“I can’t today .. Prolly not till sunday honestly :/ by then though I should have more L and.. this” The joys of an affair.

We’d been playing tag for a few weeks.

Sneaking around trying to set up times.

When the times match up, it’s time to play.

Affair with the world

Is it an affair?

“but Mr C is one creepy lookin mofo”

That’s what he sent me after my Married Men post went out. He’s not wrong, the blurred pictures really did make him look like a creep.

I’ve read so many affair sex stories, yet even as an escort I never thought I would have my own. Even after reading Caroline’s “My Sex Affair” series and knowing I was going to work for Takeda Media, I still never thought I’d live one out.

At first it was just a simple client/whore transaction. Simple right? Then it turned into hanging out together. You see my job means that either I’m working or I’m hanging out with other whores. It was nice to do something different.

We would fuck everywhere. Even sneaking into Caroline’s Secret Hideaway one day using our masks. (Sorry not sorry, Caroline)

If I was on the clock he would pay.

If I wasn’t.. he wouldn’t.

It was an affair where I was cheating on the job as a whore for a while. It was always fair though, he never expected a free fuck if he knew I was trying to make money. I tell him I hate him, all the time. Obviously I don’t but I’m an escort, it would never really work.

Then silence….

Affair in the bar

Radio Silence

I messaged him after work one night.


Ok I thought, he’s sleeping. I don’t care that much. I’m a whore, he’ll come back to me when he’s either awake or ready.

Next day. Nothing.


No.. no I don’t

I was having an affair with him…cheating on my job essentially. Little did I know his secret..

For a week I pretty much heard nothing apart from a taxi arriving to take me to an event. I continued to work my shifts at Candy’s. Which by the way, currently has massage vouchers for sale at 150L$. If you want one and want me to give you a massage then jump in this taxi and come and see me.

Affair in the Hideaway



“I was never ignoring you”

We would talk back and forth for a while. Few hours here and there but… no fucking?

Eventually I found out the secret. He had got himself a girlfriend. “Alright” I thought to myself “time to do what I do best”. A whore isn’t a whore unless she can fuck another girls man. At least that’s how I see it. Sure it’s fine to fuck any client that wants it.. but the ones in relationships… those are hot. Sign me up for a hot affair any day.

“We can meet up later if you’re not too busy”

Bait out. Let’s reel it in, Jess.


“I can’t today .. Prolly not till sunday honestly :/ by then though I should have more L and.. this”

OH… Well for that I could wait until Sunday. It was only a couple of days away anyway. I had wanted to do THAT for a while but we had never actually got around to it. Now not only was he finally going to have some time away from his girlfriend.. he was going to let me.

AGAIN??? This Affair Is Driving Me Crazy Already

I sent him a picture of me on my new sofa with my new collection of toys. Thinking to myself “This will pull him in”

Affair with a Dork


Four days


Turned out his girlfriend was working from home. He couldn’t sneak away. Same thing happened again. And again.

“tell your gf to take a day off so I can suck her bfs cock please”


“so this new place lookin good?”

It was time…

Oh yeah. You want to know what the thing is he was going to let me do? I’ll get to that next time in part two.

Affair with a Dork


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