I don’t really know what a cum detector is, do you? After somebody left cum stains on my bed at home I need to work out who it is. So I got a hat like Sherlock Holmes and a pipe and a magnifying glass and started being a cum detector. Maybe I should call it something else? Cum detector sounds like I’m trying to find the cum not the source of the cum.

Cum Detector

Cum Detector | Mr Uwe

While everybody else gets the fun adventures, like having sex in a church… *stares*. I just have people putting cum stains on my bed and I’m not even invited. There is a massive list of suspects and I didn’t even know where to start with it.

I thought about all the options and decided to start at the hotel. Why? Because Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel has the biggest supply of cum that I know of. Where better for a cum detector to start their investigation?

When I got there I met Mr Uwe. again. I haven’t seen him since the time that he gave me a tour with Sternchen so it was good to see him again. He said he didn’t really like my tattoos and that my boobs weren’t small enough.

I’m a trainee, so I need to impress right? So I quickly had my tattoos covered and made my boobs look smaller. He seemed to like it and asked me if he could fuck me on top of the bar… I wasn’t going to say no to an adventure like that. By this time, I had already forgotten my job as a cum detector and was too horny to think.

Cum Detector | Sorry!!

We had an audience which was fun, well maybe for me. Lumi didn’t seem too happy when he made me have my first orgasm and I accidentally sprayed her face. She and Brooke ran and hid behind the plants but I was too busy to pay much attention.

Mr Uwe seemed to really love my body now and when he flipped over and slid his cock inside of me it was amazing.

My body just slammed against the bar top while he gave thrust after thrust.

I knew he was going to cum soon and I wanted to cum with him so I started playing with my sensitive little bead until we both erupted in orgasm.

By the time we had finished, everybody had left. Maybe I was too loud or maybe it was just late. Whatever their reason was, I know that I had fun.

Cum Detector

Forgotten Job

I forgot my whole reason for going to the hotel. But maybe it was Mr Uwes cum on my bed.

I’ll have to check it.

The pipe and magnifying glass are back in action and I will work out who the culprit is. Sasha the Cum Detector will crack her first case.

Or I’ll get distracted at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel again. Who knows? Come and help me solve the mystery and take this uber.

Cum Detector | Sasha At Candy’s


Hiii! I'm the former adventuring girl turned erotic dancer and escort. I think I'm a whore now?

One thought on “Cum Detector | Sasha At Candy’s

  • November 22, 2022 at 5:37 pm

    Sasha Holmes and the case of the cum stained sheets.

    Can I be your Watson?

    “Holmes have you ever thought you might be sleep fucking?”


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