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A couple of months ago I started writing a new post. As I wrote it, I started writing more and more and eventually realised that it was too long to be a singular post. I then decided to possibly just turn it into a Second Life Sex Worker eBook to be downloaded from this site. For weeks I have gone back and forward about how I wanted to publish this. Ultimately I have made my decision. As I stand here in Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel pondering my day, I have decided to launch this as a multipart blog post and once every part has been published I’ll upload the eBook copy to be downloaded.

This is the story of Jess and my career as a sex worker. The full story from my early beginnings as a virtual escort to where I am now. I briefly touched on this before but that was just a simple post, this is the full story. Of course, as time goes on this story is continuously evolving daily on this site. Every new post is a new part of the tale.

Jess | A Second Life Sex Worker | Part One

A Sex Worker Introduction

I have been fortunate enough to live a successful life as a sex worker in the virtual world of Second Life. From my beginnings as a very oblivious newcomer to the trade to working my way to having a solid list of regular clients and being in demand in the sex worker business.

When I first entered the world I was in awe, the ability to be as creative as my mind would allow was ever-present.

No matter where I travelled to, someone was always looking to make a connection. My first steps were difficult in finding my feet whereas my most recent steps are made with confidence and a sense of pride.

Linden Labs created and released Second Life on June 23rd 2003 with the tagline “Your world, your imagination” and when you travel the grid you can see exactly why.

The world is alive as people from every continent create, develop and build the environment around them.

“Second Life is an escape from the ever-tedious strife of their day-to-day lives”

Being a sex worker in Second Life is no different as you will discover on these pages. The ability to create moments in time with people who dream of living out their fantasies goes hand in hand with every other aspect of the world.

While many look down on sex work, it can never be underestimated how pivotal it is to keep the economy turning over as well as it does.

For many, Second Life is an escape from the ever-tedious strife of their day-to-day lives. For others, it is a world to which they dedicate their entire life to. From building homes and starting families to spending time with their friends in virtual clubs.

As with everything in life, Second Life is not without its share of negative connotations.

Many people use it as a way to express the negative side of themselves that they keep hidden from the outside world. It has had issues with virtual stalking, and many stores on its Marketplace provide tools to assist.

“I have been fortunate to live a very successful life and to create something so much more beautiful than my imagination could ever have dreamed of.”

While many people believe that a virtual sex worker will provide a service to anyone, that is often not the case. When a client is refused service it does often result in negative backlash or leads them to become a victim of virtual stalking.

My own experiences with this will be detailed on the following pages.

Second Life gives the power to its users to create whatever world they desire. I have been fortunate to live a very successful life and to create something so much more beautiful than my imagination could ever have dreamed of.

This is my story.


My Beginnings As A Sex Worker

My love affair with Second Life started over a decade before entering the grid as Jess. As a teenager, the idea of having a virtual space to spend time with my friends was fascinating.

I was in the era when Social Media was really growing. My friends told me about this virtual world and that I could be and do anything I wanted.

At first, we would spend our time going to nightclubs and shopping. Our lives meshed the boundaries of reality and the virtual space where we now reside.

I remember the first time I was ever approached by a male in Second Life. How flattered I felt to be getting attention. In the real world, I was not an unattractive teenager but it was a very rare experience to have someone approach me and compliment me.

Of course, my mind knew that the compliments were directed toward my avatar. My teenage self however wanted to believe that it was directed towards me.

“My friends started drifting away from Second Life as life and education commitments took priority. I followed soon after”

I never ventured into the world of sex on my first life on the grid. Back thenI was young, I was nervous and above all, I was overly cautious of the dangers that a virtual space could present.

Eventually, over the years my friends started drifting away from Second Life as life and education commitments took priority. I followed soon after.

My life became busy, education dominated my life and relationships were few and far between. Eventually, I found a career path which I loved. One that would allow me both to live a very happy existence and also provide me with as much freedom as needed.

When the pandemic hit the world I contemplated loading back onto the grid. It had been so long that I could neither remember my exact credentials nor the email address that I originally used. Even if I had remembered it, my teenage email addresses were long since abandoned.

Jess And Her Gentlemen

The more I read, the more I was fascinated.

My curiosity peaked however a short time later.

My inquiring mind scouring through the internet came across a website detailing some adventures in Second Life.

The story of Candy, a new girl on the grid who was determined to make it through life without partaking in sex work. The more I read, the more I was fascinated. The entire website was filled with different characters, all with their own unique identities and stories.

Second Life Adventures became my bible.

It became my morning routine.

I would wake up, have a shower, make breakfast and a coffee and read through some of the adventures on the site. Caroline Takeda, owner of the website, would go on to become not just my idol but a mentor and a friend.

As someone who craved a well-told story, my discovery of these adventures completely titillated my tastebuds. My life was about to change unexpectedly.

“I wanted adventures and something fun and I was ready to explore a side of me that I wasn’t sure had even existed.”

I always felt that I had a very active and satisfying sex life in the outside world. Never feeling that I had to try overly hard to have sex. Even in the few relationships that my time allowed me to have, it was always extremely fulfilling.

Second Life to me never drew me in because of the virtual sex but because it was a world that allowed for so much creative freedom. When I first read the adventures of Candy, all of that changed. I wanted something like this, I needed something like this.

The thought of being whatever I wanted to be and experiencing so many different sexual fantasies. Some that I never even knew existed, pulled me close.

I decided to get back on the grid and that’s exactly what I did. When I first rezzed I knew where I wanted to go, but I didn’t know exactly how to get there.

I wanted a story, I wanted adventures and something fun and I was ready to explore a side of me that I wasn’t sure had even existed until recent weeks.

Jess and her Gentlemen

“I was determined to be a good sex worker, if not the best in the business.”

