Threesomes, Pregnancy, Medical Procedures, Stylist Consultations and much more. The X-Sisters have started to become their own brand. It was time for Lumi and me to start realizing our dream of having our own island, the question was how we would do it. How could we create an authentic X-Sisters brand? Then we had an idea.

X-Sisters Brand

X-Sisters Brand | The Idea

“Sis, I need pics of us in our hard hats so I can make hoodies for us”

“Ok sis”

That was it, that was the entire conversation. This is how the core ethics of the X-Sisters work, we say things and we make them happen.

We are resourceful, crafty whores and we are also high almost all of the time.

At the top of our list of wants is an island. We had spoken about getting our island ever since the day that Rach took us to visit hers. Now we had to make it happen.

To raise the funding required we have to build the X-Sisters Brand into something profitable. We had to create merchandise.

X-Sisters Brand | Ready To Work

The task was simple. We needed to have two sets of clothing items. Two for females and two for males.

They had to be distinctive to the X-Sisters brand and be good enough to sell.

The process of the design was easy enough. Both myself and Lumi in our famous hard hat outfit with ‘X-Sisters’ written somewhere. It was foolproof.

Of course, purchasing the materials required and spending the time to make everything was a different story.

Lumi and I along with the help of Brooke carefully chose and crafted the four finest items of clothing known to the marketplace.

The X-Sisters were finally branded and ready to become the multinational corporation they were always destined to be.

With the help of Kane, Bob, Sarah, Brooke, Uwe and of course our amazing friend Rachael we finally managed to have all of our clothing created and tested and we were ready to put it out there to buy.

X-Sisters Brand
X-Sisters New Merchandise

X-Sisters Brand | Breaking Point

Yesterday I spoke about how Uwe just wouldn’t fuck either of the X-Sisters. Today something changed, well almost.

“Are you horny again today?” he asked us at the bar. We told him that we were always horny and that he may need to fist us again.

“Fist or fuck?” came his response. We were confused, was Uwe offering to fuck us? He told us that he wanted to fuck us on the bar, this was going to be fun.

We almost thought we had him converted away from Petites until he spoke.

“I would prefer Sarah – but you are so nice and you are so horny because you are pregnant. I should support you Sisters”

Spread your slim legs

He should support us. He did have one request for us. One that was a little strange but we just needed to be fucked so we obliged. “May I close my eyes and think about Anna” he requested.

We allowed it, I changed my name to Anna and Lumi changed her name to Sternchen for 30 minutes.

Lumi told me “Spread your slim legs, Anna”. After 10 seconds I remembered that she was talking to me and spread my legs.

It was a little strange calling my sister Sternchen but we managed to get through it. As I was grinding my pussy on Uwe’s face I heard familiar footsteps appear behind me before a hand drew across my ass. It was Kane.

“Thank you, daddy,”
“I’m not your daddy, Anna”
He responded.
“Sorry Uwe I must switch for 10 seconds, I am now Jess again, Thank you, Daddy”
“You’re welcome Mama”

That helped. As hot as it was fucking Uwe on the bar, I could not get into being called Anna. Knowing I was being watched, and especially who it was, and feeling that spank across my ass turned me on more.

I could feel Lumi try and reach up to run her tongue across my pussy as I came but her hard hat got in the way. She resigned herself to just catching the drips before saying to Uwe “Cum in my petite pussy”.

X-Sisters Brand

Where To Buy?

We launched our X-Sister brand on the Second Life Marketplace. Starting off by launching the female range and we will launch the male range in the coming days.

It’s a very low price of 149 Lindens and your purchase goes to supporting the island dream of the X-Sisters.

You can visit the store by clicking here.

Delivering One Of Our New Hoodies
X-Sisters Brand | Hard Hats Together


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