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It’s not just about a tag, or even just the perks. Sometimes it’s about having that feeling of being part of an elite Second Life membership.

There are a few Second Life groups that you really need to pick up a membership for.

Second Life Memberships

Second Life Memberships

It’s an age old tradition that people will always tell you that what they are part of is the best. Of course they think that. I think that.

There are two groups in Second Life that you really need to join if what you are looking for is an adult orientated, sexually adventurous, roleplay experience.

Of course you may already know the ones that I’m talking about, you may even be members already.

Second Life Memberships

Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel Second Life Membership

Membership at Candy‘s All Inclusive Sex Hotel isn’t just about the sex. Although granted, we do have A LOT of sex.

Membership gets you drinks at the bar, it lets you relax with the girls, we offer a very welcoming experience.

So much so that some of our members don’t even come for sex. They love just visiting us and talking with us.

I recently sat down with one of our Hotel Guests called Carter and asked him a few questions.

Second Life Memberships

The Interview

Easing him into questions felt like the easiest way, so I started by asking him what brought him to the hotel in the first place.

I discovered the hotel a few months ago. the ambience appealed to me very much. a few weeks ago I remembered about the hotel, I popped in on my luck, I was warmly welcomed and I had a very good conversation with the receptionist, and I soon slept with her, I thought it was super nice with her. it was something completely different than with a street whore.

This peaked my interest, as a girl who works both at the hotel and on the street occasionally I wanted to know what the differences were.

good question… it was totally different, at first we had a nice chat and enjoyed a drink. You could get to know each other, so to speak. With a street whore it’s not like that, and I was able to sleep with her stress-free. With street whores, it’s usually the case that they give you a time limit.

It’s true, at Candy’s we don’t limit your visits or your time. It can open up to some really fun and hot sex. Just one of the reasons why Candy’s has one of, if not the, best memberships in Second Life.


I was curious about what Carter’s best experience was at the hotel. The slut in me that always wants to be the best hoped that I was at the top of his list.

A highlight was undoubtedly our threesome.  I wasn’t even sure if I could do it again, but you made me so hot that I had no problem fucking again, because we had sex before.

We did, Carter had fucked me in the morning and when we returned to the bar for a drink we made him a little bit horny again so he took two of us back upstairs and fucked us. You can read about that adventure on this blog.

Second Life Memberships

Knowing our guests and their wants and desires is always so important to me. Without it, it would just be another fuck that they could get anywhere.

Wanting to know more, I asked him if he had any desires or wishes at the hotel for future.

I would like to have a party with all the hotel women here and would like to get to know everyone

I’m sure that can be arranged Carter.

The Perks

Candy's All Inclusive Sex Hotel
Meeting Bob

As a member of Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel you can live out your hotel visit however you wish. We offer lap dances, spa treatment, threesomes, foursomes, fucking in the bar, intimate sex and a whole load more.

It’s not just any old hotel, it’s a hotel filled with cock loving whores who have the sole job of making your check in memorable.

It has furniture that is Lovense enabled so you can take control over your waitresses orgasm.

More importantly it has waitresses that will give you their undivided attention.

Why not come and check it for yourself and take this taxi.

Alternatively, stop by and purchase a voucher for a spa trip for only 150 Lindens. I would love to welcome you in the spa and show you why you should join us.

Jess And Her Gentlemen

I wouldn’t be a very good greedy whore if I didn’t tell you that my group is definitely worth signing up to.

Not only does having a membership give you immediate and direct communication with me in Second Life. It also entitles you to a free massage at my parlour on Street Whores.

Although, almost everyone who has signed up so far hasn’t even made it to the parlour before fucking me.

Of course the one time we did make it to the parlour, we didn’t make it past the bar before I was slammed against it and fucked.

Second Life Memberships

Second Life Membership Thoughts

Having a Second Life membership doesn’t have to be boring. They don’t have to clutter up your group count and occasionally send messages to you that you don’t read.

They can be whatever you want them to be, especially with Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel and Jess And Her Gentlemen.

Hope to see you soon.

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