Sweet Surprise | Part Two | Brooke


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It’s finally here! Part two of Sweet Surprise by Brooke. If you haven’t yet read part one then you can find it here. – Jess

Sweet Surprise | Part Two

Hearing this he smirked, going over towards the counter where there seemed to be a radio, flipping it on and turning it up to drown out the sounds of her cry and pleads. The speakers around the room seemed to make the room vibrate around them. Walking back over towards her he pressed himself against the back of her, moving her hair away from her neck and bringing his lips down upon her soft skin.

Breathing in her scent took him to another world, the primal animal inside him clawing to get out, his grip on the paddle tightened as he backed away. Looking over her backside how it was the perfect shape and curve for him.

Sweet Surprise | Part Two

Sweet Surprise | Where are you?

Hearing the music she looked around feeling her hair being moved from her neck and his lips falling upon her skin. She closed her eyes tilting her head to the side and letting out a soft sigh. He always knew how to calm her down in the simplest ways.

Once his lips left her neck she reopened her eyes looking for him, the music was way too loud for her to hear him. Her skin gaining goose bumps all over the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end for some reason as she waited for him. “Where are you?” she asked out loud but got no response.

Hearing her he tilts his head, watching the bumps on her skin form. he brought up the paddle placing it on her ass cheeks before letting it fall off. Tilting it back, letting it fly through the air and landing on her left cheek. Keeping it there to let it settle. letting off doing the same he repeated this action five more times switching cheeks each time.

Sweet Surprise | There was no way to brace herself

Walking back over towards the shelf he placed the paddle back looking at her ass cheeks taking in the color of them, Brooke jumped a little feeling the paddle being placed on her bottom, she tried to look back as her breathing picked up. She knew what was coming and there was no way to brace herself. Closing her eyes she breathes in sharply, feeling the first smack land, tilting her head back hissing, reopening her eyes and breathing out.

By that time another one came across but on the other cheek, Brooke yelped as the chains holding her rattled as he switched back and forth tears streamed down her face begging him to stop, but he didn’t give feeling it stop her body shook her mind was racing her heart was pounding shaking her head she begged for him to let her go and how sorry she was.

Listening to her a smirk crossed his face walking up behind her removing his shirt, pressing his skin against her red cheeks, the burning of her ass turning him on more. That little chub that had started to show through his jeans, he started to whisper in her ears one side at a time switching with each word. “I’m going to break you” his words dripped venom as they dripped out of his mouth.

Sweet Surprise | Part Two

Sweet Surprise | Please tell me what I did

His hot breath on her ear sent chills down her spine, turning her head to hear him better with each word. Her face dripping with tears, she shook her head. “Please tell me what I did”, but he never answered her it never once clicked in her head that he was enjoying this more than she was.

Hearing her words he smirked. Reaching around her running his hands over her body slowly, down to in between her thighs just to tease her then back up to her breast fondling them for a moment before removing the blindfold. Allowing her to look around if she wished. feeling his hands on her body gave her goosebumps. Her heart raced and her tears stopped, almost in an instant, she knew what he wanted. She knew what he was after. “Please take the blindfold off”.

Attempting to turn her head towards where she heard his voice. He reached up removing the blindfold, stepping away from her back towards where the chains were holding her up. Starting to lower her slowly, he watched her go to her knees in a heap. He reached over turning the music down now that he had his fun, he walked over towards her bending down and placing his fingers under her chin to bring her eyes to his.

Snapshot 441

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

“Now I’m going to let you go but I want you to stay right there”. his voice was stern but soft at the same time, she nods at him watching him remove the cuffs on her wrists. Looking up at him her eyes gleamed under the light as a tear slid down her cheek slowly. Watching her he smiled softly standing back up. “That wasn’t so bad was it?”. he asked, shaking her head. “You know I’m not used to that”. her words were shaky as she settled on her knees trying to get away from the pain she felt on her ass. Watching her move around he reached down and grabbed her hand helping her to her feet.

Pulling her into him he wrapped his arms around the small of her back moving her over towards the counter, She wrapped her arms around his neck laying her head on his shoulder calming her racing heart and feeling the cold of the counter on her cheeks as she was sat up on it. Her legs spread to welcome him between them.

His hand went to her neck as quickly as it was on her back, tilting her head to the side and bringing his lips to the skin of her neck licking, kissing and biting at it. He heard a moan come from her mouth as he got closer to her, pulling her towards him more. Feeling her right on him and in the right position, her eyes glazed over as he lifted his head to look at her.

Sweet Surprise | Part Two

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