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Being an escort in Second Life is a unique experience that many don’t discuss openly. If you’re curious about this path, I’ve created this guide on how to be an escort in Second Life to help you get started. This isn’t a quick fix to becoming a top escort overnight either. Success requires dedication and effort, and a lot of it. I’ll provide essential tips to begin your journey, whether you’re new to sex work in Second Life or returning for another go.

Remember, my experiences are unique to me, and yours will be different too. This guide offers insights that worked for me, helping me build a very strong career as an escort. The proof of that is on these pages. A crucial piece of advice is to seek guidance from peers. Many experienced individuals are willing to help, and their wisdom has been key to my success. Listening to others like Christina and Caroline has been crucial in my journey.

Ultimately, becoming a paid Second Life escort revolves around one central factor: you. Your commitment and openness to advice will be the keys to being a great escort and being successful at. So, I’ll stop yapping and let’s jump into the details and get you started on your journey as an escort in Second Life.

How To Be An Escort In Second Life Header

Why People Are Drawn to Selling Sex for Money in Second Life

The Money

Money is a big motivator for many who become escorts in Second Life. The idea of “easy lindens” can be tempting, but being a successful virtual escort takes so much hard work and dedication. This isn’t a fast and effortless route to financial gain. There will be days, even weeks, when it feels like sex work in Second Life has died and customers seem non-existent. When that happens, trust me, you need to have a really strong mindset that it’s not the end of the world.


The other main reason people choose to be escorts in Second Life is the fun and excitement it brings. Firstly, when I say that, I’m not lying. This job can be so much fun and so incredible, and the money becomes a satisfying bonus. Enjoyment should be the foundation of your decision, as it helps you provide better service to your clients. You’ll meet many different sex workers with varying levels of experience. In the right environment, these people will become your friends, making your time far more enjoyable. The days of standing on a street, bored out of your mind, will become a distant memory.

Summary of Reasons

To be a successful escort in Second Life, it takes time, patience, dedication, and a unique set of skills. Understand that your role is to provide a service to others, which requires empathy and attentiveness. Escorts in Second Life often offer something people can’t get in real life—connection or intimacy. It’s our job to make this feel less transactional and more intimate, while still maintaining control over the transaction.

Before stepping into the world of escorting, take a moment to ask yourself why you want to pursue this path. Emphasizing the fun aspect will likely lead to greater success and fulfillment. In my own experiences, finding joy in what I do has been the biggest factor, especially during challenging moments.

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Your Avatar in Second Life

Playing dress-up with your avatar is a huge part of working as a Second Life escort. A head-turning avatar can make all the difference. Re-vamp with a mesh body and a new head, add some sexy clothes on a killer shape. Yes, it’s essential to throw a little money on your looks, but think of it more as an enjoyable activity rather than a work obligation.

Now, chasing the Lindens is all right, but if your sole aim is to pocket profits, spending around 30,000 Lindens on your avatar’s appearance might seem like a bit of a streth right?.

That’s where fun comes in; prioritize the fun and satisfaction, and you’ll see the worth in turning yourself into a sultry sight for sore eyes.

At my bar, X-Sisters Sex Bar, we are very particular about aesthetics. Among our rules are no necklines, and a CatwaHDPRO, Lelutka or any good EvoX head is non-negotiable. For body types, we only allow Legacy, Maitreya Lara or LaraX or Reborn. Hair options are quite rigid too – Doux, Truth or Stealthic and occasionally, Magicka.

Initial Spending

But to spend, you need to earn, so that initial investment is crucial. Aim to look as appealing as the top-notch Second Life escorts. Who do you reckon a client will pick? A common avatar or one of my irresistible X-girls?

While a jaw-dropping avatar can reel in the clients, that’s not all that matters. It’s foundational, but your knack for interacting with clients and understanding their wants and whims goes a long way in carving your success as an escort in Second Life.

To sum it up, prioritizing enjoyment and getting a kick out of enhancing your avatar will blend into your confidence, making you a magnet in the Second Life escort world.

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How To Be An Escort In Second Life | Emoting

When working as a Second Life sex worker, efficient emotes are crucial due to the time-sensitive nature of interactions. Long paragraphs with intricate details might not be practical in this setting, as you’re often on the clock and aiming to provide timely pleasure and entertainment to your clients. The problem with emoting in Second Life is that there really aren’t any *rules* as such. Everyone looks for different things and everyone has their own style. I have my default style that I use most of the time, unless I can tell the customer wants something more in-depth or just plain dirty talk.

