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I always believe that the most fun times are the ones that you accidentally stumble across. For example, going out for a walk and accidentally coming across a fun fair. Another example would be going to your place of work to do some recycling and finding some guests fucking on top of the bar. After some pre-sex popcorn, I was ready to get my share of fun too…

Pre-Sex Popcorn

Pre-Sex Popcorn | The Clean Up

After a long day of looking for a tank with Lumi, I needed to clear out some space and get rid of some bottles I had accumulated. Those bottles stack up fast.

It was getting late and generally at that time I would expect to see Rach at the bar relaxing. This time was different. As I turned the corner and entered the bar I was met with the sight of Zathras slamming into Fox.

Never one to miss out on some free entertainment I grabbed myself some popcorn I had left over and enjoyed the show.

I’m not sure how the conversation led to where it did but Fox removed my jacket and started rolling her mouth around my nipple. I could sense some fun approach.

Listening to Zathras tell Fox how wet she still was he then turned to me and asked me if I would like to clean his cum from her. This was going to be a good night.

Pre-Sex Popcorn

Pre-Sex Popcorn | The Show

I started to teasingly run my tongue along her folds, Zathras’ hot seed still lingering. I could hear her moans start to rise. Glancing my eyes up I could see him tweaking her nipples.

Tasting them both, the excitement was starting to build.

At Candy’s, it’s a rare occurrence to be involved in any sort of three-way that doesn’t involve any of the other waitresses. There’s something slightly more exciting about it being with people that you don’t work with daily.

Curling a finger inside of her and applying pressure against her pubic bone I danced around her swollen pearl. Zathras made sure that the rest of her body was getting the attention that it needed, while I slipped another finger against her walls.

Feeling her tighten around my fingers I listened to her moans as she pushed through her climax. Of course, being the ever-caring host, I offered my fingers to Zathras to let him taste her.

“I think another of Fox’s fantasies today would be to watch you fuck me, Jess,” he told me. I grinned and felt him pull me on top of him on the bar.

Snapshot 870

Pre-Sex Popcorn | The Audience

I could feel Fox’s eyes watching us as I started to roll and grind my hips. His hard shaft pushed inside of me with ease.

Using the wooden bar top for leverage I bounced on his meat. My moans started to ring out through the room. The familiar sound of footsteps appeared behind me, I tilted my head backwards and saw Perl, one of our other guests.

Zathras was getting close, I pulled his bottom lip into my mouth as my eyes focused on Fox. I didn’t want her show to not have the finale that it deserved. Looking back at Zathras, both of our movements quickened.

A few moments later we both hit climax hard, my body shaking as a wave of heat washed over me. His hot cum filled me while my juices mixed with it.

Pre-Sex Popcorn

Always A Performance

As the three of us slumped onto the bar, my heart was racing.

I tried to talk but my breath hadn’t quite recovered yet. Finally, the three of us relaxed, the cold refreshing taste of Fiver’s beer quenching our thirst.

You never know what you’re going to get when you walk into Candy’s. Even if you don’t plan on working and only stop by to recycle.

“Have to admit, we were hoping for an audience when we started earlier. I was extra glad that it proved to be you.” Zathras told me as we were sitting on the bar top. “As soon as you walked in I kinda figured Fox and I were gonna end up in a blog post.”

Of course, he was right. This was too good not to write about.

I say it time and time again, there is no place quite like Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. Take this taxi and find out for yourself.

Pre-Sex Popcorn

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  1. Zathras

    It was *definitely* too good not to write about! Thank you for a wonderful time that was easily the highlight of what was already a very nice day for Fox and me. Watching you make my sweet friend cum so hard while I held her in my arms was incredibly special.

    And you know…laughing during sex can be such a delightful moment, but *usually* it’s because of something in your interaction with your partner(s). For it to be caused by one of my favorite whores in the world just standing there eating popcorn while she watched us was a rare treat.

    We three have *got* to get together again sometime.

    • Chandra Kusari

      Uhhh looks like I missed some kinky entertainment.

      I vote for videotaping those so us indisposed girls can enjoy the fun too.

      Damn now I want some popcorn and I am horny.

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