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Getting A Real Job in Second Life Edit – July 21st 2024: It’s crazy to me that this was over two years ago. I came back to this post to tweak some things that flagged up for SEO and I can’t believe how my things have changed. Candy’s was an amazing place to work, I loved it. But, times change and now I own my own place. But, for those who haven’t yet read this post and are now just getting here. This is the story of a very new Jess getting a real job in Second Life.

Everyone harbours dreams and ambitions, and I’m no exception. My drive to excel was validated when Uwe, a regular at the hotel, commended my work, hinting at my potential return. I never expected that today I would be getting a real job in Second Life.

Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel was always my dream workplace. The concept is straightforward: customers pay a one-time fee of 2000L for an all-inclusive stay, granting them the liberty to revisit whenever they desire. The true fun lies in the privilege of sexual encounters with the waitresses at their whim. It’s quite the enticing package, right?

Jess is Getting A Real Job in Second Life

Unexpected Attention

Inspired by Candy’s adventures, I was drawn to the thrilling and fascinating world she painted. Her stories were the reason I ventured into this line of work. The idea of working at her hotel was always in the back of my mind, but applying felt daunting because she was my idol. How could I possibly express my admiration without sounding like a fangirl?

Recently, I gathered the courage to visit the hotel. I chose an early morning, hoping it would be empty so I could look around quietly. That plan, however, didn’t pan out as I imagined. As I roamed the premises, I found myself distracted by the various offerings in the store. It wasn’t until I heard the familiar ping of an IM that I snapped back to reality. I initially thought it was a regular client like Sloan or Ergin, but then I saw the sender’s name: “Candy.”

“Hi Jess, need help ?”

Oh my god.

A Dream Job Offer

It was her—Candy, the enigmatic figure I had idolized for so long, was reaching out to me. I was flustered and lost my composure, spilling my admiration for her in a rambling message. She invited me to sit at the bar, and we began talking. To my astonishment, she asked me the question I had always hoped to hear.

“So, want to give it a try here?”

Was I actually getting a real job in Second Life??

Candy’s offer left me speechless. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, and there was no way I could refuse. When someone you admire offers you a position in a place you’ve always dreamed of working, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

Jess X - Getting A Real Job in Second Life

The Onboarding Experience of Getting A Real Job in Second Life

Candy guided me through the setup process, explaining how everything worked. Shortly after, a hotel guest named Uwe arrived. Candy had notified all the hotel clients about the new hire, and it seemed Uwe was eager to meet the latest addition to the team.

Uwe’s arrival marked my first real test. I flirted a bit, giving him a sneak peek of what was under my dress, and his reaction was immediate. The bulge in his pants told me I was doing something right. Wanting to make a good impression, I led him to his room, hand in hand.

An Intense First Day

It didn’t take long for Uwe to undress me and toss me onto the sofa. He was a hard fuck, pound after pound deep into my core. After our intense encounter, we returned to the bar. Uwe promised to return the next day and the day after until he got me pregnant, I think he was pleased with fucking the newest staff member.

Walking into Candy’s, I never anticipated that it would result in me getting a real job in Second Life. Initially, I just wanted to look around until I felt confident enough to apply. Now, with this dream job in hand, it’s time to have some real fun and fully embrace this exciting new chapter of my Second Life.

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