The X Sisters | Adventure, Pregnancy, and Celebration at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel


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Recently Kane has been on a quest of his own at the hotel. You may remember how my no-sex challenge ended thanks to him, part of that was to complete his very own self-set challenge. His goal has been to impregnate every trainee and waitress at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel… including the X Sisters.

The X Sisters | A New Chapter

The X Sisters | The Adventure

The X Sisters are Lumi and me. After our shared front desk experience where we shared the hot streams of cum during the first failure to my challenge we became semen sisters. Our bond has grown since then and recently she did share the news with me that Kane did indeed get her pregnant.

I was a few days away from being able to take a pregnancy test, so I waited anxiously while hearing all about her news and not knowing about my own fate.

After a long day at the hotel, Lumi finally headed to the kitchen to sleep leaving only one of the X Sisters standing.

Kane and I were left in the bar ourselves when he turned to look at me and asked “so I can fuck you on the bar like I did your boss yesterday, or we can go upstairs, or I can put you on the back of my bike and take you somewhere else”

Anyone that knows me will know that I love adventure. The bike was only ever going to be the choice.

We grabbed our things and first headed out to Route 104.

The X Sisters | A New Chapter

Crash And Burn

I sat on the front of the bike and held on for my life. I knew that I was well experienced in riding things but I was unsure if Kane could ride the bike.

With my arms around him and a few near-death experiences, my heart was racing.

Of course, ever the opportunist I saw my chance for some fun.

The X Sisters | A New Chapter

I slipped my hand down as the bike vibrations shook through my body. Finding his zip I pulled it down and slid my hand inside, taking hold of his cock I started to stroke.

It was a risky decision, he may have lost his concentration and crashed but it was worth the risk.

Eventually, we made our way to Toucans and took a ride around. I was worried but not too worried, we had survived the last trip.

We turned a corner and suddenly I saw us heading right towards a wall. I couldn’t even open my mouth to scream before we crashed, our bodies being thrown from the bike.

Turning back to look at it and it was gone. The bike had exploded but thankfully we were safe.

The X Sisters | The Boathouse

After having a new bike delivered we rode a little further before resting. Kane then invited me back to his boathouse, I was excited about this.

I had thought about purchasing a boathouse a few months ago but never did, now I was getting invited to one and hopefully leaving pregnant.

I took a look around and my twitching bank balance was screaming at me to just give in and get one for myself. Then I got distracted.

He pulled me onto the chair and reached around to loosen my top, I could feel myself heating up already. Suddenly he whispered into my ear “Are you ready to make a baby?” and instantly I could feel the urge rushing through my body. There was a chance I already was pregnant, but he had to make sure.

After throwing me around the sofa he pushed his thick cock deep inside of me. Fucking me and cumming in me. If I wasn’t pregnant now, then I would be surprised. Would the X Sisters be pregnant together? Both from Kane? In around 8 hours’ time, I would be able to take a test and find out.

The Next Morning

When I woke up, Lumi had already texted me about the Halloween party at Candy’s. That was the last thing on my mind at that moment. I grabbed my things and jumped in a taxi, stopping to pick up a pregnancy test before heading to the hotel.

Lumi and Rach were both there already, so I knew I didn’t have to take the test alone. I didn’t even care, I took it right there in the bar.

After waiting a few minutes I looked down at it.

I didn’t want only one of the X Sisters to do this alone, I had to be pregnant with her.

I was.


The X Sisters | A New Chapter

We had to celebrate, and I knew exactly how to do it. We packed up and made our way to Kane’s boathouse. Both of us changed into our lingerie and waited on the bed for him to wake up.

We wanted to celebrate properly so we slid down his body, Lumi running her tongue up and down his cock while I wrapped my lips around the tip.

As we worked his cock we finally felt the hot lashes of cum across our faces. We had kept our baby daddy pleased.

After a quick shower together we headed back to the hotel for the Halloween party.

What a wild 24 hours and what a crazy few months of X Sisters pregnancy it’s going to be.

The X Sisters | A New Chapter

The New Challenge

I love a challenge, I’ve said that a lot over the past week but it’s true.

Now I have a new one. Kane made me a challenge and I couldn’t say no.

For the next week, I’m back on a no-sex challenge unless it’s with Kane. This one may be tough but at least I know I don’t need to wait a full week completely.

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