Jess X | A Second Life Sex Worker Story | Part Two


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Finding My Feet

Those first hundred lindens at T.R.A.M.P.S may not have seemed like much but to me they made me feel rich. I had made my first earnings through something related to sex work and while it was only dancing around a pole in the hopes of something more, it was the first moment that I felt I had achieved something.

That gentleman would continue to visit the club over the next two weeks until eventually I had to cut off contact with him but I’ll get to that later. 

T.R.A.M.P.S became my home for the next two weeks.

I would go there every night and I would dance. I was making sure to make contact with every male that entered the premises, trying my hardest to flirt with them and make them want me.

Many of them wished for a simple dance or they were more spectators than customers. I made some money but it was nothing groundbreaking, nothing that would help me move up in the world.

At the very least it would cover my rent for a couple of weeks, at the most maybe I could buy a new hairstyle. 

Jess and her Gentlemen

“many guys are guilty of the “cum and run” technique”

Finally, after a week of dancing, I had my first client.

We made the transaction on the club floor, 1500 Lindens for thirty minutes. He paid the tip jar directly so that the club received its share of the revenue and we made our way to one of the grotty-looking skyboxes that were available for use. T.R.A.M.P.S as a club has a relatively nice aesthetic to it, the skyboxes however are very cheap and tacky.

I was nervous and had no confidence in what I was doing. I fumbled my way around his plastic-looking cock that he had picked up free from somewhere.

After an awkward and very strange 30 minutes he finally came and 10 seconds later vanished. Over time I would come to realize that many guys are guilty of the “cum and run” technique and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it does leave a strange sense of awkwardness.

Conversely, there are many guys that want to stay and “cuddle” for an hour, follow you to the bathroom and tell you their life story.

I personally like the ones that fall somewhere in the middle, who like to spend a minute or two afterwards to appreciate the service and then leave. It brings a sense of finality to the transaction. 

I had made my first successful venture into the world of sex work. After dancing every night for a week and having one client pay me for sex I had amassed a total sum of around 4000 Lindens.

For many, it would not be something to brag about, but for me, it gave me a sense of pride.

Jess And Her Gentlemen

“I decided to start a blog, at first it was a simple post detailing the beginnings of my journey”

I knew that I wanted to start a diary of sorts to track my adventures. Writing has always been something that I have loved, although in my real job I have a strong distaste for it.

Creative writing has always been a love of mine. I decided to start a blog, at first it was a simple post detailing the beginnings of my journey and what people could expect to find written.

I knew that I would track my daily journey as best as I could, what I didn’t expect was that eventually there would be too many to choose from. I created a simple WordPress blog and typed up my first post, something stopped me from publishing it though and to this day I still don’t know what took me so long. 

I continued to dance at T.R.A.M.P.S, picking up a small number of clients but nothing exceptional. Most of them were the same, poor-looking avatars, 30 minutes of fumbling and then the obligatory cum and run.

From the outside Second Life sex work looked and sounded glamorous, what I was experiencing was something different. I needed to work out what I was doing wrong, I needed to find my own feet in this world. 

Jess And Her Gentlemen

” I was new, I was naive and I was striving to be the best.”

The first ever gentlemen I met at T.R.A.M.P.S continued to come back, he would leave a 100 Linden tip and disappear every night.

Eventually, after two weeks he approached me for my services. His request was something that I never thought of doing, cam. I was new, I was naive and I was striving to be the best. With that in mind, I agreed to a fifteen-minute cam session for 3000 Lindens.

I borrowed my roommate’s webcam and microphone and set myself up. I wasn’t feeling comfortable at all but I also believe that anything that makes you feel like you are out of your comfort zone is worth trying once. 

To this very day, I cannot work out what it was, whether I had something in my room or if I said something that disclosed a little too much information.

All I do know is that within minutes of our session ending the client had found my real-life social media profiles and was messaging me telling me that he was coming to my town to visit me. I was shaken up, I was visibly scared to the point that my roommate sat with me in my room for the rest of the night.

I deleted my social media profiles temporarily and blocked him in the world.

I never returned to dancing at T.R.A.M.P.S after that. I contemplated deleting Second Life and forgetting all about it but I am not a person that likes to give up easily on something. 

Jess has some playtime

“I always started each conversation with a “hey” and tried my very best to make them want me.”

The two weeks that I spent dancing at that club taught me a lot of things about myself and the world in that I wanted to work. I met some nice people including someone who gave me some of the best advice that I’ve had to date. I owe a lot of the success that I’ve had to him and the advice he gave me.

I moved on from T.R.A.M.P.S and decided to do the one thing that I never wanted to do.

I relocated my operation to Hooker Hotel and decided to stand on the street every day for a few hours. Thankfully I had a relative amount of success and would never stand there for long. 

On my first night there I would speak to every single guy who would visit. I always started each conversation with a “hey” and tried my very best to make them want me.

Whatever I was doing was working. On the very first night at Hooker Hotel, I had three clients and walked away with just over 7000 Lindens. On the second night, I had the same success.

After two shifts working the street at Hooker Hotel I was finally able to upgrade my looks. Opting for a Kupra body for the curves and a CatwaHDPRO head, I finally felt happy with my looks. 

I began to see some of the same clients return, sometimes for the same amount of time and sometimes longer.

I started to get tips and gifts on top of my rates and I started to enjoy what I was doing. I was having sex regularly, I was perfecting my craft and I was having fun.

Clients seemed very happy with the service that I provided and I felt confident in my abilities. With the money that I was making I was able to move into a bigger home. 

“I had finally found my confidence and I realised that this was the one thing I had been missing from the start.”

I met Sara at Hooker Hotel, she made such a positive impact on my Second Life that, on the many days I might have given up, she kept me going. Sara was looking for a girl to roleplay stealing her boyfriend and beating her up.

For me, it was something different and new, for her she was getting to live out her fantasy. From that first moment of meeting Sara and I kept in contact and she became a really good friend. She lives with me now, many people believe that it’s sexual but it is the least sexual friendship I’ve ever had in Second Life.

We talk, we shop, and sometimes we do some roleplay that I’m better than she is and she can’t keep hold of a boyfriend.

Moving home was an experience and it felt good to have somewhere big with a pool and a beach. It had a cinema and my bedroom had everything I needed.

Unfortunately, it was not as great as I first thought and ultimately I ended up moving again, this time to land that I purchased and I could build my own dream home. 

I had finally found my confidence and I realised that this was the one thing I had been missing from the start. As soon as I found that confidence, I began to enjoy myself and what I was doing.

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