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My New Toy

Last Updated on: 5th May 2023, 02:50 pm

A while back I was standing at Hooker Hotel, just going about my daily business of being a whore. The ping I received that day would change a lot of things but not least, it would give me my own free toy to bend to my will. Here’s the story of my new toy.

Sara is possibly the sweetest girl I’ve ever met, a lot of my friends are sweet but she is up there with adorableness. I was just on shift at Hooker Hotel one day, looking around for the next guy that I could drag into bed (or into an alleyway) when I heard the familiar IM sound.


waves at Jess
how are you, Jess? I’m Sara nice to meet you ^^”

Sara had read my profile and was drawn to the one part that most people are. You see under my “like” I have it written that I like married men. I’ll go into that in another post but this is the reason that she reached out to me.

ihih well in your profile you mentioned you love a married man
I know this might sound silly but I always had this scene playing in my mind

I laughed to myself, at first I expected a barrage of hatred from a girl who had just lost her partner to someone but no.. now I was intrigued by whatever scene she had playing in her mind. My new toy wasn’t even a thought in my head at this point but…

Sara would go on to explain to me that she had always fantasized about a “powerful blonde” who steals her man while Sara was unable to do anything.

We spoke for a while, getting to understand each other better and eventually she wanted to stock up on some Lindens and pay for some time to roleplay out a scene.

The scene would be her coming to my place and finding her boyfriend there and my reaction would be to abuse her, slap her, kick her and make her lick my shoes. Sara was into humiliation. This was going to be my new toy.. a different area to try but I’m sure we could at least try and make it work.

My New Toy
Sara the Sweetheart

The New Client

For the next hour or so we played out her scene and it was something magical and fun. To me it allowed me to explore an avenue of my personality that I didn’t know I had. For Sara, she got to live out her fantasy. It was so refreshing to do something that didn’t involve my naked body that I refused her payment. Sara went away happy and so did I. I had learned something new and learned to embrace a side of me. A side that I had always been worried would show itself.

The next day Sara pinged again but this time we just spoke and hung out for a bit. Her cheerful attitude and her adorable way of talking really made it easy to be her friend. I often wonder why she doesn’t work the streets with me, there are so many guys out there who would love a little fuck toy like her but her choice I guess.

I recently rented a shell of a store on Street Whores. It’s empty and it was one of those “buy now, think later” rentals. As I was looking around trying to decide what to do with the place a little ping appeared.

tickles you and waves

It was Sara. Thank god, maybe someone can help me decide what to do with this building.

My New Toy
Standing in my new store

Making Decisions With My New Toy

Sara is so petite in comparison to me. I don’t think that I’m that tall standing next to any other girl. Standing next to Sara however, I tower over her. We threw around a few ideas for the store and then the conversation turned to her fantasies again.

Sara wanted to be collared and kept as a trophy. The spoils of conquest as the ex-girlfriend gets caged by the whore that stole her boyfriend. We spoke a bit longer before we decided that it would be fun to try out her wishes. After getting a collar and leash we were ready to go.

For those who don’t know what a collar does. It essentially ties someone to you and with the leash, you can drag them around behind you. You can also tie them to a pole or yank them closer. You can also set a title to show above their heads. Sara told me that she has always been conscious about her breast size. Naturally, I set her title to “Tiny Tit Footstool”. Oh.. the title is public for everyone to see XD.

My new dog

We spent a few more hours hanging out and went back to my beautiful apartment. I say it’s beautiful and it is but I really need somewhere bigger with more space. When we got there Sara sat under my chair for a while as I relaxed.

My New Toy

Gaining My New Toy

Sara’s now my pet. The trophy that I get to show off to brag about my conquest of stealing her boyfriend. She acts as my seat, she cleans my feet, she is all sorts of worthless and has a pathetic existence..

She is also my friend and the most adorable bundle that I’ve met so far. I am positive that we will have so many adventures and that I will tell you all about them.

“Tiny Tit Footstool”

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