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Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 03:03 am

This is Second Life Jess, you can go wherever you want!

The beach??
The ocean view??
The fireplaces??

A few posts ago I said how I was looking for a new home. It’s tough to find somewhere in SL that isn’t a sky box without having to buy some land. For me, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to buying land and on top of that I don’t know if I could afford the costs of purchasing all the furniture and building materials. I suppose I could hire someone to do some bits here and there for me but no.. I’m a rental girl through and through.

Second Life Jess | New Home

Starting The Hunt

House hunting is hard. I compare it to trying to find clothes for the Kupra body.. it takes me hours to find one thing that I like.

I started my morning with a coffee and sitting outside the Irish bar in Mean Streets. It was a quiet morning, nothing much was happening which is normal for Mean Streets to be honest, it’s very rare that I see anybody but it’s a nice spot to sit and browse the Marketplace. I started noting down some rental companies, trying to find a handful of them that didn’t look like they only specialised in skyboxes – easier said than done. After maybe an hour I packed up my bag, left a tip at the bar for the coffee and was on my way. Ok, now remember it’s Second Life Jess, you don’t need to spend days looking for somewhere.

The one thing about house hunting is trying to find somewhere in the right sort of region. There are different factors to finding the right house and obviously in my line of work (sex worker) I need a place where I don’t have to worry about being in any kind of breach of ToS. Unfortunately this narrows down my options quite substantially. I could go to a Moderate area but there’s something very erotic about getting railed outside so my option for area is only really suited to Adult.

I’m Too Picky

The first top sounded promising, a fairly good price range judging by the name on the search. I figured if I want somewhere good then I need to look for prices about 500L per week. I thought and hoped to myself that I would fall in love as soon as I got there and my morning would be a quick trip to successful house hunting.. unfortunately I was wrong. All they had were skyboxes. I had to keep telling myself “It’s Second Life Jess, stop being so picky”

Second Life Jess | New Home

Second Life Jess – Totally Indecisive

Don’t get me wrong, skyboxes are great and they have so much functionality with multiscenes and privacy but I want to feel part of somewhere. I want to wake up in the morning and look out my window and feel like there’s a community around me. Most places I checked out that morning were skyboxes, there were one or two houses on land but they were either very small or in an area with incredible lag. At one point I considered just renting a suite in a hotel for the long term but financially that just doesn’t seem like a good option.

I kept going, repeating to myself “It’s Second Life Jess, just don’t overthink a place”

I was getting to the end of my patience, skipping between lands and looking around when I ended up in Sassy Rentals and..


This place… the homes, the view, the beach, the ocean, the roads, THE SIZE! They had a few homes up for rent, all beach side homes with some being surrounded by walls and others having a more open space. I looked at all of them and I wanted all of them. Their most expensive home was beautiful but it was so big that I think I would get lost.. their next size down was perfect. I didn’t even hesitate to snap it up.

Of course I had to get Sara moved in once I signed the lease and we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach relaxing. Now I guess I just need to bring some clients back to test out the furniture properly..

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