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I wanted to do another interview, it had been a while since I interviewed someone for here so it was time to do another. I hadn’t caught Caroline to ask her for one, she is my big fish that I really want to pick the brain of. The inside of a business mind fascinates me, so I reached out to Brooke. Brooke has been one of my greatest friends for the longest time so I knew it would be a good option to do the interview with her.

The Interview

Slave Sharing

I headed out to Strip Advisor to meet up with Brooke before the interview. Just after I arrived I noticed that Sara (slave) was around. My brain feeling a little wicked called her over.

After dancing with Brooke, Sasha and Finn for a while I asked Brooke how her feet were feeling. It was obvious that they would be sore from the dancing.

Pulling out a seat, Brooke sat down and I ordered Sara to give her a footrest. Sara obliged, although I could see the embarrassment on her face. That of course made it even better.

Brooke slipped out of her heels and rested her feet on Saras’ face.

I believe that following a simple order should never be a hard task, Sara on the other hand believes different. Brooke told her to suck her toes clean, and Sara licked them. A simple mistake for most people but not one that I was going to let slide.

I pressed my heel to the side of her face and made sure that she realized her mistake was unacceptable before stomping her head into the dancefloor. She finally understood. As I set her to work cleaning the floor it was time for the interview back at my office.

Savage 1

The Interview

Jess – “Thank you for the interview. I’ll just get started. Tell me a little bit about you and your background that brought you to the weeks leading up to the club.”

Brooke – “Well my name is Brooke, I’ve been around for about 12 almost 13 years, my journey to opening the club was simple. I had just come back to Second Life after years of being away doing other things. Then I met up with a couple of friends one named Carson and his friend. They brought up the idea of opening a Burger Shot and we joked about having a sex dungeon under it. Then we decided to open a club, a real nightclub that brought you all the feels as if you had gone to a nightclub in your other life, but with a darker side. We brought in the escorts for those nights you get drunk or high and just wanna fuck someone, but our main focus became the actual club part of it”

Jess – Interesting, so I think the most important question to come from that is… is there a dungeon under the club?”

Brooke – “No there is not, but my co-owner has been bugging me about putting one in but I haven’t found the time to do it”

“There is nowhere in the club that gives you the idea it has that darker tone”

Jess – “You decided to open the club with the focus being on the nightclub and having the sexual element as a darker undertone. That sounds interesting, how does it work?”

Brooke – “When you first walk into the club you will notice how dark and fuzzy it is inside with our fog lights and our strobe lights. There is nowhere in the club that gives you the idea it has that darker tone besides the Escort boards in the back, our Escort rooms are well out of the way up in the sky for the most privacy for our guests.”

Jess – “So there is an element of illusion. A “black market” of escorts if you will essentially? People come for the music, the DJs and the dancing. They bring their friends, some maybe even their girlfriends or their wives(my favourite) and hidden away there is the potential for them to fall into the world of sex. A nightclub with a hidden tease.”

Brooke – “Yes that is completely right I had a guy come in with his girlfriend but was in my DM’s wanting to fuck me and asking me how much it cost”

“We have very skilled people to help you through all of that”

Jess – “Those are my favourites. The married men, the attached men. The ones who make you their dirty secret and spend big to do it. Many clubs don’t even see a single customer. I’ve been in your club and had the privilege to dance there recently as an employee and truthfully it seems as though you are seeing a steady stream of customers. What makes your nightclub element different to others, if you remove the sex and the dancers I imagine people would still visit. So what is it that you do differently from most other clubs?”

Brooke – “We offer an extremely friendly place for our guests to come to, I’ve had people come in for the first time and after that night they apply to work there, we aim to be friendly and open to everyone. Even if you don’t have the knowledge base we have very skilled people to help you through all of that, if I was to remove the sex and dancing I feel like our staff would keep the people coming in, I know most owners say this but with my staff, I feel like we have the best employees”

Snapshot 367
Sasha – the poster girl for Brookes club.

“The smoke would allow you to sneak away from your friend or girlfriend to fill those nasty little fantasies”

Jess – “One of the most popular pieces on my site is the “Best Places to find Sex in Second Life” post. If you had the opportunity to market your club to get onto that list, how would you do it? Why would Strip Advisor be one of the best places to find sex.”

Brooke – “The moment you hit the dance floor our DJs will put you into a trance getting you into the mood, the darkness in the room along with the smoke would allow you to sneak away from your friend or girlfriend to fill those nasty little fantasies they might have, that’s when our escorts come in and seduce them into heading up the teleporter to a little room.”

Jess – “What can you offer? Lovense? BDSM rooms? Private rooms? Public fantasies? What diversifies you to say someone going to a place such as Street Whores or Hooker Hotel?”

Brooke – “We offer all of the above I’ve done the whole public fantasies with two men while on the dance floor, we always ALWAYS voice verify and if you can’t get on voice then you don’t need to be an escort, we only ask that for your safety and ours, we make sure you are 18 and over before you even get your tags and to make sure you are who you say you are.”

“Come for the music come for the vibes”

Jess – “What about your employees? Many places only hire those with experience or they’ll hire people with no experience and expect them to learn as they go. How does Strip Advisor work?”

Brooke – “We give people a chance and we have the best trainers that I know of, we have our host trainer, our manager that can help train the DJs, I train the dancers and Sasha trains the Escorts. We have a whole system we go through that makes it easy for everyone involved”

Jess – “One last thing. A nightclub first and above all else, why should people choose Strip Advisor over every other place? Take out the sex, take out the dancing, take out the welcoming atmosphere. For the average person reading this looking for somewhere fun to spend their time, use the interview to tell them why should they come to you?”

Brooke – “Come for the music come for the vibes, just come to hang out in a sick-ass-looking place.”

Snapshot 662

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  1. Rapier

    I took a visit and it looks great. Hope I can catch one event on a day.

  2. Thank you so much for this interview, I love you so much Jess, your my bestie for life!

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