Sometimes I like to challenge myself, even if that challenge has the potential to drive me insane. For example, recently I had the idea to abstain from any sexual activity for a week. I know that it’s going to be hard but could I complete the no-sex challenge?

The No-Sex Challenge | The First Hurdle

Lumi works at the reception desk now, and while when in my Jessie Krueger persona, I want to kill her. When I’m just normal Jess she’s supposed to be my friend.

I told her about my challenge and she laughed, “You’re a cock hungry whore” were the words she told me. She was right, I was but I knew I could complete this challenge.

I thought I would have at least had her support but it was not to be.

Not long after, Dan arrived at the hotel. I had fun with him the night before and when he arrived he wanted me again. I explained to him my challenge, this was my first mistake.

Dan wanted me badly and telling him about the challenge seemed to light a fire in him. I could sense that the no-sex challenge was going to be harder than I first thought.

He pulled out his cock and rested it against my ass. Lumi encouraged him, the belief that if I saw it, I wouldn’t be able to resist.

I was prepared for this, I had my blindfold ready.

The No-Sex Challenge | Jess Can't Break

Not Giving In

The temptation was there, I reached my hand out behind my back and almost wrapped my fingers around his cock. “NO JESS” I had to control myself.

Stepping away, I moved a little closer towards Lumi and Rachael. I could sense them all joining forces against me.

I had two options, I could give in or I could leave. Mulling it over, I ran outside and stood outside the window blowing them all a kiss.

There was no way I was letting my challenge end an hour into it.

After a few minutes, I made my way back inside and asked if I was safe. Lumi told me that I was before Dan stepped forward and lightly pressed his hand around my neck, slipping his hand down to my mound.

The No-Sex Challenge | It Was Just A Practice Run

I was stronger than this, I knew I could complete this no-sex challenge if I just put my mind to it.

Lumi’s words were ringing out “Just grab her neck and take her to a room upstairs Dan, she will obey”

I would not obey, this was not the plan and my friend should be supporting me.

My body tried to resist and I retorted “No, I’ll just stay away for a week” only for her to slap me and yell “Shut up and do your job bitch”

Before the words fully left her mouth my hand was already curled around his cock. I hadn’t even realized.

Dropping to my knees I dragged my tongue across his shaft and looked up at him.

This was just the practice run anyway right?

He threw me against the desk and tore my clothes off before he sat on the chair. I could hear Lumi giggle as she walked away, pleased that she had ruined the no-sex challenge for me.

The No-Sex Challenge | Jess Can't Break

The Pre-Challenge Challenge

As I worked his cock I heard the footsteps of Candy arriving at the hotel. Over at the sofa, I could hear Lumi and Rachael mocking my failure.

Lumi – “Look at that cock worshipping slut. She said she will abstain from sex for a week. Funniest story of the week”

Rachael – “Jess didn’t stand a chance”

Lumi – “It was a tough start of the week Candy. Jess decided to abstain from sex for a week. It took her to touch a cock before she breaks and worships it”

Candy – “Did you expect any different ?”

I had already broken the no-sex challenge, I may as well enjoy myself. I pulled myself up and lowered down onto his cock as he fucked me harder.

Finally, as he was about to cum, Lumi appeared and told him that she deserved some of his cum too. I dropped to my knees and she joined me at my side. His thick streams of seed covering our faces.

The No-Sex Challenge | Jess Can't Break

The No-Sex Challenge | The Restart

I am determined to complete the no-sex challenge and yes it may have gotten off to a false start but I can do it.

For the next 7 days, I will abstain from sex. Only two things can break this challenge now. It would be a very bad idea to share that information though, wouldn’t it?

I challenge you to try and break my challenge. Come, test my willpower and take this taxi

The No-Sex Challenge | Jess Can’t Break


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