Sometimes Second Life throws somethings at you that you need to just grab and run with.

I didn’t realize that’s what he was going to do!

The problem was that I didn’t realize who it was either! Oh Second Life, how you like to surprise me.

I am by far the most indecisive person ever especially in Second Life. Remember I just got my new house? The beachside one with the amazing view? Well I ended up hating it.

Ok maybe “hating” is a strong word. The problem was the furniture. It was a furnished rental and that sounded GREAT to start with. However, after a few adventures..

Moving again

I realized that the furniture was actually pretty bad for animations. The amount of Lindens a week was just crazy for that and the low prim count didn’t help. I could use 50 additional prims a week. 50!!!!

The Solution

It was time to move. Problem is where do I start? I have a Linden home but it’s so small. The problem is that I still want somewhere big, I still want a beach and I still want the same sort of space. I just want to decorate it myself!

Thankfully, I’ve meet some amazing people along my journeys and one of them was there to help. Of course, spending a day shopping with him became longer after the amount of times he needed his cock played with.. not that I complained.

We found a land fairly quickly but the next choice was the building. SOOOOOO many choices.

I mean, so many choices. I couldn’t decide. Then every so often I would get a small conversation like this

Jess X : Are you bored now? Sorry
Al: nope iam horny

Moving again

Don’t judge. I enjoy it just as much.

Anyway, I finally chose a house and set off decorating it after purchasing the land deeds. I need to say that I have never built anything in this world apart from putting up a few walls in my massage place.

It is far from finished, I’ve only put some furniture in and played with some terraforming, built a driveway that I’m going to completely redo because I hate it. The main thing is that I have a place that is really mine. All that debauchery furniture comes in handy too.

Moving again

The Second Life Surprise

One thing that I didn’t yet have was a stripper pole.. a pole and a chair. It’s been on my wishlist for the longest time but I just never got round to picking them up.

As I was trawling around Zerkalo looking for furniture I got a random 100 Lindens sent to me by someone I’d never met before.

“Confused but thank you for the Lindens” I sent. I didn’t know who this person was or why he sent random Lindens but I had to say thank you.

“You’re welcome hottie” came the reply.

As I continued to shop around I was inundated with inventory notifications. A chair, a pole, clothes. All from this mystery person. Feeling a little overwhelmed I told him that I would have to test it all out and would he like to join me. He of course said yes.

Eventually he arrived at my new home “excuse the unfinished house” I told him.. “oh it’s ok”.

As he sat on the chair I rolled my hips for him, looking at him wondering where he found me. He told me that he saw me earlier.. I guess that’s a fair way to find someone.

As I run my hand down his chest, softly scratching his skin he looked up at me.. “You know me, you know”

Do I????

I guess that’s a story for another time though.

Oh! I also finally made a twitter. Come say hi

Moving again

Oh and I am never moving in Second Life again!

Moving again


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