When A Chill Day Goes Wrong


Last Updated on: 20th October 2022, 11:32 pm

Note from Jess

Emz works with Sasha and now me over at Strip Advisor Nightclub. She was telling us the story of her relaxing adventure gone wrong and so seeing an opportunity for more content I asked her to write it up for the site and I would edit it. Maybe it will be a one-off post or maybe it will become a regular spot. Who knows?

Chill Day Goes Wrong | Trying To Relax

So when a girl decides to go shopping, get herself some downtime and casually stroll through some stores everything should be relaxed and chilled. What you don’t expect is for all of a sudden a PING to come in with a random message from a guy.

He starts all friendly with polite pleasantries. The usual “hey how are you” etc. until four messages in “DO YOU LIKE SEX?” In standard slutty fashion I reply with “who doesn’t?” He then asks me “do you want to try it?”

Now as a fairly new escort recently hired by Strip Advisor I respond with “I have tried it plenty it’s kind of what I do as a job you know!”

Chill Day Goes Wrong |

The “Favorite” Place

After some more back-and-forth conversation, he then offered to show me his favorite place. As a way of being polite, I agreed to go along.

The next thing you know I appear in some dingy-looking apartment, with stained curtains, no carpets just floorboards, old pizza boxes, empty juice containers and what looked to be some used condoms just lying all over the floor.

At this point, I am already disgusted at the state of his “Favorite Place” the FIRST thing he says to me when we get there is “Take off your dress”. I had agreed for him to show me his favorite place but I didn’t agree I was going to have sex with him and above that not for free.

So I kindly say “that was rather rude and abrupt”.

He then notices that I am wearing a collar so he then tries to think he has some form of control over me telling me to give him control of my collar and that I will do as I’m told.

Chill Day Goes Wrong |

Chill Day Goes Wrong | You’re Not My Daddy

Normally I am all for obeying orders, and given that yes I do wear a collar it should be said that only Daddy has the ability to take me as he wishes when he wishes.

So I refuse to give him access to my collar which he didn’t seem to like, I think he has a case of small man syndrome and doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get his own way. So at this point, he starts to get even ruder and rather aggressive. I am down for most things especially given my job as an escort. But to be invited to a place to be shown around and then treated the way I was I felt very uncomfortable.

It was at this point he starts trying to RIP my dress off me. It was also at this moment that I lost my shit and kicked him right between the legs and made a run for the door. When my day goes wrong so does his.

Chill Day Goes Wrong |

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