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Every time Caroline used to bring up 3DXChat, my curiosity got the better of me. It lingered on my mental list of things-to-try, managing to stay untouched for quite a while. But there comes a time when the pull becomes irresistible. So, I took the leap, got myself an account, and stepped into a whole new realm.

It was interesting, creating a version of myself for this different world. Once I had crossed that threshold, the real questions began to surface. What exactly is on offer here? Is the world of 3DXChat as sexually exciting as rumours made it out to be? Or was I about to run into another one of those empty games where my money would vanish into thin air for average experiences?

When it comes to customization, could 3DXChat match the endless options in Second Life? Is it really as user-friendly as it claims to be? The question that looms large – what magic formula does 3DXChat have that makes it such a favourite among porn gaming aficionados?

Update: I’ve since returned to 3DXChat on a special mission – to test out the integration of Lovense within the game. Want to hear all about that experience too? Find all the spicy details right here.


What is 3DXChat?

3DXChat is the brainchild of the development team at SexGameDevil. It’s an interactive sex game designed for PC. Packed with 3D environments. In 3DXChat, you create the avatar of your wildest sexual fantasies and jump into a virtual world. Yet, it’s important to note this game carves its own unique niche, significantly different from Second Life.

Inside 3DXChat, you’ve got a bunch of choices. Party hard in clubs, chill at the beach, pretty up your home, and of course, enjoy some sexy time with other players. But remember, it only works on Windows PC.

To join the 3DXChat community, there’s a monthly subscription, starting at $9.99.

Now, if you’re someone that’s into Second Life, hold on a minute. 3DXChat isn’t the same deal. While Second Life gives power to its residents to build stuff, everything inside 3DXChat is built by the game makers themselves.

But, there’s an upside to this. This game has got amazing graphics and the attention its creators have put into it is outstanding. Compared to Second Life, where the stuff is made by the users and might not be optimized for lag, 3DXChat is definitely better in that area.

Also, the game settings in 3DXChat feel lifelike. Take the water effects, for instance, they just look so real!

So, before we go further into the world of 3DXChat, here’s the takeaway: It’s a world created by professional gamers, packed with eye-catching graphics, and offers a bunch of interesting activities. That’s quite a lot to look forward to, right?


3DXChat | Entering The World

Once you’re done with registration, it’s time for the fun bits. Creating your avatar from a pool of options, like body type, hair colour, eye colour — you’re crafting your persona here.

3DXChat, as it proudly claims, is a multiplayer sex game. With its user base ballooning every day, chances are, you’ll find someone to connect with, and in no time!

Being a Second Life aficionado, I spend considerable time on my look. But here, I found the customization options quite pared-down. Striving to create an avatar that mirrors me was quite a challenge.

But as I realized, this game roots for an immersive sexual journey over physical appearances. Maybe the limited aesthetic choices level the field for all players.

Finally, I pieced together a look that felt most ‘me’ and ventured into my first setting – a club. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the orgy house I expected. Players were dancing, engrossed in friendly chats.

The game’s graphics grabbed my attention with their smooth aesthetics. Exploring “Fuck Street,” I fell for the ambient lighting and detailed textures. Super-realistic and visually beautiful.

Next stop? Well, let’s just say I’m off to find someone to fuck me.

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Adding Spice with Lovense | The Sensual Side

Since this initial post, I’ve revisited the 3DXChat but with a focus on the Lovense aspect, but I thought it was important to share it with you right here in this review.

True to its promise, 3DXChat offers compatibility with interactive sex toys, including those under the Lovense banner. If you’ve got one of these fun little things, you’re in for a real treat, heightening not just your virtual fun, but adding some real physical pleasure too.

How does it work? Lovense’s expansive range of Bluetooth sex toys caters to all genders and sexual preferences, making 3D sexual gameplay even more exciting for everyone.

The bonus is that it’s officially integrated within 3DXChat. Not user created. So, the performance of your Lovense toy perfectly syncs with your sex escapades. I decided to try it out with my Lush 3, and trust me, the experience was absolutely mind melting. Now, that’s called a whole new level of 3Dchat!


3DXChat Hunting | Finding Sex

Surprisingly, 3DXChat appears to have a lower frequency of individuals instantly propositioning you for sex compared to Second Life. While receiving a “Want to fuck” message when landing in a sim in Second Life is not a rare occurrence, the same can’t be said for 3DXChat.

I guess that the game’s focus on sexual activities may contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere where sex is easier to come by.

I came to 3DXChat with the intention of comparing its sexual experience with that of Second Life. However, my initial venture into “Fuck Street” yielded no results, so I headed out to a Porn Theatre instead.

The theatre was busy with so many people having sex – an encouraging sign.

I took the opportunity to promote my website by including a link in my profile, I’m never one to shy away from some self-promotion, and received a message complimenting my work.

