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Last Updated on: 31st October 2022, 10:53 am

I have been a busy little sex worker recently. Working at both Strip Advisor and Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. It’s been so much fun that I forgot to sleep a couple of times because of the excitement. Second Life sex work is much more fun than I thought it would be and I regret ever doubting it. I have a new found passion and while I miss my challenge of travelling the world, this is just the best fun.

Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel

The hotel has been fun. Everyone there is super friendly. When I was there the other day I met Kleines. She had just purchased a witches outfit for Halloween and we instantly became spoopy Halloween friends.

We instantly became friends, it was as though two energetic happy bouncy energies were just thrown together.

I wonder what guy will get both of us in a threesome and if he will have the energy to keep up.

Uwe arrived too and both Uwe and Kleines gave me a tour of the art gallery. The girls there are so pretty.

Candy’s does have a very good selection of waitresses for the guests and I can’t wait to be another busy little sex worker up on the wall.

Busy Little Sex Worker
Kleines and Uwe Giving Me A Tour Of The Art Gallery

New Friends | Busy Little Sex Worker

I met some of the other girls at work called Christina, Lumi, Rachael and Chandra. We instantly hit it off too.

Within not even an hour of meeting Christina we were having a threesome up in one of the rooms with a guest.

We made such a good team I actually think that we broke him. He couldn’t talk afterwards.

Busy Little Sex Worker

Lumi, Christina and I tested out the new pool equipment and it was so relaxing. The floaties are amazing to relax in.

Mornings working at the hotel are just a great way to start the day. I say start the day, I forget to sleep so maybe I’m ending the day in the morning? I don’t even know anymore.

Strip Advisor Fun

I wanted to go to FameshedX to see if I could get some new clothes. Brooke, as always, wanted to come along.

When we got there there was a St Andrews Cross on sale.

I instantly climbed on it as a joke and Brooke joined me.

She ran away when I called her ‘Mommy’. I guess we’re not quite there yet in our friendship.

Snapshot 530

We picked up some things and then went back to the club. With some of the poses Brooke had she wanted to get some fun promotional photographs for Halloween.

I think it turned out quite well.

Mostly because I like that I’m the one with the knife and the power. *Insert evil laugh here*


Free Prize Draw

At Strip Advisor one of the managers “DJ Monster” decided to hold a giveaway. The prize was a free thirty minute session with any of the escorts available.

The escort gets paid by the club after the winner chooses their prize.

Strip Advisor has really beautiful girls who I work alongside. So I was surprised when I was chosen as the prize.

It was such a fun night that ended up in one of the amazing escort rooms. That’s a story that I won’t be sharing but needless to say it was a lot of hot fun.

Come and watch me dance and join in my fun at Strip Advisor with this Limo.

Or come and visit me at Candy’s with this taxi.

Busy Little Sex Worker

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Sure you and Christina broke that guy. I mean its part of the job description.

    Happy to see yo are doing good and having fun.

    Speaking off I had soo much fun the other night. We need to do that again!

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