. It caters to all flavours of fun—whether you lean vanilla, yearn for a submissive partner, or seek the commanding presence of a dominant, there’s no shortage of choices here.

Click for X-Sisters Main Bar
Here for X-Sisters @ Street Whores
And here for X-Sisters @ Gutter Trash Alley

Second Life Escorts

Simply Sexy | Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts

Put Simply Sexy on your radar. Here, you won’t find the humdrum of AFKers or the aloofness of bots. Instead, engagement and seduction are the key components, making it a go-to spot for those wandering around the adult scene.

The setup is simple yet effective. You’ve got the main club for a casual, laid-back vibe and the VIP club when you’re looking to take things up a notch. They’ve opted to skip the frills on decor to concentrate on what matters most: the experience. And from what I hear, the people who work there wouldn’t have it any other way.

For those on the other side of the escort-client divide, Simply Sexy won’t disappoint. They’ve got a reputation for being not only good-looking but also truly engaging, making sure that your time is well spent. The hiring process here is through applications, which maintains a certain standard.

The only caveat, and it’s a small one, is the unpredictability of staffing. Just like anywhere else in Second Life, 24/7 coverage is a tall order, so timing can be everything. Sometimes it’s busy, other times you might find it empty. But that’s the nature of Second Life. Not exactly the city that never sleeps, but when Simply Sexy is alive, it’s the place to be for genuine, quality sex services.

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Second Life Escorts

Street Whores | Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts

When discussing tried-and-true locations for “Second Life Escorts,” Street Whores will always make it to the list. It’s a no-frills, straight-up red light district that’s makes sure the escorts get their due. Gone are the days of bots clogging up the street and making the genuine workers overlooked because of assumptions that everyone was a bot. Street Whores cleaned house, swapped out the fakes to leave only the real working girls. Because when it comes to the business of pleasure, authenticity is key. And let’s face it, with the bot brigade moving on to spots like Hooker Hotel, Street Whores now shines even brighter on the list of must-visits.

For escorts and clients alike looking to tap into that raw, edgy, street-level vibe, Street Whores delivers. Want to dabble in the property market? Rent an apartment. Got a business idea? Open a store. Street Whores recreates the full spectrum of possibilities you’d expect in a red-light area. It’s the ideal setting for scenarios that call for a touch of urban realism and seediness.

One of the biggest perks as an escort here is that you pocket every single Linden dollar you make. No hidden fees or cuts are going to the sim. While there’s no enforced avatar quality standard, most girls opt for a high-end mesh look on their own. And with a lot of them, those self-imposed standards of presentation are through the roof.

From quick and dirty deals on a shadowy street corner to luxury encounters with all the trimmings, Street Whores has an experience for every taste and budget. This is as inclusive as it gets, whether you’re handing out the L$ or raking them in.

Click for Street Whores

Second Life Escorts

Tramps | Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts

If we’re talking Second Life escorts, we can’t skip over Tramps. Celebrating ten years on the grid, Tramps is a rite of passage for freelancers cutting their teeth in the sex work scene. And yes, there’s a cut from your wallet for the privilege, but it’s the cost of doing business in a spot that’s mostly always populated in one way or another.

 Tramps is plastered wall-to-wall with ad boards, which doesn’t do much for ambiance. It’s like wallpaper made of ads which really just screams money instead of experience. However, you’re not here for interior decorating tips. You’re here for the people. Expect a mixed group. Some are still finding their feet, polishing their pitch, and working on their game. Others are veterans, oozing confidence and know-how. So, if you’re here to spend some L$, bring a keen eye. New doesn’t mean inexperienced, but it doesn’t always mean expert either.

Regardless of what time you drop by, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone ready and willing to dive into whatever fantasies you’re toting around.

Click for Tramps

Snapshot 059

Hooker Street | Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts

Hooker Street is a relatively new location. I found it while sim hopping and doing research for this post. When I got there the first thing I noticed was that it’s like one of those back-alley speakeasies – diminutive, sure, but oozing with charm. This isn’t your mega-mall of Second Life escorts; it’s the cosy corner bistro that just gets it right

I managed to speak with the sim owner while I was there to get an idea of how the place operates. The first thing that took me by surprise was that this place runs on pure goodwill- zero commission taken from the escorts. There are also no adboards or any ways for the sim to make money. The sim is a purely selfless act to help sex workers have a venue to work.

If quality is the question, remember that Hooker Street operates on a free-for-all basis. It’s a mixed bag, but that’s part of the charm. You could meet the escort of your dreams or just enjoy a fun conversation. Supporting a place that looks after the fair treatment of its workers, though, is something you can feel good about.

Click for Hooker Street

Snapshot 220

Wet Hole Club | Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts

A beautiful little place with some really high quality escorts at pretty much no matter what time of day you visit. The traffic number is generally low which means it’s not overly busy. The people that work here generally only have good things to say about the place. It works on a varied commission structure too. Fresh faces, known as trialists, slide 15% to the house, while the regular staff on the payroll hand over 10%. Then you’ve got the golden crew, they call them the golden tip jar users – who part with just 5%, and the elite escorts with pink tip jars hand over only 1%.

And for those of you with shallow pockets but deep desires, you’ll find the ‘Cheap Whores Fuck Panel’. It’s as straightforward as it sounds – bidding on some quality time for less than premium rates.

The build is a nice build, the place is built with style, not overdoing it with the bling and flash, giving you just the right amount of eye candy. There are adboards in the entryway and outside but they’re not plastered all over the place which takes away from the atmosphere. They also have a drinks system, written by Toni who provides various drinks systems across the grid.

And when it comes to getting down to the ‘fun’ part, clients know they’re in good hands – or whatever else they fancy. It’s a win-win; great environment, great services, and all of that good stuff.

Click for the Wet Hole Club

Second Life Escorts

Non-List Makers

Now I know there might be a few places missing from this list and you’re probably wondering why. Well, let me give you a rundown on why places didn’t get onto the list.

There are a few places that used to be prime spots, now still high on traffic but full of bots or AFKers. There are a few good escorts in some of these places for sure but the ratio is so ridiculous. If you go there often enough you will see the same names. No matter what time of day they are there. Some of these aren’t even bots or AFKers but the same people using multiple accounts at once to try and milk as much money with such a terrible service. Can you imagine hiring someone who is also with 3 other clients at the exact same time? It makes it difficult for clients to find good escorts and it makes it difficult for escorts to get work.

Then there are other places where some of the escorts are amazing. I have a couple of friends who have worked in places previously or still do. The reason they don’t make it to the list is most likely because of the way that staff are treated. From the way that they are managed to everything else in between. For clients, they may stand out as a good place to go. For escorts, that’s not always the case. And if that’s the case then they don’t make the list.

Did I miss somewhere that you believe is one of the best locations for escorts in Second Life? Let me know in the comments.

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