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Since I became a pregnant sex worker, life has changed a little. I was always horny anyway, it’s partly why I became a whore. Recently I find myself growing hornier every day. My sister Lumi is the same. Fortunately, he didn’t stand a chance against two pregnant whores as we perched ourselves on the bar stools with our pussies exposed to him…

pregnant sex worker

Pregnant Sex Worker | Morning Routine

Recently I have had the same routine in the morning. Wake up, get fucked by my baby daddy Kane and then I’m ready for the rest of the day.

I don’t know if there’s a better way to start my day as a pregnant sex worker than contracting my walls around his cock as we wake up.

I did have to restart the “Only have sex with Kane” challenge a few days ago, but it isn’t that bad. Every time I break it I have to start again.

Speaking of which…

Snapshot 1278

Pregnant Sex Worker | Uncontrollable Urges

Being a pregnant sex worker makes me horny, and I mean really horny. When I walked into the bar Greg was sitting drinking with Brooke.

Greg told me that he loved my top.

“Thanks, Greg, you should rip it off and fuck me on the bar.” the words had left my mouth before I had even thought about it. Hormones are doing wild things to my brain.

Everything he said, my mouth would just aggressively spur him on to take me upstairs. He mentioned dice being rolled…

“Speaking of dice, I have a clitoris that needs rolled”

Eventually, he gave in and took both myself and Brooke upstairs. As I sunk my nails deep into his skin I made a deal with him.

“You’re going to make my bestie cum, then you’re going to make me cum and then if you’re lucky we’ll make you cum”

I pressed my pussy against his face while Brooke teased his cock, eventually, I came against his tongue and we swapped. Brooke doing the same before we let him fuck us, milking his cock.

Challenge restarted again.

pregnant sex worker

Uwe Saves The Day

Uwe prefers the petite body shape, which means that I don’t catch his eye.

The X Sisters wanted to change that. If he didn’t like our normal shape, he definitely wouldn’t like the pregnant sex worker shape.

After we made him feel our baby bumps we both started fingering ourselves trying to make him horny. We were super horny and there was nobody else around.

Our attempts weren’t working. There was only one thing left to do.

We had to cum on each other’s faces and get him to lick it off.

Still nothing. He really does prefer petite girls to us.

Eventually, not resigning ourselves to defeat, we both slid our pants back down and sat on either side of him. “Uwe, I know you’re not horny but can you just reach your hand over and finger my pussy for a little while? It would really help.”

“Use your other hand for me please” I heard Lumi say.

He slid a finger into both of our pussies and started working on us. I don’t know what was going through my sister’s mind but all of a sudden I heard her tell him to fist us.


After we both argued about who he was fisting first. He finally pushed his fist deep inside of me. I had to warn him not to punch the baby but it felt so good.

It didn’t take too long before we both erupted in a wave of climax.

Never underestimate the persuasive powers of two horny pregnant sex workers at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. Here’s a taxi to find out for yourself.

pregnant sex worker

Pregnant Sex Worker | Yoga

We had to find a way to not only relax ourselves but also the babies.

Ending with meditation we found ourselves in Nirvana. Lumi asked the important question – Is prostitution legal in Nirvana?

She walked around and asked someone. As it turns out it is, however, nobody wants to fuck a pregnant sex worker. ..

..Story of our lives.

Snapshot 1309

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