The internet is filled with articles and posts about sex workers and sex work in Second Life. I read what I could, filling my brain with as much information as possible.

There was a stark realisation as I discovered that reading teaches you nowhere as much as you learn when you begin the adventure. I had a lot to learn and I also needed to make sure that I looked good when doing it. I knew that I needed to invest in my looks but my lack of confidence kept me from making that big of a step.

Instead, I wanted to reacquaint myself with the world and get to grips with one of the most important aspects of what my chosen career path would entail. Sex.

Whilst sex in Second Life shares the fundamental principles of sex in real life, many challenges go into being good at it.

Any two people can click on the animation and watch as their two avatars move. Being good at having sex in Second Life requires multiple skills. Firstly there is the important aspect of emoting which is being able to type descriptive sentences about what is happening. Secondly, there is body alignment, making sure that things look as they should. Combining those first two skills heavily contribute to the third and final skill that I discovered, the ability to create immersion.

Anyone can have sex but being able to provide an immersive and exciting experience is what sets apart sex workers and good sex workers.

I was determined to be a good sex worker, if not the best in the business. I had an ex-boyfriend who used to tell me that no matter how good I was at something, I would never be satisfied with it. For me, I need to be the best at what I do and that has always been the case.

My entire life has been filled with setting myself goals and meeting them. Then setting new goals to beat the last ones. I have been told that it is both my greatest strength and my biggest flaw.

“If being a sex worker was the field that I was choosing then I was determined that I would excel at it.”

If being a sex worker was the field that I was choosing then I was determined that I would excel at it. For two weeks I researched not only the grid and the areas to work but also the people. I would speak with everyone and find out what they liked and disliked. Finding out Where they thought the popular places were and most importantly what turned them on.

Over time I amassed pages of research in my google drive. Pages that I still refer to up until this very day.

Starting off, I picked up a free Ebody Curvy to use as my body. It was a good starting point although I never had it looking the way I wanted it to.

As I travelled the grid I met many different people including one who gifted me a Maitreya Lara body. He wanted nothing in return other than to know that I felt confident in my body.

I ventured into different regions of different types, once stumbling up a comic book-based sim where I was attacked by an alien. I was rescued by a random stranger who afterwards invited me back to his place.

“Of course, sex with him is always fun too.”

With him, I had my first experience of Second Life sex and from that moment on. I knew that I had made the correct choice.

That random stranger became one of my best friends in Second Life.

He’s a comic book nerd and while we don’t share much in common in that sense. He is always someone I greatly appreciate talking to. He is highly supportive of what I do and never fails to bring a smile to my face when we talk.

Whenever I have a bad experience, I know that he will make me laugh and forget about it. Whenever I hit a milestone or achieve some form of success, I know that he will share it with me. Of course, sex with him is always fun too.

I entered into a draw on Facebook to win a new head. There were over 300 people who entered and so my hopes of winning were small but I took the chance.

The following day I saw my name on the winners’ list, and so I headed to pick up my winnings. After eventually coming to learn about Bakes On Mesh and finding a skin tone that I liked, I was finally relatively confident in my looks although not completely satisfied.

However, I was ready to take my first tentative steps into the world of sex work.

Snapshot 712

“I wanted to experience as much as possible to make sure that I had an understanding of the types of services that I would be requested to provide.”

I found myself a small apartment building. It was a multi-scene building and while it was small and rented it was still a place that I could call my home.

When I first went to the rental office I originally intended on only renting for a week. My funds were low and I couldn’t afford anything more.

The owner of the rental company generously gave me a five-week rental for the cost of one on the provision that I paid him back. I was taken aback, I never asked for it and I never even hinted at it. He was just a genuinely nice person.

He didn’t ask for sex or anything in return, simply that I would pay him back. I kept that promise and I paid him back.

Even after I moved to somewhere bigger I kept renting that property out of loyalty. Using it occasionally when I didn’t feel quite so comfortable taking anyone back to my real home.

The first naive mistake I ever made was placing up one solitary adboard in a low-traffic sim.

I paid for it, put up my information and went out into the world. Hoping that I would soon be flooded with requests.

That of course didn’t happen.

While my advertisement was sitting unnoticed I would travel to different types of sex-orientated sims. I wanted to experience as much as possible. Make sure that I had an understanding of the types of services that I would be requested to provide.

From public sex to forced sex and everything in between, I bathed myself in knowledge and a lot of cum.

“I struggled to understand what I was doing wrong.”

After a few days I felt deflated and defeated, my adboard had received no clicks and I had received no work opportunities.

I struggled to understand what I was doing wrong.

The idea of standing on a street for hours on end felt so unproductive and something that I didn’t want to have to do. I spoke to one girl on a sim dedicated to cheap escorts and she gave me some advice.

Advice which at the time felt sound and informative. As I’ve grown I realize that she perhaps didn’t have the best knowledge either.

Taking her advice I headed to a strip club called T.R.A.M.P.S and logged into one of the tip jars. Making my way to one of the countless poles around the building.

On that first night at T.R.A.M.P.S, I made my first ever Lindens and while it was not through providing sex, it was still my first milestone.

As I was dancing on the stage I heard the first ping of the night. A gentleman was telling me how beautiful I looked. I smiled at him and thanked him, continuing to move my body around the pole in front of me.

As we talked he kept telling me how beautiful I looked. Eventually asking if I would like to join him at his home. He proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t afford to pay for services but that I could live at his home if I wished.

I turned him down, I was new to sex work but I wasn’t stupid. He tipped me 100 Lindens and left. My first 100 Lindens came from me saying no to someone. My first sex worker milestone was a strange one but it was still a milestone.


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    Great story Jess, very well written.
    I am curious how the story develops.

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    I spent some time at TRAMPS too….

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