To ensure a balance between detail and speed, this is my default method. I follow a structured three-sentence paragraph rule:

Action or Look: Begin with a vivid description of what you’re doing or how you look, setting the scene for the encounter.

Action: Continue with the ongoing action, maintaining excitement and engagement.

Feeling or Oral Communication: Convey your emotions or engage in verbal communication to enhance the roleplay experience.


/me she wraps her soft fingers around his throbbing meat and begins to stroke. With a playful grin on her face, she uses her thumb to swirl around the crown of his cock before looking into his burning eyes. “Does that feel good, sir?” she asks with a grin.

This simple yet effective structure allows you to cover all essential elements while enabling quick typing to maintain the flow of the encounter. Avoid lengthy paragraphs, as the chances are that your partner may not read them all. By keeping your emotes concise and impactful, you’ll heighten the excitement and pleasure for your clients.

Jess' Guide to How To Be An Escort In Second Life

How To Be An Escort In Second Life | Services and Rate Cards

When entering the world of being a Second Life escort, it’s essential to determine the services you want to offer before anything else. Take some time to consider the following:

Text-based or Beyond: Decide if you’ll be offering purely text-based services or if you’re comfortable exploring voice or cam interactions. Consider whether you’re open to showing your face on cam or prefer to keep some level of anonymity.

Set Your Boundaries: Define your limits and comfort zones. Think about what services you are willing to provide and be firm in saying no to anything outside those boundaries. Your well-being and comfort should always come first.

Embrace Exploration: While having boundaries is important, don’t be afraid to try new things or have experimental experiences. Engage in discussions with potential clients, and sometimes, what may seem initially uncomfortable could turn into an enjoyable experience with open communication.

Honesty Is Key: Always be honest with yourself and your clients. If something makes you uncomfortable, say so. Trust and open communication are vital in ensuring positive and enjoyable interactions for both parties.

Your World, Your Imagination: Remember that Second Life is a platform where imagination knows no bounds. Embrace your unique identity and be proud of who you are as an escort. Celebrate your individuality and let it shine through in your services.

Setting Boundaries

By setting clear boundaries, being open to communication, and embracing the world of possibilities in Second Life, you can create a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for both yourself and your clients. Remember, it’s your world, and your imagination is the limit!

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Your Rates, Your Worth | A Guide for Second Life Escorts

Setting your rates as a Second Life escort is a crucial step in establishing your worth and attracting the right clients. Don’t be discouraged by those seeking to negotiate below your established rates. Remember, you know the value of your time better than anyone else, and sticking to your rate card is key to building a successful and respectful client base.

Here are some tips for creating an effective rate card:

Be Confident: Confidence is attractive, both in your services and in how you present your rates. Know that your time and efforts are valuable, and don’t be afraid to stand firm on your prices.

Organize with Clarity: Format your rate card in a clear and organized manner. Utilize different sections and separators (like stars) to make it visually appealing and easy to read.

Transparency is Key: Be upfront and transparent about your rates. State them clearly and avoid any ambiguity. Clients appreciate honesty, and it builds trust from the start.

Offer Options: Consider providing different service packages to cater to various client needs and budgets. This allows potential clients to choose an option that aligns with their preferences and financial capabilities.

Value Your Time: Factor in the time and effort you put into your services when determining your rates. Consider any additional skills or specialties you bring to the table, as these can also justify higher rates.

Remain Consistent: Once you’ve set your rates, stick to them consistently. Avoid making exceptions unless it aligns with your business strategy. This consistency will help establish your professionalism and credibility.

Remember, as you gain experience and build your reputation, your rates can evolve. Stay true to yourself, trust in your worth, and attract the right clients who value and appreciate what you have to offer.

A simple outline to use.

★About Me
★Private Hire Rates
★Addon Rates (threesomes, orgies etc.)
★Terms and Conditions

How To Be An Escort In Second Life

Mastering Your Animations | Elevate the Visual Experience

When it comes to being an escort in Second Life, creating a visually appealing and immersive experience for your clients is paramount. To achieve this, focus on these three crucial aspects:

Line Up Your Animations: Take the time to align your animations properly. Ensuring that every movement flows seamlessly from one action to the next enhances the overall experience. Avoid awkward positioning that may break the immersion and disrupt the flow of the encounter.

