Jess and her Gentlemen

Jess And Her Gentlemen

Last Updated on: 5th May 2023, 02:50 pm

It only took me two weeks but I finally decided what to do with it. Two weeks of paying rent on an empty shell but hopefully now it’s worth it. Jess And Her Gentlemen has an in world base!

You remember a few posts ago I rented a store on Street Whores. The one that I rented before even beginning to think about what to do with it? Yeah, that one. Well I finally had an idea for it. I know that there’s some massage places around but I never really see anyone in them so my guess is that they’re only used to take customers back to. What if I made a massage parlour that made people want to just hang out? Even if I wasn’t there?

 Jess And Her Gentlemen Parlour

It’s a fairly simple idea, not unique in any sense but hopefully something that pulls people in. Jess And Her Gentlemen is becoming my “brand” now I guess.

There’s a massage table through the back of the store, slightly closed off but not fully for anyone that likes to watch. Out the front is a bar and a few stools. Pretty simple right?

Jess and her Gentlemen

I also set up a group called ‘Jess and her Gentlemen’ which costs 500 Lindens to join but your welcome gift is a massage with a happy ending from me. That in itself is 50% off from my normal 30 minute rate but I like to make massages fun and relaxing, so they normally take at least an hour. On top of that I decided to sell some of my pictures. I done a photoshoot with Andrew last week and wasn’t sure what to do with my pics, now I know what to do. They’re only 30 Lindens too so it’s a pretty good deal.

The guys come in, we have a drink and chat at the bar and then they get a relaxing massage. I’ll use the group to do special events, maybe give away some vouchers or other stuff.

Come and visit at 13 High Street. If I’m not there then you can still check the place out. Message me through the online board or just see what’s on offer. Or message here on Jess And Her Gentlemen and arrange to visit.

Take a taxi from here and I’ll see you soon

 Jess And Her Gentlemen

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