Mornings at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel

Jess and her Gentlemen

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It felt so hot laying there with his cum running out of my pussy. It’s not always at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel.

“you’re fucking perfect”

All I could muster out of my mouth was “wow”

Morning Shift at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel

It had been a pretty good morning at the hotel. A couple of guests to start the day, and then just sitting talking with Caroline and Vanessa. Universally speaking nobody likes the start of the week in their job, I do.

For those who seek to find me, I typically work the morning shift at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel.

While we were sitting there I heard the door open, before I could look up to see who had joined us I heard a familiar voice.


My stomach backflipped with nerves. There isn’t many things that put me on the edge of nervousness but this did.

What was he doing here? With everything that was going on with him I didn’t expect to see him back at the hotel any time soon. If his girlfriend caught up in a whore hotel, it would be messy.

Shift at Candy's All Inclusive Sex Hotel
Morning Shift at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel

The Unexpected Guest at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel

“Hey, welcome back to Candy’s” I greeted him, doing my best to pretend like I’d met him but that it was nothing more. Mr C had arrived at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel.

Everyone welcomed him, the conversation turning to his previous visits.

While we sat there I laughed to myself as he spoke about the last time he was shown around the place.

He turned his eyes towards me and doing my very best to keep up my act of distance, I nodded and said that I remembered.

Of course, it was too risky for him to want room service, right?

While the other girls spoke with him I continued my text conversation with a potential new guest.

There’s a really good promotion at the hotel right now for people considering joining us.

While most people don’t get to experience the services that the hotel can offer prior to being a guest, there is now a voucher that can be purchased.

For 150$L you can get a massage voucher that entitles you to a spa visit, with any of us. All you have to do is buy it, show up, and hand us the voucher. Whether or not you get a happy ending is down to you. Interested? Here, I’ll send you a taxi.

Shift at Candy's All Inclusive Sex Hotel

Affair With A Dork Part Two

Mr C had to run. Of course I can’t say I was happy about it, I haven’t fucked him at the hotel since he got into a relationship.

After the others and I said our goodbyes and closed down the hotel for the day I jumped in my taxi home. There was some new furniture that I wanted to play around with, so that’s what I did.

After the heavy lifting and my shift at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel, I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes for a minute or two to relax.


My eyes darted open to see Mr C leaning against the wall next to me.

Reaching down I started to stroke his cock and within moments he was fucking me against the wall. As both of our moans echoed around the office, we took things to the bed.



Region restart….FUCK!

Shift at Candy's All Inclusive Sex Hotel

Not a Bed and Breakfast

Suddenly Mr C vanished and a taxi arrived for me. I looked at the destination and didn’t even hesitate to hop in.

Arriving I looked around and saw the bed that I bought him, in his house…the bed that he fucks his girlfriend in.

What if she came home? What if she caught us?

He grabbed me and pulled me down onto him, holding my legs up as he quickly fucked me there on the bed.

The acoustics of the room making my screams bounce from wall to wall.

This was hot, I couldn’t stop being so turned on. I came, he came, I came again.. I didn’t want it to be over.

“holy fuck you are hot Jess”

Shift at Candy's All Inclusive Sex Hotel


If Mr C was the reason I got pregnant then I wouldn’t complain all that much. Fucking him, I know he rarely wears his MA. So I guess that’s him crossed off my list.

Writing this list of prime suspects took me some time during my shift at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel. Looking at how long I’ve been pregnant for it narrows it down a lot.

There are 23 names on that list, 22 now that I can cross off Mr C.

This is going to be a tough job..

Mornings at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel

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  1. Drusila

    I can never figure out who knocks me up. It doesn’t help that I rarely keep track of all the randoms that dump their cum inside me 😉

    • Jess

      😁I actually thought about keep track at one point but I don’t think there’s enough space anywhere for me to write that list 😁

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