Learn the Animations: Familiarize yourself with the wide array of animations available in Second Life. Experiment with different poses, transitions, and sequences to find what works best for you and your clients. The more you practice and understand the animations, the more natural and captivating your sessions will become.

Find the Perfect Sequence: Discover the ideal sequence of animations that suits your style and makes the encounter feel authentic. Smoothly transitioning between actions, such as moving from oral pleasure to intimate moments, adds depth to the experience and keeps your clients engaged.

By investing time in learning and refining your animations, you’ll elevate your escorting services and leave a lasting impression on your clients. A seamless and visually pleasing encounter enhances the overall enjoyment, ensuring that they keep coming back for more. Remember, the key is in the details, and your dedication to crafting a memorable experience will set you apart in the world of Second Life escorts.

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Embrace Your Confidence | Unleash Your Inner Seductress

In Second Life escorting, swagger is what helps you soar. During my early days here, I battled my fair share of uncertainties and self-doubts. But then, I started building my confidence which made all the difference.

Confidence isn’t knowing everything or being unreachable; it’s about holding your head high, flaunting your sensuality and owning who you are. Emote with gusto, let your expressions shine, and turn your passion into fire. Believe me, it transforms your vibe and sends your client’s heartbeat racing.

Looking good in this world starts with your avatar. Spend time crafting a killer avatar that echoes your inner vixen. And when you feel sexy, it seeps into your chats, raising the temperature for your clients.

Above all, let your hair down. Have a blast! Second Life escorting should be an exciting and liberating venture. Revel in your freedom to explore fantasies and fulfill hidden desires.

So, get out there with your head held high, my fellow Second Life diva. Own your magnetism, enchant your clients, and relish every moment of this exhilarating ride. Have faith in yourself, and you’ll be stunned at how much more rewarding your experiences will turn out to be. Confidence is your secret weapon. It’s time to let it shine!

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Where To Be An Escort In Second Life

Surviving as a Second Life escort? is not as easy as it sounds. Trust me on this. I’ve tested waters everywhere – from club corners to the mean virtual streets. Now, I own a sex bar. Not too shabby, huh?

The tough part is the competition. A truckload of it. Men are outnumbered by women about 20 to 1. Stiff odds, right?

For instance, try going into Hooker Hotel. Dare to stand out, but get ready for a stand-off with time. You’ll be on your feet for hours.

Patience is the secret recipe here. For someone banking on quick bucks, a Second Life escort gig might disappoint you. I’ve spent hours in packed clubs or on streets, yet no clients. But hey, when it rains, it pours!

I pull in around 150,000 Lindens or more each week. Not bad at all for playing the waiting game.

Work location is crucial. Looking for something wild yet classy like Street Whores? An established gem like X-Sisters Sex Bar? Or deciding on adboards and leaving it all to chance?

The choice is yours. And if you need a bit more help deciding, check out my guide -‘Best Destinations for Second Life Escorts’.

How to be a Second Life escort

How To Be An Escort In Second Life | The Downsides

Taking the route of a Second Life escort has definitely given me a sense of liberty that is both exciting and empowering. I can explore passions that may not always be accessible in real world scenarios, and I find great pleasure in this.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. I once had a run-in that hit me hard; a client managed to get his hands on some of my private social media profiles. This left me feeling a bit exposed and rattled. Regardless of his intent, it highlighted the importance of protecting my personal data.

Additionally, the negative attitude towards sex work can be challenging to deal with. Judgmental undercurrents crop up within the virtual community and extend to different discussion platforms too. But I’ve grown to stand by my choices, understanding that it won’t always sit well with everyone.

Sure, there’ll be times when people will try your patience or act in a disrespectful manner. While such instances might take a toll, it’s crucial to stay composed and keep moving forward.

We might cross paths with those seeking temporary distractions or those who value us less, but this shouldn’t stop us from unearthing our aspirations or forming significant networks.

In essence, the journey of a Second Life escort is a pursuit of empowerment, discovery, and self-acceptance. Yes, hurdles will come our way, but with a bit of grit and a whole lot of self-assuredness, we can navigate this effervescent environment and build a satisfying experience.

