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After talking about it, I did it. I applied for Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel. I don’t know if it was a crazy decision to apply for two jobs but I did it anyway. I’ve read the stories, I’ve heard the tales and it just sounded too fun to not apply.

Snapshot 489
Nervously awaiting meeting Caroline Takeda

The Interview And First Day

I know that I shouldn’t have been nervous.

For the longest time I’ve been told that everyone is so friendly at Candy’s. Regardless, I still had nerves walking in that building. Maybe it was the thought of two jobs and two incomes but I was determined that even nervous I was getting hired.

Meeting Caroline was a scary prospect but she was lovely. She asked me a few questions and I think I impressed her because it didn’t seem to take long before I was hired.

We sat at the bar and spoke for a while before she had to leave.

I was officially employed as a Trainee at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. Excited doesn’t cover it!!

I headed home after a while to get some rest and then went back to the hotel later that day.

When I sent out a notice to the customers that I was ready for delivering room service it wasn’t a great deal of time before one showed up. He wanted a quick service before he had to leave so I eagerly obliged and jumped at the chance.

My first day, my first customer and my first earnings from the hotel.

Two Jobs | Job Two

Brooke is my boss at Strip Advisor. Two jobs means two bosses? This is going to be tough to keep track of.

Some days we are best friends and other days we argue. I’m thankful for her friendship and even though I’ve not known her very long it feels like I’ve known her for a very long time.

While we were at the club we had a customer arrive with his friend.

He wanted us to tease his friend and send him a copy of what we were saying. The money was worth it but things got a little bit heated afterwards.

After both of them left, Brooke and I headed up to the offices above the club. She walked over to me and grabbed my throat, then kissed me.

At first I was shocked, this was my boss and someone who in any other world I would consider my best friend.

She pushed me backwards onto the sofa and spread my legs out, bringing her face down to my mound.

Two Jobs - One Girl | Sasha

I could feel the excitement grow as she flicked her tongue across my pearl.

Eventually she started to finger and play with my kitty. Stopping every so often to place her fingers in my mouth so I could taste my own juices.

She could sense that I was nearing climax and I heard the words. “Cum for me, come on” leave her mouth. I shook, I trembled, I screamed and I came. God, I came so hard.

Snapshot 514

After that, it was as though things went back to normal as we went back to work.

I don’t know if it’s because all of this is new to me but being a sex worker is an adventure in itself.

This means that now my mornings will be spent working at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel and my evenings will be working at Strip Advisor. (You can also take the taxis provided). Two jobs means double the fun right?

I think that sounds like a very productive way to spend my days.

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