The clinic was built, and the church was built what else was there to do? I thought my job was done, all I had left was to build my sleep clinic somewhere above and it would be well done. Then Caroline mentioned to Kane in Candy’s group chat that a Graveyard might beat sex in a church… well I guess it was time to take me to the grave.

Take Me To The Grave | Second Life Sex Tales

Take Me To The Grave | New Ideas

I had read through the chat that morning and I waited all day. I had a suspicion that the graveyard idea would come up at some point that day and I was right.

“We should put a small graveyard behind the church,” he told me while we were there.

Oh boy, I was going to have to think outside of the box for this one. It would be a challenge and different to the normal interior decorating that I do, but it would be fun.

After a long boat ride, it was time to build. We headed to the church and I got to work. It was looking good but I was tired, so I lay down on top of one of the graves.

Kane sat next to me and we were talking about some ideas and then the next business venture was brought up and decided on. I said I would start working on it the next day… “I have another job for you to do right now” his voice rang in my ear before I saw him reach down and pull out his cock.

Take Me To The Grave |

Spitting on the tip of his cock I curled my fingers around and started to stroke. There was something hot about what we were doing. A few metres away from the church where he fucked me a couple of nights before.

I teasingly rolled my tongue slowly across his crown and looked up at him.

“Have you ever fucked on top of a grave?” he asked…


It was déjà vu from the church all over again. He ordered me to take off my shorts and I did, pulling me onto the cold stone and sliding his hard member inside of me. The coldness from the grave caused me to arch my body, pushing my hips closer to him.

Every thrust made my body recoil off of the grave, the stone like an ice pack on my back. Every thrust sent waves through my body. It was incredible.

Sensing he was about to cum he was pulled closer by my leg, his cock being tightly gripped by my pussy. Feeling his cum, all I could think was how hot this continued to get.

As we rested on top of the grave, he told me that he hoped we didn’t wake anyone up… I did. I wanted people to know how much fun we just had on top of a gravestone.

Take Me To The Grave | Second Life Sex Tales

What Next?

If you follow this blog then you will already know that the clinic and the church have been built. Well, now the graveyard has been built too.

The next two stages are my sleep clinic and Dr Kanes AFK Morgue. It may be a strange concept but I think that his idea just might work.

Come and see the graveyard for yourself – here’s your taxi.

Take Me To The Grave | Second Life Sex Tales
Take Me To The Grave | Second Life Sex Tales


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