Girls’ Day Out | The Plane Theft


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Working at Candy’s is never dull, somedays we don’t even need guests to have some entertainment. Though, I would be lying if I said that the guests weren’t the best part of the job. Sometimes things randomly happen, such as a random unplanned girls’ day out.

Girls' Day Out | The Plane Theft

Girls’ Day Out |The Adventure Begins

We were sitting drinking some beers at the bar when we got alerted that the sim was restarting.

Christina disappeared and sent us all a taxi to the next area. When we got there it was barren, and empty aside from an abandoned plane.

With the beers still in hand, we decided that the only logical thing to do was to take it for a flight. We were about to become plane thieves.

Myself, Lumi, Christina and Rach all climbed onboard before Rach attempted to get it started.

No matter how hard she tried she could not get the engine running correctly.

Lumi then tried her hand at getting us off the ground, things were not going well and she couldn’t either.

Finally, Christina made her attempt.

I’ve never flown in Second Life so I just sat back and continued to drink the beer in the back.

Girls' Day Out | The Plane Theft

Needing A New Plan

Nobody could get the plane started, we needed a new plan.

Rach built a makeshift runway on the sand and we summoned a helicopter. It looked like we were getting off the ground one way or another.

Eventually, after we all bundled into the helicopter we were ready for taking off.

It was adventure time. Girls’ day out unplanned.

Snapshot 558

Girls’ Day Out |Disaster Hits

We took flight over the ocean while Lumi and I continued to drink ourselves silly in the back.

The sound of the helicopter was strangely soothing, and I felt like nothing could go wrong.

Four whores on an unplanned helicopter ride, nothing could go wrong… right?

If only that had been the case. A few minutes later I could suddenly smell smoke. Seconds later the entire cockpit was ablaze.

I panicked, Christina and Rach were in the front. Were we going to die?

Am I writing this from a watery grave?

Girls' Day Out | The Plane Theft

Girls’ Day Out | We Survived

Thankfully Christina and Rach managed to get the fire under control.

After managing to regain some oxygen back in the helicopter, we made our way to the skeleton to make an emergency landing.

I didn’t bring my swimming outfit, why would I? This was never today’s plan, a girls day out was never on the cards, but the water looked so nice to swim in.

I’m impatient so I didn’t even strip off before I jumped into the sea to swim.

Rachael vanished, at first I thought she had been eaten by a shark. She hadn’t been, she arrived with a boat. I don’t know if she stole it, or if it was hers but regardless we now had multiple options to get back to work.

Maybe the boat would be a safer way to travel back or maybe we risked it and tried to fly again, this time without a fire.

Girls' Day Out | The Plane Theft

We made a decision.

We were flying back.

The flight back was relatively simple and safe. No fires, no disasters, just a straightforward flight.

We had survived our girls’ day out but we were cold and we were wet. We needed beer and I needed ointment after Lumi kept slapping me because I was “too drunk” or “in shock”.

Our clothes were too wet after the swim we had to strip off in the helicopter on the way back. Now, all we needed was some nice gentlemen to help warm us up.

Girls' Day Out | The Plane Theft

We landed on top of the big white box that housed the hotel. Now we just had to find a way inside.

Christina put me on the hoist and lowered me in, I won’t lie I was terrified but I made it. Lumi was next and finally Christina.

We had made it back safe.

What a day. I need a drink.

We need you to come and make sure that we’re ok. Here’s your taxi.

Snapshot 583

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  1. Zathras

    OMG Jess I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard at any of your previous posts as I did at this one, and that’s saying something.

    I just keep thinking it’s a fortunate thing that the hoist didn’t lower you past the next window over. Just kind of smiling and waving at the people having sex as you descend awkwardly past their window…. 😁

    Or maybe just giving them a thumbs up. “Way to go, guys, good job.”

    • BobMorane

      Okay now I have that picture stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

      I would say Jess would be more of a thumbs up. “Way to go, guys, good job.” kinda gal.

      • Zathras

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re right about that, Bob. Probably funniest that way too.

        • Jess

          Haha if I had gone past that window I might actually have climbed through it and joined them XD

          • Zathras

            That sounds like the most enjoyable option for all parties involved, and probably the least awkward, too. 😁 And it sounds like *exactly* what you would do. 😉

  2. Kimmie

    OMGGGG this is the funniest story yet. Those rappels down the building have me creasing on the floor laughing 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jess

      XD I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much in such a short space of time.

  3. Girls,

    nice one.
    I think I will buy us a corporate jet.

    Did you know, that we are located right behind an airport?


    • Jess

      Aha XD please fly, I don’t know if I feel safe with the others anymore. Ooh yes, we flew over it actually!

  4. BobMorane

    Awesome and hair raising story, glad you made it out in one piece.

    Luckily Avatars are quite sturdy.

    That was quite a fun read.

    • Jess

      I didn’t think we would make it Bob! I trust the other girls with my life but it was a scary and fun experience. XD

  5. Chandra Kusari

    How did you manage to set fire to the cockpit?
    I mean there is a reason smoking isn’t allowed on planes … wait smoking … Christina!
    Glad you survived the trip and had fun doing it.

    • Jess

      I was too drunk to really pay attention to what happened but if Lumi wasn’t there to slap me I don’t know if I would have made it through the shock of the fire.

      Also, the fire was definitely Christina, I just can’t prove it yet.

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