An Escort Marathon?

Jess and her Gentlemen

Last Updated on: 5th May 2023, 02:50 pm

It was one after another, completely nonstop. Every time I sat down, I was off again. Marathon maybe, not sure. It did however give me an idea, but how will it work as an escort?

The Start

I had a feeling that things would pick up a little more after my guest spot over on Second Life Adventures. After my first blog over there I instantly noticed an increase of traffic here, which is great. Normally when I wake up I have a backlog of offline messages, but this time it was wild.

Messages and notecards galore to get through. I started reading them all as I sipped on my morning coffee. As I was flipping through them my little ping sound hit with another message. This time it was one of my regulars.

Marathon Starts

“hey jess. got some time?”

We made arrangements for a couple of hours later and I got myself dressed. I then had the adventure I spoke about yesterday. After taking a few minutes to type up yesterdays post and scheduling it I headed out to meet the regular who had messaged. This one was a short one, only taking him about 20 minutes to erupt. I wiped off my face and slipped my shoes back on when another message came through. This time from someone new.

Escort Marathon

“read the blog. busy?”

After he agreed to my non negotiable rates I invited him back to my office. We completed the monetary transaction and he seemed really excited.

“this is where you write?”

He was talking about the desk in my office. I nodded and smiled at him and this seemed to really amp him up. He fucked me bent over the desk, his hot sweaty body slamming against mine as the draft for the last post sat open on my laptop.

Eventually we said our goodbyes and he shuffled off.


“Hey Jess! How’s it going? You busy at the moment?”

My IM lit up again. This time it was Kevin. Kevin had read my post on SLA and had actually messaged me after that post had gone out. He said he had so much fun reading my blog and wanted to meet. Sadly our times hadn’t really matched up, but that was about to change.

Escort Marathon

I slipped back into my dress trying to look my very best and headed to the hotel. We met in the bar and had a drink before we made our way to the spa. Kevin undressed and lay on the table while I undressed and wrapped my towel around myself.

Kevin is a larger gentleman but he definitely knows how to fuck a whore. We had a lot of fun before he eventually had to leave.

The Board

I have a lot of ad boards across multiple sims. It helps on the quiet days – not that I get many of those anymore. Just as I was cleaning myself off after Kevin – I had another IM.

“i found your ad board at oberon”

He asked me my rates and we chatted a little. Eventually the subject moved to Candy’s. He seemed really intrigued by this. What’s not to be fascinated by though right? 2000L to join and you can fuck me for free at any time.. or any waitress.

“so if i became a member over there and you were working, you wouldnt charge me?”

I sent him a taxi over and he joined our exclusives guest list. As soon as that “hotel guest” tag was above his head he had me in the top floor suite, throwing me onto the sofa. This was a man who wanted me and he wasn’t going to wait. He seemed super excited at the thought of getting to fuck an escort at the hotel with no set rate.

Escort Marathon

After he saturated my pussy and body in his cum he left. Meanwhile I ran downstairs for a shower. Four guys in a few hours, this was a busy morning.

Escort Heaven

I hadn’t even properly sat on the stool before my naked friend from a few posts ago entered the bar and sat next to me. He told me that he hadn’t yet seen the penthouse so of course I offered him a tour. If you’ve read through this blog you know that it’s my favourite place to take guests.

We threw ourselves on the bed and his cock was hard before I even touched him. Throwing me around the bed he took me deep and hard before we fell into a heap. He looked at me and told me..

“you are one of the best whores here”

We made our way back to the bar to join Pleasure the new trainee. Our guest stayed and he wondered “which lady was the most exciting”. Sensing that he still had more in him I suggested that the three of us make our way to the penthouse. Pleasure nodded as her face lit up. Our guest didn’t want to wait either.

Escort Marathon

After he covered us in his hot seed following an intense session, we rested for a moment. Eventually taking his leave Pleasure and I showered and returned to the bar before Pleasure ended her shift.

Rounding it off

I hadn’t even caught my breath before our next guest arrived. Of course it was the one who really likes to fuck me in the bar. He pushed me against the bar again, sliding my panties to the side and he want hard and fast. It didn’t take him long before he came. Saying his goodbyes I was alone in the bar again.

Escort Marathon

I quickly ran upstairs and got showered and changed. When I arrived back downstairs another guest was walking in. He told me he was looking for me and leaned against the bar. Not having a moment to even say hello, he pushed me down to my knees and unzipped his pants. He let out a soft moan as he pushed his cock between my lips, it didn’t take him long to cum either.

Escort Marathon

The Idea

7 guys, 6 hours. I guess 8 if you count the threesome as a separate one. This got me to thinking, I wonder if there’s any record for the amount of sex that someone has had in Second Life in a short period of time. I did some research and right now there doesn’t seem to be.

So this is my idea.

Twelve Hours.
As many guys as possible.
Each guy has a maximum of 20 minutes (and they can share that time, threesomes are fun)
400L to take part.

I want to set a record for most fucking that has ever happened in Second Life in a twelve hour period. My idea is in early stages but once I have it all properly thought out, I will let you be the first to know

Come and help me get ready for my real Escort Marathon in the meantime. Take a taxi to Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel and help me train.

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