I don’t talk about it often but part of what I do in my daily life is rent out skyboxes. There is a small number and mainly only trusted friends rent them. I do however like to conduct a house inspection every month. After someone moves in I also like to inspect the place after a week or two. It also lets me see if anything needs replaced or if I can add new furniture. Something that not many tenants think about is what happens when they fail a house inspection…

House Inspection | The Punishment

House Inspection | The Tenant

After a long comfort day at the hotel bar, I was feeling bloated from pregnancy.

Greg had recently rented a skybox from me and while he had a week until his first inspection, I also have a very impatient sister.

Greg made the mistake of saying that the X-Sisters (me, Lumi and Rach) had an evil streak. However, he hadn’t even scratched the surface of the evil streak within us.

When I mentioned his upcoming inspection he shifted nervously in his seat.

“Oh when sis. I like inspections. We should get Rach with us too this time” Lumi seemed excited.

After discussing the date, mentioning that it was a week away Lumi simply responded with “Let’s go”. I do love my sis and I like to make sure that she is happy through her pregnancy too.

House Inspection | The Filth

Almost instantly Rach spotted cum stains on the piano. Readers of this blog know that I have no concern with cum, however, having it crusted on the furniture is a different matter.

There was also a strange smell in the apartment that none of us could find the source of.

Rach and I headed up to the bathroom while Lumi finished the inspection of the main living area.

“Oh my god! Just LOOK at this bath!” Rach’s voice was so loud, I jumped and almost ended up impaled on the taps. That could have been fun though.

Greg and Lumi entered the bathroom and as soon as my sis spotted the disgusting state of the bath she brought the back of her hand to his balls. Rach soon followed by doing the same.

Greg had failed his house inspection, not even a week into his tenancy. It was time for punishment.

“Mr Bandy, please stand against the cross” I shouted the order against the room…

Now he was about to find out about our evil streak.

House Inspection | The Punishment

The Punishment

“Dirty dirty little bastard” the words from Rach’s mouth were spat with anger. I love Rach but I had never seen her this angry.

Before I could blink I saw Lumi’s hand swing against his face with a loud smacking noise. The sisters were angry.

“I thought we were cool?” Greg asked looking up in confusion only for Rach to shout back “That was before I discovered you lived in filth!”

“What do you think about the damage this dirtiness would do to my sister’s brand?” Lumi was drilling in a point. She was right, this was my skybox and it had to be up to sanitation standards.

After pointing out that he was wearing the X-Sisters hoodie he pleaded with us that he supported the brand. Rach pointed out the beer and egg that were on it. Then Lumi pointed out that there was some of Kanes cum on it too.


There was?…

I leaned down and licked it up. I wasn’t letting that go to waste.

After a committee vote, the punishment was decided. Gregs’ fate had been sealed. In any other time or place, I may have felt some sympathy for him but this was my skybox that he had dirtied. He had failed his house inspection, punishment was justified.

The vote was counted and verified.

The punishment was Rach’s strapon.

House Inspection | The Punishment

House Inspection | What Next?

I don’t know about the next house inspection.

What I do know is that Caroline is currently on a long weekend and Lumi may have blown up the hotel…

Hopefully, we can rebuild before she’s back. I fear that her punishment may be worse than what we can give out.

House Inspection | The Punishment


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  • November 11, 2022 at 1:23 pm

    Pheeeeew So glad I passed my inspection.

    Although that cross does look fun.

  • November 11, 2022 at 9:59 pm

    *scribbles down note*


    Or at least don’t violate the piano if I ever do.


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