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Last Updated on: 21st October 2023, 01:36 am

I loved my Second Life Challenge. It was so much fun and it was such a fun thing to try. Unfortunately, it was rather hard to keep up with and many of the sims were just too quiet. When I told Jess that I didn’t know if I should continue with it she had a suggestion. At first, I was very unsure. What she was suggesting was essentially sex work. That would be a huge step, I had never had sex in Second Life before. Working at a Second Life nightclub was never something that I had thought about but this sounded like fun.

Snapshot 480

Second Life Nightclub | The Opportunity

Jess told me that her friend had opened a new Second Life nightclub and that they were looking for dancers and escorts. The escort part I was unsure of, the dancing part I could probably do because I love to dance.

I jumped in a taxi over there and when I walked in I was in awe. The building was beautiful.

As I looked around I met Brooke the owner. I don’t think that she was too impressed with my look. I don’t blame her either. So I decided to go for a makeover before coming back.

After borrowing A LOT of money, I had a look that I felt super confident with so I headed back to the club.

While talking with Brooke I realized that with the amount of money I now had to pay back I would have to apply for escorting too.

I was nervous but I had a feeling that I could do it.

Second Life Nightclub
My new look.

Second Life Nightclub | Getting Started

After a nerve-wracking interview, I was finally hired. I was a dancer! I was also an escort.

Oh no.

This was a whole new territory for me. I ran home and read Jess’ guide to being an escort.

Thankfully I knew I could rely on her for advice, she was around the club sometimes doing some decorating work.

My first customer was very straightforward. We headed up to one of the escort rooms and he took me onto the bed before shooting his hot load inside of me.

I was officially a whore and strangely it was more fun than I thought it would be.

Second Life Nightclub

Still Exploring

I am an adventurer at heart. I think I will always be that way. So with my newfound career path working at a Second Life nightclub, I wanted to check out some of the hotspots that I’ve read about.

After a week of working at the club, I decided to head out and explore. Brooke wanted to come too. An adventure to escort locations with your boss sounds like a fun adventure.

It was. Brooke and I had so much fun together. Both of us have discovered and fallen in love with spankers. So now all we do is spank each other when we walk past.

At Hooker Hotel With The Boss

Strip Advisor

I love my new job. It’s a lot of fun.

I work most nights as a dancer, I love those 500L tips that get me topless but the best part is when I get a customer all to myself in one of the special rooms.

Now that I’m getting to grips with the job, I thought maybe I should apply to work at Candy’s too in the mornings. Working at both a sex hotel and a Second Life nightclub should keep me busy. That’s if I get employed of course.

Even though I’m no longer doing my Challenge, I am still allowed to write here so I will try and keep everyone updated with my adventures.

Brooke also asked me to be part of a special gift for people. If they add the club to their picks for 24 hours, they get a free blowjob from me.

You can always come and see me at the club. I even got you a limousine to get there.

Second Life Nightclub
Ready For Another Work Night

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  1. Yes! I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist coming to the fun side XD

  2. BobMorane

    HaHaHa Jess can be very persuasive when she applies her mind and charm to it.

    It was nice meeting you the other night.

  3. Chandra Kusari

    Chandra slowly waves a pendulum in front of Sasha’s eyes “Come to the hotel it’s FUN!”

    It totally is .. speaking from experience. 🙂

    Uhh spankers those sound fun .. have been thinking of getting me some. Got recommendations to share?

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