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I have been trying forever to convince my bestie Brooke to write something for here. Finally, she did! It’s my pleasure to publish her short story “Sweet Surprise” Jess

Sweet Surprise | Part One

Feeling her body moving to the music with the dim hazy lights of the nightclub, Brooke closed her eyes swaying her hips the cold steel of the pole pressed against her leg as she wrapped it around swinging herself around it, lowering herself to the ground feeling someone grabbing onto her hips, she reopens her eyes looking behind her finding him standing there.

Her bright blue eyes looked him over before landing on his eyes once more, instantly biting on her bottom lip, his manly hand went to wrap his fingers around her neck pulling her away from the pole. Her heart raced as he pushed her against the wall spreading her legs with one of his, leaning in to whisper in her ear “You are mine tonight, tell me you have been a naughty girl”.

Brooke moaned a little hearing his words, her body shook and her mind was racing but before she could say anything she had her hand gripped and pinned above her head. Her breathing picked up “I can’t just leave, I’m working”.

Sweet Surprise | Part Two

Smirking he shook his head, whispering to her “I don’t give a fuck”. Her body shook some more hearing his voice and how demanding it was. Her legs nearly caused her to crumble to the floor if it wasn’t for his knee and hand holding her up. Blurting out “I’ve been naughty” her eyes widened looking at his face seeing a smirk grow upon his lips

After a few moments, he pulled a blindfold from his back pocket demanding her to turn around. As she did he placed it around her eyes, running his fingers down her back getting to the hilt of her thong. His fingertips traced that thin little line of fabric before smacking on her ass making her jump and yelp out “ow” grinning he gripped her hand.

“Come I have something for you”. Brooke’s heart hadn’t stopped racing for a minute and it felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest, with both hands she gripped onto his laughing nervously.

“I can’t see please don’t let me fall”.

“I won’t” he spoke sternly. Hearing this Brooke knew she was in for it, she fed his desires she fed the demon in his head and now she was all his.

Sweet Surprise | Brooke

Sweet Surprise | Part Three

Leading her to the room, he placed the key in the hole unlocking the door, looking back at her and seeing her fidgeting around, he grins. Brooke heard the key turning the lock her ears perked up and on high alert as she lost one of her senses.

“Wher…. where are we?”.. her voice broke as she spoke, but she got no response she was just led into the room. Letting go of her hands he stood there looking her over, her tiny little thong and see-through bra got him a little excited. “Knees” he demanded.

Brooke hearing him looked around for him dropping to her knees “Wh…what are you doing?” she whimpered. Walking over towards the door he shut it locking it behind him. Walking over to a little cabinet on the wall, grabbing some chains and cuffs, he goes to assemble it to the ceiling.

Her body shook out of fear and excitement

Leaning down grabbing her left wrist and placing it in the cuff, tying it tight around her wrist so she couldn’t easily get out of it, Brooke, hearing the chains, her breathing picked up. She wanted to move, she wanted to remove the blindfold but was she willing to piss him off before he showed her what he wanted.

Sitting there she made no sound, but her body shook out of fear and excitement. hearing him near her with chains she looked up trying to see through the blindfold but couldn’t see anything. Once her wrist was gripped she jumped nearly out of her skin yelping out. “What” was all she got out as her wrist had something wrapped around it.

Grabbing her other wrist and doing the same as the left, he let her wrist rest on her lap walking over to the lever on the wall. Flipping the switch he watched as she was pulled up by her wrist only turning it off once she was on her tippy toes.

Sweet Surprise | Brooke

Sweet Surprise | Part Four

Brooke screamed as she hear the thing and tried to get away as her arms were lifted above her head..” what are you doing” she cried out, but again she got nothing.

Walking over towards her, he went to remove her blindfold allowing her to get used to the red dim light.

“Welcome to my dungeon, little pet”

He walked over towards her gripping her hips running his hands up her body to the back of her neck hooking his fingers around the back and pulling her towards him. “What am I doing, what are you doing? hmm, dancing for other men, pleasing other men?” he continued.

“I wanted to see if you would be truthful to me and tell me you had been naughty, and just as expected you did, like the good girl you are”. Grinning he looked her over lowering his hands down her back using one hand to unclasp her bra grabbing his pocket knife, cutting the straps and letting it fall to the floor. Putting the knife away he reached down pulling her thong down past her ass and letting them fall to the ground as well.

Her eyes widen feeling her body being unclothed, heard what he said and stuttered a little “I.. It’s my job, I’m not pleasing anyone but you” he put his finger to her lips shaking his head. “Shhh” He whispered walking back over towards his little cabinet and grabbing a few things.

Touching the whip then the switch, grabbing the wooden paddle smacking it against his hand, and walking back over towards her little it falls to his side while he looks at her up and down. Brooke’s breathing picked up more hearing things behind her but not being able to see anything.

She looked around the room seeing things she had never seen before as he came back over Brooke looked at him her eyes pleading with him, and that was until her eyes dropped to what he was carrying. Her heart started to pound as she spoke softly “what is that for?”.

Grinning at her, he looked down towards the paddle letting a little chuckle leave his lips.. “oh this is nothing, just something to get the party started” hearing this she shook her head “please no”.

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    I knew it there was a sex dungeon under the club!!!

  2. BobMorane

    Pretty steamy!

    I hope there will be more pats to come. I am curious where this will lead.

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