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The time was always coming when I found myself giving birth in Second Life. Pregnancy has been a journey, both with high points and low points. When Kane and I took a trip to look for baby stuff, none of us expected that two hours later there would be an actual baby latched on to his nipple…

Giving Birth In Second Life

Giving Birth In Second Life | Going Into Labour

When my waters broke, it was like an instant wave of regret. I was in no way prepared for this, we were in no way ready for this.

“Oh my god I regret this, I should have waited. Why am I not on drugs?” I screeched out while laying on the bed.

“You’re on pot. isn’t that enough?” was he really being serious right now??

I could feel the pain growing, like every pain imaginable just attacking my uterus at once.

“I should have cum inside you first to lube up the birth canal.” I could hear the words, I knew there was at least some care behind them but at that moment I was so detached from reality.

“You should have said that five minutes ago!” the words oozed out of my mouth like venom.

Kanes Pussy Clinic specializes in everything to do with vaginal healthcare, his Mama Allpa bag instils you with so much hope that you believe you are going to be in safe hands. I felt safe, I felt comfortable and above all, I felt hopeful that this would be an easy birth with his support and knowledge.

“Eeew, I just saw it. I think I’m going to pass out”… I was wrong.

Giving Birth In Second Life

Giving Birth In Second Life | Push It Back In

“What?? NO! Don’t pass out and leave me to do this on my own!” I could hear the anger in my own voice.

“I’m not touching it again. it’s slimy,”. If I could have pulled myself from that bed, at that moment in time I would have gripped his throat and squeezed.

“Eww. it came out further. Push it back in”

“No! Pull it out!” All I could do was stare at him before yelling “You’re the Doctor!”. If I had any sort of observational skills at that point I would have noticed the beads of cold sweat appearing on his brow. Unfortunately, the first I was aware of it was when he passed out.

During the birth of his child.

Which he was the doctor for.

His only employed nurse… being the one giving birth.

I was on my own.

Snapshot 830

Giving Birth In Second Life | Is It Out?

A few minutes later, when he finally came around I was filled with concern.

Not for him.


“That thing has arms too! Man, I wish I had this on video.” I wish that he did too so I could show him how not to act the next time he delivered a baby.

It was strange, the baby was out but while I could feel the pressure start to disappear it didn’t feel like it was. I asked him if it was over and when I looked at him his hand was over his eyes and all that he could say was that he didn’t know.

I tried to puff on my joint, if there was ever a time when I needed it, it was now.

The baby rested on me, I couldn’t quite grasp what was going on. I was in pain, I was in shock and I was confused.

“It feels weird, get it off”

“Why didn’t you just get a cat or something?”

“This was your idea!”

“Don’t put this on me, my cock was doing the thinking”

Giving Birth In Second Life

What Next?

Second Life pregnancy was fun, and I would probably do it again even though there were some downsides. I told Kane that he might have to put another baby in me at some point.

Actually being a mother and having a baby though, is a different thing. It cries, it just lies there, it doesn’t really do much.

Kane may not have been as prepared as I thought for the birth but he got through it, and we both did.

I woke up the next morning to a message from Christina, she had gone into labour too. When I got to the hotel her daughter was smoking a cigarette.

A few hours later and Lumi went into labour. I was the only one around, I guess I had experience now too so I helped her deliver. The X-Babies were born finally and Auntie Jess cut the cord with her trusty chainsaw.

A whores life is never boring…

Giving Birth In Second Life

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