When I first rezzed I had a few things I wanted to achieve. I wanted to be sexually adventurous, outgoing and fun. Working at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel was another goal of mine although it took me long enough to make my way there. Candy’s adventures from a homeless girl to a whore entrepreneur was really my first motivation to get into this world of sex work.

Finding a career path in Second Life is no easy feat. Sex Work was the route I wanted to go down but the options are limited. Sure I can stand out at Street Whores or Hooker Hotel all day every day and hope that someone comes by. For me that isn’t enough, I have to be proactive.

The adventurous whore

Choosing A Path

I first started researching and doing some sim hopping. Opening the search bar and looking for places with the words “escort” or “whore” always seemed like a good starting point. Unfortunately most of these places are either empty or filled with hordes of the walking dead. Girls who just stand around all day, not moving, not talking.

I danced at Escort Oasis and Tramps a few times. Dancing is definitely more fun than standing but it wasn’t great. For around two weeks I had two or maybe three clients. My look was also lacking, not a horrible look but it wasn’t a “fuck me now” sort of look.

Eventually I upgraded and started using Ad Boards. Going to every sim that I could think of and talking to everyone. I mean I spoke to every single person that I came across. Things started to pick up.

The adventurous whore

Hitting a Stride

I made some really good friends along the way. Some were more than willing to help out with certain things and I managed to get some really good pictures taken. Whenever I see Ad Boards there are always two types. There are the ones that look professional and you know that guys want to click on them. Then there are the ones that look like someone just got bored and threw a picture up there. I needed mine to look enticing.

Once my new pictures were ready and on the boards I started noticing a difference. Clients regularly started to reach out to discuss rates and meet up. I was starting to build up a good steady client base of regulars.

Adventurous Escort


I had sex everywhere I could think of. Bathrooms, alleyways, beds, sofas, showers and cinemas. Each client had a different desire and while many of them just wanted a quick fuck at home, it was always exciting. I was growing within myself as an escort both in skill and confidence. My insatiable desire for cock definitely helped. The adventurous cock slut still hadn’t fully evolved just yet though.

I have this never ending motivation to always be the best at anything I try and do. An ex boyfriend used to tell me “even when you’re the best you’ll still never be good enough in your eyes”. I guess he’s not wrong, I always need to grow more and excel at everything. Now my mission was to become the best cock devouring adventurous whore Second Life had ever seen.

Adventurous Escort

Hitting Goals

When I went to Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel, I wanted to work there but it was never my intention to walk out with a job on that day. It was of course my dream, I just wanted to make sure I was the best little cocksucker before I even applied. I started writing this blog to keep track of my adventures and being an avid reader of Second Life Adventures I finally had to visit the hotel. I never expected Candy to be there that day, I really just planned on visiting and having a quick look around before leaving. I wasn’t confident enough in myself to apply yet but I knew I would one day.

I won’t go into that story again of how I got the job but you can read it here. That day really turned my career around.

I finally hit my goal of working at the hotel. I had become the sexually adventurous and outgoing slut that I wanted to be.

The adventurous whore

What Now?

I work at the hotel almost every day. I work early shifts (for me), although for SL time it’s normally late. You’ll find me at the hotel normally from around 10 or 11pm SL time and I’m there for a few hours. I have no intentions of quitting my job, if anything I want to work there forever.

When I first started I could barely afford the rent on a small skybox. Now I own a large piece of land with a beautiful house that I furnished myself. I have an office in a skybox with some more amazing furniture. I have a healthy Linden Balance, cars and a wardrobe that is never ending.

I once had a dream of opening a club but now I don’t have that urge anymore. Whatever the future holds you will almost always find me at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel, jump in this taxi and come meet me or better yet, fuck me.

Maybe I’ll open a University for Whores one day. I’m sure some of my regular clients would make great tutors. What do you think, is that adventurous enough? Jess’ Whore University has a nice ring to it.

Adventurous Escort | The Journey So Far


Welcome to the virtual world of Second Life! I'm Jess, the proud owner of Jess And Her Gentlemen and the co-owner of the renowned X-Sisters Sex Bar. Join me on my adventures as I delve into the wonders of this digital realm. Discover more about my exciting escapades and stay updated by following my journey right here!

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