Entering the world of sex work in Second Life can be daunting and it can have many hurdles to overcome. Sometimes it feels like I started my journey so long ago that I wonder what it feels like for someone just entering the world now. I met Sophia at Brookes’ club and quickly found out that she was new to the world of sex work and also new to Second Life. With an amazing look and such an upbeat personality, Sophia has the potential to thrive in this industry but what brought her here and how does her journey compare with my own and others? I managed to get some time with her to ask the important questions.


Sophia | Entering The World

Jess – What brought you to Second Life and was the intention to enter the world of sex or did that happen afterwards?

Sophia – The thing that brought me into Second Life would be my best friend and sister! She has been telling me for years about it and I finally gave it a go. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it since it was so different compared to what I normally would play – I came over from console. After a while, I fell in love with it!

It took some getting used to at first, as with everything, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It truly has my heart. I had no intention of getting into the world of sex on here. The original intention was to go for modelling, hence why my avatar looked so good from the very start of Second Life. I was having a hard time finding a job in modelling, so I decided to take a look at the other options that my best friend was telling me about. I fell into the sex world and decided to give it a go and see where things end up. It was an easy choice to make to go into since I’ve always wanted to do this realistically (dancing that is) but just never had the confidence to do so, I’m from a judgmental family.

Jess – I think that’s one of the good things about this place. For me, confidence has always been a problem even when I started with this I had little to no confidence. Do you feel like being able to live out that side of you here satisfies the want that you have to do it RL?

Sophia – For sure [in real life] I would give it a go! Especially since this has given me a good perspective on how it can roll out RL! Being so young and new to this stuff, role-playing and all that good stuff, this is a whole different world to me now. I find it super fun being able to put my dreams onto this since I wasn’t able to do it RL. I really wouldn’t ever trade what I do here on Second Life for something completely different. Doing this in real life would also give me a good confidence boost in general, even though being on here I have already way past improved from what I was before.

Sophia | The Journey

Jess – So we touched on why you started the journey into sex work. Let’s talk about the journey itself. Where did you start? What steps did you take to start in this field?

Sophia – The first thing I did when I came to Second Life, asked my best friend about it. She had let me know about the search feature and just to look up certain keywords. I decided to take my search out of here and started looking on Google for where I could find job postings at.

I slowly started watching videos and reading up on different things. All of the places I looked at were telling me to take a look at the Forums. At first, I had a hard time finding where that was but I found it in the long run. After searching, I came across a few clubs that piqued my interest but required at least 30 days or more of experience. I kept looking and came across 2 different places. The two places are Simply Sexy and Strip Advisor. I still work at both of those currently. They are my family. Seriously the best places you can start at in SL.

Jess – What about hurdles? This is something that I’ve tried to cover in some of my posts, the hurdles in this line of work. What hurdles have you found so far?

Sophia – One of the biggest things I have found so far is that most people are expecting your services to be free. Anything with quality comes with a price. The second biggest thing would be starting to build your client list. I have been in this industry pretty much right from the start and I have yet to find myself being able to build a real client list. The last biggest hurdle would for sure be, don’t expect to start earning anything right from the start. It takes time and a lot of it. You will learn that different men, have different tastes for girls and not to get mad once another girl is picked over you for services.


Jess – What do you enjoy? Why should a client come to you? As in, do they come to you because you love rough sex and so do they? Do they come to you because they like feeling like there’s a connection, even if it’s temporary because you like to make people feel special? What is it about you that you think makes you stand out from everyone else?

Sophia – Sex overall is great! You may as well say I’m addicted to anything sex-related. I love pleasing people. The biggest reason why I think clients should come my way would be because I’m such an open person with a big heart and will pretty much do everything! I’m a switch, so you can have the best of both worlds. For example, being a sub, being a dom, doing BDSM or even keeping it simple and going vanilla. Role-play is also something I love and would love to bring it to Second Life as well. The thing that makes me stand out compared to everyone else, I would say, is for sure how outgoing I am! I will keep a conversation going, no matter how long. Another thing I would say I stand out for would be, how big my heart is.

Jess – Where do you want this career path to take you? Do you have plans for it or are you just enjoying the journey?

Sophia – I don’t have any plans for it at all honestly. I just love being able to please people in ways they possibly can’t or don’t want to RL. I’m just here for the ride. It’s just overall helping me mentally with myself and I love it. Giving me more options to explore here and in RL.


Sophia | The Sex Worker

I have always said that if you are in this line of work for the right reasons then you will have success. Choose sex work for the right reasons and not just because you think that it’s an easy way to make money. Sophia is an example of having the right reasons.

For those of you who want to meet her, you can contact her in world. – bcakeez11

She is fun, outgoing, sexy, smart and in general someone that I know many of my regular clients would love some time with.

After speaking with her, I don’t think anything has changed since I took my first steps as a Second Life sex worker. It still has that air of excitement and it still has the same hurdles.

So if you’re looking for that new experience, reach out to her. I am certain that you will enjoy her time as much as it sounds like she does.

Sophia | The Interview


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