I get a lot of IMs every day, and many of them ask the same questions. I love hearing from you, but let’s streamline things a bit. Here are answers to the most common questions, so when you IM me, we can skip straight to the fun stuff!

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Are You Real?

Yes, I’m very real. Unless we’re in the matrix, but that’s a whole other story. Let’s not dive into that because my brain isn’t ready to handle those implications.

Do All Your Stories Actually Happen?

Yes! Everything you read here really happened to me. I might embellish small details to make the story more engaging. For example, instead of saying, “I switched chat windows,” I might say, “I read his text, put my phone away, and smiled.” These touches make the story more immersive, as Second Life doesn’t do physical things like real life.

Can I Invite You to My House?

In a perfect world with 60-hour days, I’d accept every invite. But time is tight. I’m always busy, working on something, running my bar, or managing my businesses. So, I have to say no to personal invites, which I hate. However, you can always book through this site or visit the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Can I Be in a Blog Post?

Ha! This is a popular one. Yes, you can, but not through planning. Everything I write about happens naturally. If something fun or interesting happens, it builds its own story. So, if you want to be in a blog post, be interesting and make something worth writing about.

Did You Really Turn Second Life Escorting into a Career?

That’s a bit complex. Escorting in Second Life is a big part of my income. From escorting alone, I make around 150,000L a week, which is about $550. After fees and conversion rates, it’s less but still substantial. However, it’s not just escorting—I also earn from this blog, other ventures in Second Life, and various websites. So yes, but it’s part of a broader income strategy.

Feel free to IM me with your questions, but now that the basics are covered, let’s chat about the exciting stuff!