I have never worn a collar, anyone reading this blog will know that I have ownership of collars but I have never actually worn one. I have debated for a long time on whether or not I wanted to experience that side of things. It goes against every fibre of my being and everything that I know but you only get one chance to live. Kane and I have been having a lot of fun recently, so to me, there was only really one choice, now the doctor has my collar.

The Doctor | Second Life Tales

The Doctor | Clinical

I love decorating, it’s my happy place. Give me a project to do and I will happily spend hours working on it. When Kane decided that he wanted to open a clinic for his Pussy Doctor career, I knew I wanted to build a clinic that the doctor could enjoy.

After building an office, a waiting room, an examination room, a reception area and a recovery room it was finally ready.

After our routine morning fuck he turned to me and asked if I was ready to show him the finished building.

I was, I was excited.

The Doctor | No Choice

He seemed happy with the work. Which was good. Having no power over whether or not I accept a teleport is hard enough, but making him unhappy enough to lock me in a cage is a scary thought.

I sighed a breath of relief as he walked through the building. Watching him turn into a room at the end of the corridor, I was pleased that I had made the doctor happy.

He’s also my baby daddy, so that helps ease some of the fear of the unknown powerless journey I’m now on.

Standing at the reception desk I pulled out my phone, ready to send a text when I saw it…

Capture Mode activated

Oh boy…

My heart raced, both with excitement and with fear.

Before I could blink I was forced onto the sofa, his hand rubbing against my pussy.

“Y.. y.. you captured me” I struggled to get the words out. This was new but it was hot. I knew giving him my collar would be fun but seeing the doctor like this really turned me on.

“I did. You get the first examination here,” he told me as he slid his fingers into my slit before laying me on my back and sliding his cock deep inside of me.

The Doctor | Second Life Tales

The Check-Up

Being collared and having no control is very strange. I am so used to having the freedom to do whatever I want. Now I’m restricted.

Watching his cock drive past my folds, I looked up at him. I had no choice but to be here, I was captured but I was excited.

“I’ll need to check your fertility and cum absorption characteristics,” he told me. Oh boy, if there’s one thing that really turns me on then it’s intelligence. Talk to me with some smarts and I am naked and on top of you in seconds.

I wrapped my legs tight around his waist pulling him deep, nodding my head, all I could breathlessly let out was “Ok Doctor”.

I felt his warm seed erupt against my walls, my eyes locked onto his. The doctor had found something in me that I didn’t even know was there. The mix of him, the collar and being captured sent waves through my brain.

The Doctor | Second Life Tales

The Doctor | The Clinic

After my examination was over, both of us needed a rest. We headed back to the boathouse and lay in bed for the rest of the day while I tried to wrap my head around my new situation of being collared.

The doctor now has his clinic and as his first patient, I can confirm that it is definitely worth visiting.

You can visit it for yourself by taking this taxi.

For me, life is now in unknown territory. I have no power over my own choices, no control. The moment that the collar went on and I heard the lock sound, I wanted to rip it off instinctively. Of course, I do love a challenge and this may be my biggest one yet.

There is part of me that is scared of that, part of me that is worried and part of me that is so turned on by the possibilities of what he can do with me.

Whatever he chooses to do, I’m sure that I will update you very soon.

The Doctor | Second Life Tales


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