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After building the clinic, Kane also needed a church built for his sex cult. Of course, I jumped at the chance to create something new. If anything, it was going to be somewhere new for him fuck me too, which is always the bonus. As we relaxed on the balcony he realized he had to go to the church, a few seconds later my collar pulled me there with him. After dealing with what needed to be done we were finished. “Maybe we should break in the church pews tonight,” he told me… oh boy.

Take Me To Church

Take Me To Church | Sinful

The Church Of The Cyberstar is the sex cult with Kane at the top. I originally joined after becoming pregnant, it sounded like a fun new adventure and it’s hard to keep me away from those.

When I got the chance to design the church I was never going to say no. I knew I needed to make it simple, atmospheric and kinky. In short, I needed to make sure that the furniture could be used for sex.

Normally when someone wants to take me to church it’s to go to a wedding or some other event. This church was different, this church excited me at the thought of it.

As we sat down on the centre pew, he pulled me onto his knee. I could feel his hand stroke against my leg, the combination of the who and the where instantly making excitement rush to my brain.

“Ever fucked in a church?” his hand continued to brush against my thigh.


“Me either”

He pulled off my top and took my nipple into his mouth, I could feel it harden against his tongue. As he continued to undress me I was growing more excited, the anticipation building with how hot this was.

He slid down my body and started teasing my folds with his tongue, finally running it around my clit. I felt weightless, the intensity surged through my body. He kept dancing his tongue around my pearl and started to curl a finger inside of me.

Take Me To Church

Take Me To Church | Pew Pew

It was like wave after wave crashing over me, before a final wave as I reached orgasm. Every muscle in my body contracted, and my legs almost gave way underneath me.

I was on a cloud, my heart was beating out of my chest but I was euphoric. I had no time to recover, watching as he pulled himself onto the pew, pulling me on top of him.

Pulling me down onto his cock while his hand gripped onto my hips as he controlled the rhythm.

Rocking my hips, my tight slit devoured his meat. I am always horny for him but this was different, I needed this. Fucking in a church was a new experience, and it was perfect.

The entire experience was intense, and as I rocked my hips I could feel his member twitch against my walls. Sensing he was about to cum, I threw my head forward and bit on his lip. The warm sensation of his seed started to wash through me.

I didn’t want to stop, I needed to milk every drop from him.


Coming Down

Slumping down breathlessly I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried to recover my breath. I had never had sex in a church before, I don’t know if I would again because this was going to be tough to beat.

Eventually, we headed back to the boathouse, almost as soon as we got into bed and my head hit the pillow I fell asleep. He had achieved something that not many people have, he tired me out to the point of passing out after making me climax so intensely.

The Church Of The Cyberstar is open now. Why not visit and sign up as a member?

You can take this taxi there. Just be careful when you sit on the centre pew, we didn’t have time to clean up.


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