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Last Updated on: 25th October 2022, 11:28 pm

After my false start to my no-sex challenge, I was determined to start again. I had to find ways to distract myself and give myself the willpower to truly start withholding sex. Thankfully I have a very strong support network at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. Ok, that’s a lie, they’re a terrible support network who try and push me into ruining the challenge.

Withholding Sex | Finding New Adventures
Taking A Tour Around The New Gallery

Rachaels’ Homestead

After a quick tour around the new gallery with Uwe, Rachael offered to show us around her homestead. A trip to a private island, how could I possibly resist?

I could perfect the art of withholding sex if there was no temptation, this was an easy solution to my problems.

Lumi and I were ready to go, unfortunately, Rach decided to ban us from her land instead.

Finally, after being unbanned we were on our way.

I’ve never been banned from anywhere, so the first time it happened ending up being from a friend felt like a strange honour, even if it did break my heart.

As we got up to the tower Lumi suggested I stay for the week to complete my challenge. It didn’t seem like a terrible idea until she mentioned I could just fuck Rach’s panther.

Rach left us for a moment and Lumi mentioned that she really wanted to slap my ass with the nice view. At that point, I felt Jessie Krueger appear – “We’re here alone Lumi, nobody will hear you scream”.

Her eyes widened as she looked back at me and replied “sorry it was just the view made me excited”

After finishing up the tour we headed back to the hotel. My challenge was now at 27 hours of no sex, I was proud of my achievement.

Withholding Sex | Finding New Adventures
Having Tea At Rachaels Private Island

Withholding Sex | The Uwe Examination

Uwe is the photographer at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. In the midst of everyone trying to get me to have sex and the mass of IMs I’ve had to deal with trying to get me to have sex, Uwe hasn’t asked for it.

Well, that’s not technically true. He did say that Lumi and I are both the people he would love to see once a day. Still wasn’t directly asking right? He wasn’t trying to actively ruin my attempt at withholding sex.

Later that night we were all at the bar. Lumi was of course encouraging another guest to try and get me to break but I resisted.

I pulled out my dildo drill and made them aware that I was not afraid to use it to defend myself.

As the guest left to take a phone call, Uwe asked me what the drill was for. Lumi offered him a demonstration and he obliged.

He was of course unaware of what was about to come next.

Had anyone else been in the hotel aside from Rachael and Lumi, I have reservations that the events that transpired next would have happened. Unfortunately for Uwe, he drew an unlucky straw. Earlier in the day, he had already had Rach sit on his face and apparently fart four times. An event that thankfully I missed.

He finally got out of the hospital and now he was about to be met with my drill.

Rach got him to sign a waiver and Lumi reassured him that everything would be ok.

Snapshot 773

Withholding Sex | The Photographer

After Uwe realized what was happening he started to nervously tremble on the stool.

Lumi kept him calm telling him to think of some of the girls at the hotel. This seemed to work and he eased off a little. I could hear his faint mumbles of “Anna and Sternchen”.

He still wouldn’t remove his pants, which was a problem. Lumi was on hand with her whip. She pulled it out and yelled at him before cracking it off of the bar.

He trembled and pulled his pants down.

At that point, Rach kicked his legs apart and Lumi held his hands down on the bar. I was ready to begin the inspection.

I feel that what happened next may be too graphic even for this blog. What I can tell you is that I may have accidentally forgotten the lube and he may need another visit to the hospital.

Needless to say that Uwe discovered that night what three girls with a dildo drill could do. More importantly, I was now at 38 hours of no sex.

Withholding Sex | Finding New Adventures
Inspection Time, Lumi With The Whip in Hand.

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