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For the longest time, I was a Kupra Girl. I lived in that body, I bought clothes for that body and that body saw a lot of cum. While I felt comfortable in it, I never truly “loved” it. I could never get the shape the exact way I wanted it to, even with reformers, although I had it “close enough” to be happy with it. Recently I made the decision to discover a new me. One that I would love and that I would thrive in.

New Me And Sex |
Jess The Engineer | The Last Kupra Drink

The Last Fuck | Goodbye Kupra

Mike had another booking with me at my office, the one thing that I value more than anything is someone that can show up on time. He did precisely that.

Once he arrived we made our way to the bed and he began to run his hands over my body.

My Kupra body had been used so many times and by so many clients, little did Mike realize at the time that he had the honour of being the last cock to ever be inside of it. He would later get to play with the new me too.

This booking was an extended booking of two hours and for those two hours, things were intense.

He used me and filled up my pussy for the first hour before turning me over and using my ass for the second hour.

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New Me | The Legacy

After our booking was over I took a quick shower to clean myself up and called for a taxi. It was time to upgrade to a Legacy body.

I was nervous, I had built my career using Kupra.

Every regular client had only ever spent time with me while I was inside of Kupra.

This was a big change and one that I worried would backfire on me.

I picked up my new body and got myself inside of my new frame. I then headed to Lelutka, I wanted to try and find a new head. However, no matter what head I looked at or how much I played with the shape there was no way to retain my basic facial look.

My body changed and it looked great but I was not prepared to have a new look face.

Finally, I made the decision to stay with my CatwaHDPRO and picked up a new skin from MILA.

The new me was complete and I had never felt so confident or thought that I looked so good.

New Me And Sex |

New Me | A Whole New World

My spending problem means that getting a new body requires a whole new wardrobe. New me, new wardrobe. My earnings are always substantial enough to go shopping every day if I wanted to. This was going to be a fun trip.

I called up a friend and we headed out to the stores around the world.

Picking up almost everything that I came across I was ready to start building my new wardrobe.

The stock room of Candy Kitten that resides in my inventory also made the switch over to my new section for Legacy.

After catching up on some other bookings to test out my new look I finally made my way to the hotel. I was ready to show off the new me to all of our guests.

New Me And Sex |

New Me | The Bookend

The first guest to arrive was Mike. He would also be the last one I saw that day, I started my day with him and I ended my day with him. It was a nice bookend to what was a great day.

We made our way down to the new Spa and slipped into the hot tub.

Pushing me back on the edge of the tub, he pushed my legs apart and began to circle his tongue across my clit.

Not much time had passed before I whispered that I needed him, I don’t think he could wait either. He pulled himself up and fucked over the edge of the tub.

After we finished up we headed back to the bar for a relaxing drink before I took the new me to sleep.

It’s safe to say that I have never been happier with my look.

Why don’t you come and see for yourself at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel? Here’s your obligatory taxi.

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