Everyone has their dreams and goals and I’m no different. I am always driven to be the best and Uwe told me that I was a really good worker and that he would return, I guessed that my first day was a success. I never expected that today I would be getting a job.

Candys All Inclusive Sex Hotel was a place where I always wanted to work. The premise is simple, customers pay a one-off fee of 2000L for an all-inclusive stay and can return as often as they want. Of course, the real perk is that they get to fuck the waitresses whenever they want. Such a great deal right?

Candy’s adventures are one of the reasons that I became a whore, she always made it sound so exciting and interesting. I was just fascinated by her from the start. Her hotel was a place that I had often thought about checking out and applying for but she’s sort of my idol. I couldn’t apply, right? I couldn’t just sit and gush all over her about how amazing she is.

Recently I finally got the courage to go and check out the hotel. It was early in the morning and I figured that it would be empty and I could just look around and leave. Nice thought Jess, but wrong!

As I arrived at the hotel I wasn’t paying attention to if anyone was around. I opened a few doors and found myself in the store looking through what was on offer. It was when I heard the *ping* of the IM that I first became aware of my surroundings. At first, I thought maybe Sloan or Ergin wanted one of their regular visits. Then I saw the name attached to the IM. “Candy”

Unexpected Attention

“Hi Jess, need help ?”

Oh shit.

Getting A Real Job

It was her, this mystical being who I had idolized for so long messaging me.

I flustered and completely lost my cool. Telling her that she was my idol and the reason I was even around. She invited me to sit at the bar and we started speaking.

Then something amazing happened.

“So want to give it a try here ?”

I’m getting a job??

She was asking me “So want to give it a try here ?”. Fuck. Yes. Wow. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for me. When someone you idolize allows you to work in the place that you always wanted to work, you don’t say no.

Candy got me all setup and talked me through how some things work. Then one of the hotel guests arrived. Uwe.

Getting A Real Job

Candy had sent out a notice to all of the hotel’s clientele. There was a new girl who had just been hired. I guess it’s good to test the new meat.

Uwe the arrived looking to see the new member of staff.

Of course, I flirted with him a little. Opening my legs just slightly so he could get a sneak look at what was under my dress.

Glancing my eyes across I saw the growing bulge in his pants.

Being the newest hire to the team, I of course wanted to make sure our guest was welcomed. Showing him to his room was a good start. So I took his hand and led him up to the suite.

It didn’t take long before he pulled my clothes off and threw me on the sofa.

Uwe is a man’s man who likes being a bit rough. His hands lay across my bare skin as he turned my skin raw.

Getting A Real Job

Taking It All In

When he had finished with me we made our way back to the bar.

Uwe told me he would be back the next day and the day after until we made a baby. It seemed to me that he liked the newest member of the team.

Walking into Candy’s, I never expected that it would result in me getting a job.

I only wanted to look around until the day I felt confident enough to apply.

Now it’s time to have some real fun.

Getting A Real Job
On shift at Candys All Inclusive Sex Hotel
Getting A Real Job


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