Jessie Krueger And The Plot To Kill


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It’s spooky season, which means everyone around the world is getting their sexiest and scariest costumes ready for the big show. I’m no different and my spending problem means that I was absolutely going to jump at the opportunity to go shopping for costumes. What I didn’t realize was that a certain costume would possess me and take my mind too far. I’m talking about the persona of Jessie Krueger.

Jessie Krueger

Jessie Krueger | Jessies Revenge

Candy’s hotel has been tough for me recently. Not because I’ve not been enjoying it or loving all the sex. It’s because one of my colleagues has recently taken to constantly slapping my ass.

I have been victimised by Lumi, the whore turned receptionist at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. (Disclaimer: Lumi is actually lovely and one of my favourite people to work with.)

It all started a few days ago, for some bizarre reason my ass would constantly be the target of her vicious hands.

Then on our Girls’ Day Out I found myself constantly being slapped on my ass and on my face. Her reasoning was that I was either drunk or in shock.

Whenever she stands behind me, I brace myself for the searing pain that I know I’m about to experience. Even dressed as Jessie Krueger I worried that she would hold no fear.

Jessie Krueger

Jessie Krueger | Dream Warriors

Once I found my Jessie Krueger outfit from TOG, I had an upper hand. The claw.

Lumi arrived for her shift and almost instantly made her way to the rear of my body, this was my chance.

I showed her my claw and let her know that her abuse ended today. She looked in shock and turned her attention to Chandra.

Chandra’s my roommate and I felt slightly guilty for her taking Lumi’s abuse instead of myself but I was relieved that I was getting a break.

Lumi then asked if anyone could take good photographs, she had a competition that she wanted to enter. I thought about it for a moment and then suggested that we headed to my studio to take her pics.

As we were leaving everyone, I let them know that we would return. Well, I told them I at least would, Lumis fate would depend on whether her hands would behave. If I had to slip into her dreams while she slept, then I would


Jessie Vs. Lumi

We finished off her photoshoot and headed back to the hotel.

She had behaved, my ass was safe but my mind was not. I could feel a dark presence begin to take over.

Jess had gone, and Jessie Krueger had begun to take over.

As we stood in the bar chatting and drinking beer, I looked over at her. My claw was twitching…

All of the slaps and all of the spanks ran through my darkened mind.

I wondered…

Does the hotel have a boiler room?

Can I get Lumi to follow me to the boiler room?

There’s only one way I can end the torment. Jessie Krueger must prevail.

Jessie Krueger

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