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I couldn’t stop laughing as I sat there, covered in his seed. Hotel room sex is always an adventure but this was not what I expected. I should have been more vocal at first, a sex addict escort that works as a waitress and loves a tale for her diary doesn’t mean I just accept it right?

Hotel Room Sex

Sex In The Hotel  |  Introductions

I got to the hotel, the same as any other day but it was really busy when I got there. Rushing myself through to the bar I saw some new faces.

One of those new faces was Bob. He had been a guest of Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel for a while now, I had just never met him.

A couple of days prior, he had actually left a comment on my Newcomers Guide post. So it was good to put a face to the name.

“Can’t get enough? Sounds insatable.”

I had mentioned in conversation that I can’t get enough of the hotel and our guests.

Ok.. of course I’m going to try and take him upstairs and have sex in one of our hotel rooms. That’s my job.

“Maybe you should find out for yourself”

Hotel Room Sex

The Sex Hotel Tour

I took Bob on a short tour of the hotel. I say short because we made it to the Penthouse and didn’t get past the sofa.

God I love having sex in this room, my favourite place in the hotel.

Actually, is it classed as hotel room sex, when we technically didn’t make it to a bedroom? The penthouse is still a room right?

Bob was gentle at first, his big hands against my skin felt so hot.

Pressing apart the holes in my fishnets he started to finger me, flicking his tongue across my body

Hotel Room Sex

The Unexpected Surprise

Bob bent me over the sofa and he went hard. I was screaming in ecstasy.

Suddenly I heard the sounds of someone else’s feet, tilting my head I saw a pair of shoes just standing there. Who was this? Why are they in this hotel room watching us have sex?

They weren’t a guest of the hotel but Bob had me in such deep throws of passion that I just ignored them at first.

Suddenly the stranger sat on the sofa next to us and unzipped his pants.

Putting his hand to the back of my head he pushed me down on his throbbing cock.

“Invited a friend over?”

Those were Bobs words, but no I hadn’t. I couldn’t even properly respond as my mouth was wrapped around the strangers shaft.

A few seconds later the stranger erupted in my mouth, stood up and left. He wasn’t even there long enough for me to get a photograph of what was happening.

Who was this stranger that randomly joined in my hotel room sex session? The sex addict in me couldn’t resist the excitement, another adventure for the diary.

Hotel Room Sex

Sex In A Hotel Room Is Always An Adventure

The unexpected arrival and departure left me both confused and strangely more turned on. Of course if I was able to kick him out I would have.

Bob didn’t seem to mind too much either, if anything it made him fuck me harder.

A few minutes later he buried himself as deep as could and came so hard, pulling out and cumming more over my body.

Both of us slumped onto the sofa and laughed. Confused by our unexpected third.

Hotel Room Sex

Always An Adventure

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Working at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel is never boring. I have had sex in every hotel room and it’s never a chore.

Of course, people absolutely need to be a member to experience the joy of Candy’s. Yesterday’s interview with Carter shows just how much our guests love it.

What would you have done in that situation? Would you have gave him a blow job the way I did? Or would you have got up and taken your guest to another room? Am I just that much of a sex addict that I got excited about another diary entry?

Interestingly, our random guest did show up again a day or two ago. This time he was given a tour by Christina and myself. I guess I left an impression. Why not come and see for yourself. I’ll even send the taxi to pick you up.

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  1. BobMorane

    That was a very steamy morning for sure.

    And the disturbance was more hilarious than anything. Just when you thought you have seen it all something like this happens. 🙂

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