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Normally deciding on the title of a blog post is what takes me the longest. I need to make sure it fits the story, can be used for google and draws at least a little bit of intrigue. This time it was easy, part one and part two of what apparently is turning into a multi-part story both started with “take me to”, so ‘Take Me To The Morgue’ just made sense. When starting this chapter of adventures, I knew that sex in a church was inevitable. I didn’t think I would be having sex on top of a grave and I absolutely didn’t even consider that I would have sex, not only in a morgue but in one of them…

Take Me To The Morgue | Second Life Sex Tales

Take Me To The Morgue | I’m Not Dead

What started off as a simple project with a clinic for Kanes’ pussy doctor career quickly snowballed into a multi-business venture which includes the clinic, church, graveyard, my sleep clinic and business card manufacturing.

As we lay on top of the gravestone the night of our graveyard fuck, he turned to me and out of nowhere said “maybe we need an AFK morgue”.

I had the next day’s work plans scheduled out but with this suggestion, I quickly took out my notepad and drew a line through them.

There were a lot of things that I had to work out for this project. More than anything else that I’ve done. The furniture obviously had to fit the theme of a morgue, but it also had to be useable for sex.

Tip jars, or standard tip jars, wouldn’t work. There had to be a system to make sure that people didn’t take advantage for free.

I had a lot of work to do.

The one thing that Kane did want was coffins…

Snapshot 806

Take Me To The Morgue | Coffin Hunt

Finding the right furniture was a challenge. My experience of fine toothcombing the marketplace for specific items came in helpful this time and I was able to find some really great sex furniture.

The only thing left to find was a coffin.

We headed to Nerenzo after seeing one on the marketplace that looked like a good option. Nerenzo doesn’t like to make things easy to find. Their marketplace listings say that they will teleport you directly in front of the item…

That’s a lie.

After not finding the coffin to test out, I made the decision to just buy it and hope for the best.

Back at the morgue I set the first one up and moved it into position. Sitting on the edge we moved back onto the velvet, it felt strangely comfortable.

“I guess we’re having coffin sex tonight” he looked at me, I didn’t respond and instead just gave a small smirk. He pulled off his shirt and jacket before sliding my top over my head.

Take Me To The Morgue | Second Life Sex Tales

Take Me To The Morgue | The Coroner

One thing about pregnancy is how swollen and painful my breasts can be. As he started to massage them there was both pain and pleasure, my brain not knowing how to react.

As he loosened my belt, I felt his hand slip under the denim and begin to massage my pussy through my panties. I knew I was already wet, I’m sure he felt it.

I reached down and unbuckled his pants, he helped pull them off. Feeling how hard he was, I took hold of his member and guided it to my slit. Teasingly I let him rest between my folds before pushing down fully and taking his cock deep. Looking at him, I just sat there feeling the fullness of his meat.

Grabbing me he spun me around, I started rocking against him, feeling his cock being gripped by my walls. My hands pushed down on the velvet of the coffin before he rolled me over and started thrusting harder and faster.

As our bodies slammed together I could feel the table and coffin shake but I didn’t care. Almost in sync, we both hit orgasms, my body lighting on fire while his cock erupted as he unloaded his hot cum inside of my pussy.

Take Me To The Morgue | Second Life Sex Tales

‘Remains’ To Be Seen

Sex in a church, sex on top of a grave and now sex in a coffin. It has been an exciting few days. Usually, at this point, I would ask the question ‘what can possibly be next?’ what could follow ‘Take Me To The Morgue’?

This time I already know the answer.

I’m not going to spoil the surprise of this one, what I can say is that it will be a step closer to hell. Literally.

The AFK Morgue still has a few finishing touches to be added but is almost ready to be operational.

You can come and see it for yourself by taking this taxi.

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