Jess Second Life sex as an escort

Embrace Your Journey | Becoming a Second Life Escort

Embarking on the path of a Second Life escort is an adventure, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for self-expression. As you step into this realm, remember these key insights to make the most of your experience:

Have Fun and Embrace Your Sexy Side: Enjoy the freedom to explore and indulge in your deepest desires. Embrace your avatar’s allure, invest in a captivating appearance, and relish the thrilling moments you create.

Confidence is Key: Let your confidence shine through your interactions. Emote with conviction, exuding charm and allure that will captivate your clients.

Stick to Your Rates: Value your time and expertise. Stay true to your rate card and remember that your worth is not defined by others’ expectations.

Safety First: Find a secure and well-regulated environment to work in. Prioritize your safety and well-being, ensuring a positive experience for both you and your clients.

Shape Your Path

This guide serves as a stepping stone to launch your journey as a Second Life escort. Whether you find yourself at the X-Sisters Sex Bar or join Jess’ Whore University in the future, relish the journey ahead. And if you have any uncertainties or questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

Your path as a Second Life escort is uniquely yours to shape. Embrace the adventure, revel in your freedom, and prosper as the escort you aspire to be. The virtual world is your canvas—paint it with the colours of your desires and discover the empowerment of embracing your true self.

Money Making Tips for Second Life Escorts

Top Tips

The Art of the Tell – First impressions in Second Life aren’t just about looks—they’re a full dossier. Peek at their profile, pick apart their username, and peruse their groups. They’re unwittingly inviting you into their world. Learn to read these tells with the finesse of a secret agent and you’ll know what makes them tick before you even type “Hello.”

Your Look Is Your Hook – Keep your avatar’s look consistent and stunning. Whether it’s through luxe locks, manicured claws, or the sparkle of your favourite gemstone, your aesthetic is your identity. Clients crave familiarity, so while a makeover might seem fun, remember: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix your avatar.

The Patience of a Saint – Honey, there will be days when it seems like you’re more invisible than a ghost in the machine. Don’t let it rattle your cage. Keep your chin up, hone your skills, and trust me, they will come.

Refresh Your Wardrobe Regularly – Who wants a stale look? Keep your wardrobe rotating to make sure you’re the talk of the town. It’s simple: change it up, mix it up, and keep them guessing what you’ll strut in next.

Tips for Dealing with Clients

No Hard Selling – Chasing a client around Second Life is as classy as a prim out of place. If they’re giving you the cold shoulder, let it slide. Being pushy isn’t going to make them want you more—it’s going to have them running for the hills and potentially turning them off our sim for good. We’re in the business of fantasy, not force.

A Little Black Book – That notes section in your client’s profile? It’s gold. Keep tabs on their quirks and preferences. They don’t know what you’re jotting down, but it’ll make all the difference when they come back and realize you remember them. It’s like your own secret diary, only with less angst and more strategy.

Insist on Upfront Payment – Let’s be clear: payment comes first. This isn’t a negotiation; it’s standard operating procedure. Establish your rates, stick to them, and watch your bank balance sparkle as brightly as your avatar.

Promote Yourself Self-promotion is the key to being seen and desired. Adboards, Ratecards, profile picks, find a blogger to write about you, start your own blog about being a Second Life escort, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter. All of it is there for your disposal. You live in a world that runs on the internet. Use it.

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  1. Drusila

    I’ve tried a few times to be an escort, not because of the lindens but just as you suggest, for the fun!
    The problem is that I find it a bit too much fun and have a extremely hard time keeping to my rate card. It’s way too easy for guys to haggle me down…most times to the point where I just give it away for free.
    I’m a great slut…but terrible escort. 😢

    • Jess

      XD if you’re having fun then that’s what’s most important!

  2. Najelly

    ¿Cuál sería una tarjeta de tarifas recomendada?
    Me gustaría iniciar este negocio pero no tengo la más mínima idea. Sus sugerencias serán bienvenidas. Gracias.

    • Jess

      Thank god for google translate XD

      A recommended rate card is really dependent on you. My rate card for text services is

      900 L for a 15 minute quickie
      1600 L for 30 minutes full service
      2200 L for 60 minutes full service

      I would suggest starting around there. One thing you don’t want to do is start low and then raise your rates later on because that might push your regular clients away.

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