Caroline has mentioned 3DXChat to me a number of times, it has always been on my list of things to try but I’ve never got around to it. Until now. After setting myself up with an account and making a new version of myself in a different world, it was time to find out exactly what fun I could have. Since this post I have ventured back into 3DXChat to test out the Lovense integration too. You can read that post by clicking here.


3DXChat | Entering The World

I devote a significant amount of time on Second Life perfecting my look. When trying out 3DXChat, I quickly realized that the choices for customization were considerably restricted. While I aimed to closely resemble myself as much as possible, this proved to be quite a difficult task.

However, given that 3DXChat is a game focused on sexual activities, perhaps physical appearance is of little importance, given the limited options available to all players.

Eventually, I settled for a look that was acceptable and ventured to my first destination – a club. Interestingly, despite the sexual nature of the game, there was no overt sexual activity occurring; most people were simply dancing and chatting.

The game’s graphics were so visually appealing to me, and my experience with them got even better when I explored a location called “Fuck Street,” which boasted exceptional lighting, atmosphere, and textures.

Now it was time to find someone to fuck me.

3DXChat | Finding Sex

Surprisingly, 3DXChat appears to have a lower frequency of individuals instantly propositioning you for sex compared to Second Life. While receiving a “Want to fuck” message when landing in a sim in Second Life is not a rare occurrence, the same can’t be said for 3DXChat.

I guess that the game’s focus on sexual activities may contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere where sex is easier to come by.

I came to 3DXChat with the intention of comparing its sexual experience with that of Second Life. However, my initial venture into “Fuck Street” yielded no results, so I headed out to a Porn Theatre instead.

The theatre was busy with so many people having sex – an encouraging sign.

I took the opportunity to promote my website by including a link in my profile, I’m never one to shy away from some self-promotion, and received a message complimenting my work.

This sparked a little bit of hope that it could be my first time getting fucked in 3DXChat, but unfortunately, they never responded back.

“Hi, congratulations on your site, very good job”

I lay on a sofa in the theatre and resigned myself to just relaxing for a little. At that point, John came over to me, picked me up and pushed his tongue into my mouth.


Finally Fucked

He pulled me over to the theatre seats and lay me down as he started sucking on my clit.

With so much growing excitement, I climbed on top of him and began riding him vigorously, before he suddenly pushed me over the seat and fucked me with force.

Our escapades drew the attention of so many onlookers, making it a true definition of public fucking. It was hot

3DXChat animations are great. They require no complicated positioning or HUD adjustments, making sexual encounters effortlessly easy. You can focus more on what is happening than worrying about your positioning.

Everything is just easy.


3DXChat | The Review

The animation quality on 3DXChat is definitely better than that of other platforms, especially due to its user-friendly approach.

When it comes to graphics, I have mixed feelings. While 3DXChat boasts impressive visuals, Second Life’s user-generated content can be incredibly realistic, thanks to some very skilled creators.

Despite this, Second Life will always be my home. It offers such a great range of interactive features, such as busty clubs, niche locations catering to every imaginable kink, and so many other engaging experiences.

While 3DXChat feels like a game, Second Life feels like a vibrant virtual world. While I definitely enjoyed sex in both platforms, I consider myself a Second Life slut.

3DXChat | A Review


Welcome to the virtual world of Second Life! I'm Jess, the proud owner of Jess And Her Gentlemen and the co-owner of the renowned X-Sisters Sex Bar. Join me on my adventures as I delve into the wonders of this digital realm. Discover more about my exciting escapades and stay updated by following my journey right here!

One thought on “3DXChat | A Review

  • November 15, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    Hey Jess
    Nice you took a tour of XChat and enjoyed yourself.
    You could have asked Caro or me to give you a tour.
    For a place so focussed on sex it is pretty chill.
    There is a version of the wanna fuck mail called a cold invite. Basically you get a partner invite without Chat. Sometimes from persons on the other side of the room.
    I agree on your findings of the graphics. I do Like the ease of use in XChat, but SL variety alwys amazes me.


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