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I still remember my first day at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. My first guest, my first tip and the first time I thought to myself how much fun I would have working there. My first day was good but there was nothing majorly eventful that took place. Akkeri joined Candy’s as a new trainee and as the veterans at Candy’s, Lumi and I had to make sure that it was one to remember. The new trainee had a very eventful first day…

The New Trainee

The New Trainee | Meeting The X-Sisters

Lumi and I are always trying to find new ways to grow our brand, sometimes it happens when we don’t plan it.

Part of growing the brand has been growing the armoury. We didn’t know that’s what we were doing but when we realized that we could sell our own versions of our armoury it became part of the brand. Lumi has her bat, shotgun and C4.

Recently, we planned to get revenge on Brooke for something that she said. That is a story that is currently in the ‘to be written’ pile for the blog. While we were planning our revenge, we purchased flamethrowers.

After first meeting the new trainee, Akkeri, we decided to give a display of our new toys. Fearing for safety Greg and Chandra made their way to a room above the bar. A few seconds later we could hear Chandra’s moans echo down, so we did what anyone would do.

We snuck upstairs to watch.

Watching Greg fuck my roomie on the bed made us super horny. Pregnancy has that effect and it didn’t take us long to start playing with our kitties as we watched.

The New Trainee

The New Trainee | The Orgy

Greg turned to us and waved. We moved closer and decided we had to get involved, our hands spanking his ass while he dove his cock deep into Chandra.

We climbed onto the bed and continued to circle our clits.

I dug my nails into his back and dragged down his skin, whispering to him to fuck her harder. I could sense that he was getting more turned on the more we joined in.

After he came he rolled over and lay on his back. Both Lumi and I lay on the bed next to them, his fingers started running against my slit.

I was too horny, I needed to be fucked too.

Lumi shouted for the new trainee to join us and she appeared at the side of the bed very quickly. I climbed on top of our guest and started to ride him hard.

Asking my sis to cheer me on I got the response of “SIS YOU ARE A BITCH”… not what I expected but it would do.

I could see Akkeri finger her pussy watching us, Chandra was dancing and Lumi was bringing herself to climax.

“Cum roomie, cum” I heard the words ring out from Chandra. I couldn’t control it, almost instantly I hit climax.

Snapshot 629

Her First Guest

As I slumped to the bed, my head rested under my sister who stood above me.

It was Akkeri’s turn now.

She pulled herself onto the bed and lowered herself down onto his shaft, we all watched as Greg thrust upwards into her.

The room was hot, we were all covered in each other’s cum, and it was messy. It was fun.

I could feel my sister’s juices dripping onto my tongue, the moans from Akkeri driving us all wild. I reached my hand over and started to rub against the new trainee’s clit. It didn’t take long before her screams rang out as she came around Gregs’ cock.

The New Trainee

The New Trainee | The After Party

Lumi was next, she had waited long enough and she deserved her fun too.

As Greg pushed her back on the bed he started to run his tongue against her wet lips…

Then he disappeared.

We don’t know what happened, we don’t know where he went. All we knew was that we had to get revenge for him leaving my sister like that.

So that’s what we did…

That’s a story for another day.

If you’re not a member of Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel then you are missing out. Take this taxi and come and join us.

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Of course we snuck up. You DID read the users manual of those thingies did you?
    I am pretty sure they are not intended for indoor use.

    Apart from burning the bar down … again. That was so much fun.
    Happy Akkeri had such a fun first day. She didn’t run after that so she is going to stay. 😀

  2. Chandra Kusari

    Of course there is. It fell right out of the box when you opened it and yelled “I am invincible.”

    It was the blue book with the words “User Manual, please read first” written all over it.

  3. That’s another moment of crazyness at the Hotel. Greg was most probably a happy and exhausted man.

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