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Sometimes being a whore isn’t just about having sex. Well maybe it is, but when you work with amazing people and have an amazing group of customers it stops becoming a job and becomes something else. Nothing but fun.

Nothing But Fun | Second Life Living

Nothing But Fun | Eventful

Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel has new guests but not the type you would regularly find. Caroline now has two cats roaming around the grounds.

We hate them.

When I say we hate them, I mean we despise them.

They manage to get inside and somehow they have superhuman strength and push us around. Sometimes we end up at the pool, and sometimes we end up stuck in a wall.

We even tried to take matters into our own hands and brought out the big weapons. A Mallet, A Whip and Jessie Krueger.

The cats needed to die but unfortunately for us, they are invincible.

At least we made the most of it because that’s what we do in a sex hotel where you can have nothing but fun.

One day cats… one day.

Snapshot 877

The Impregnator

Watching Kane’s quest to impregnate everyone at the hotel has been entertaining and strangely very exciting.

I’ve never known anyone with the stamina that he has. His quest is going well too, so far he has managed to impregnate me, Lumi, Christina, Chandra and Rach.

The morning feeds are definitely a bonus and the amazing sex that comes with pregnancy is something else.

I’ve had more group sex in the last week than I have in the last two months. It’s been such an exciting time and I’m just making the most of it before my belly swells too big.

At a hotel where you have nothing but fun, anything is possible.

Nothing But Fun | Second Life Living

Nothing But Fun | The Trio

Daily life at the hotel wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have my sister. Lumi is the other half of my brain that I didn’t know existed.

The X Sisters are getting a name for themselves. Maybe it’s not for the reasons you may think, or maybe it is. At least people know that we won’t let them sit in boredom.

Rach is the other part of us that we would be lost without. There is never a reason not to laugh when Rach is around.

No matter how much joking around we do or how many serious conversations we have. The moment you get one of us into a room, the atmosphere changes.

All of us are cock hungry, and all of us love sex. It’s why we work at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.

Nothing But Fun | Second Life Living


Normally Monday’s post is one of the most adventurous. Sundays are normally a never ended trope of adventure after adventure.

This time things were a little different. Not in a bad way.

I just don’t know if I want to write that story yet or not. My pregnant brain makes me indecisive.

At the very least, you know for a fact that I had nothing but fun.

Snapshot 1276

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