“Hi, congratulations on your site, very good job”

This sparked a little bit of hope that it could be my first time having sex in 3DXChat, but unfortunately, they never responded back.

I lay on a sofa in the theatre and resigned myself to just relaxing for a little. At that point, John came over to me, picked me up and pushed his tongue into my mouth.


A Steamy Encounter | It’s Finally Time

Trust me when I say things got heated pretty quickly. He guided me to the theatre seats, easing me down before diving down to suck on my clit.

As the excitement mounted, I climbed onto him, riding with a passion I hadn’t known for a while. And just when I thought I was leading, he turned the tables. Pushing me over the seat, and fucking me hard.

Our public sex didn’t go unnoticed. We had an audience, making it a true public experience. And boy, was it exciting!

There’s something amazing about 3DXChat’s animations. Quick to engage, no tricky positioning needed or messing about with HUD adjustments. The encounters here are sexy and worry-free. It was easy to just enjoy without fussing over the right positioning.

Simplicity and passion were the flavours of the night, and I savoured every bit of it. No wonder 3DXChat is a renowned name in adult gaming. It doesn’t just entice; it delivers.


The Community

The beauty of 3DXChat lies in its universal appeal. Users come from all time-zones, forming a warm, welcoming community. While a large number come from English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, the game is also home to many non-native English speakers who are learning the language. After all, the game’s features are all designed in English.

Plus, there’s a constant flux of fresh content, thanks to their regular updates, keeping the game exciting and engaging.

But hey, if you prefer to keep a low profile about your online sex life, 3DXChat lets you stay as private and anonymous as you choose.

At its core, 3DXChat is a pulsating web of unique individuals from different walks of life, spanning the globe. It may not be a social network or a dating site in the conventional sense, but it enriches its users with supportive features, communication tools, and avenues to share both thoughts and high-pleasure experiences.


3DXChat | The Final Review

In the space of online adult games, 3DXChat asserts itself quite boldly. Pairing it with sex toys or popular Virtual Reality devices elevates the sensual experience, making it as interactive as any other sex game out there. Though I must be honest, I’m yet to explore the VR end of it.

But where 3DXChat truly shines is in their animations. Smooth, well-produced visuals give it a much-needed edge over other platforms. And don’t we love when user-friendly meets sexy?

The social and chat engagement is as stimulating as it gets, tapping into the game’s erotic pulse easily.

As for the graphics, it’s a tricky battle between 3DXChat and Second Life. While 3DXChat really leads with its visuals, Second Life doesn’t stay far behind. The user-generated content can achieve jaw-dropping realism, thanks to some highly skilled creators. Albeit, this can sometimes result in pesky lag issues.

I have long been a Second Life devotee because of the diversity it offers—from clubs to niche locations catering to all possible kinks—makes it an highly interactive playground. Yet 3DX Chat makes things so easy.

Yes, 3DXChat feels like a game with its addictive sexual escapades. But Second Life is an exhilarating virtual universe, breathing life into every pixel. Both are distinct, each a titan in its own right. But if we’re talking purely memorable virtual sexual encounters, there’s no denying that 3DXChat holds its ground firmly.


A Walkthrough to Joining the 3DXChat Community

Alright, so you’re all fired up to join 3DXChat? It feels exciting doesn’t it? To ease your ride, here’s a straightforward guide to help you sign up, subscribe, and download the game.

  1. Visit the 3DXChat Website – Heads up, clear your schedule because the fun is about to start. Open up your web browser and head straight to the official 3DXChat website.
  2. Pick your Subscription – Next, pick the subscription plan that best suits your budget and preferences. The fees start from as low as $9.99 a month. Make sure to go through the details for each plan before choosing. Then it will take you through setting up your account.
  3. Payment and Confirmation – Choose a suitable payment method among the options given. After making the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation mail to the email address you provided during registration.
  4. Install 3DXChat – Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to download the game. Remember, the game is designed for Windows PCs.

Now that’s done and dusted, you’re officially one of us! Welcome to a sexy adventure ride like no other. I can safely say, you’re about to embark on a wild ride of lust, and fun in 3DXChat. So, take a deep breath, log in, and brace yourself for some unforgettable times.

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  1. BobMorane

    Hey Jess
    Nice you took a tour of XChat and enjoyed yourself.
    You could have asked Caro or me to give you a tour.
    For a place so focussed on sex it is pretty chill.
    There is a version of the wanna fuck mail called a cold invite. Basically you get a partner invite without Chat. Sometimes from persons on the other side of the room.
    I agree on your findings of the graphics. I do Like the ease of use in XChat, but SL variety alwys amazes me.

  2. Red

    Thanks! It really struck me as another scam game but you convinced me! Lol.

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