Every Possible Outcome | The No-Sex Pitfall


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When I started my no-sex challenge, I knew that it would be difficult. I thought about every possible hurdle, every possible outcome. I did however forget one important factor. An idea that I fully supported when it was implemented but an idea that would come to slap me in the face a few days later. At Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel there are two types of guests. There are guests and there are VIP guests. We can refuse service to a guest… but not to a VIP guest.

Every Possible Outcome | The No-Sex Pitfall
Busy Morning At The Hotel

Every Possible Outcome | Semen Sisters

Anyone who has been following my no-sex challenge will know that Lumi has been the worst influence. Always trying to get me to break it. She may be my Semen Sister but she is not a supportive one.

Today was no different.

Kane and Zathras arrived at the bar and almost instantly Lumi asked.

“Do you like a challenge Kane?”

A few moments later Caroline turned to look at him and asked him

“Have you ever tried Jess actually”

I couldn’t win. My friends, my co-workers and even my boss seemed to be out to get me. No matter where I turned, there was always someone trying to ruin this week’s challenge.

Thankfully I had thought of every possible outcome so there was no way that I would fail… Right?

Lumi, like a moth to a flame, started pushing further. Quoting my previous post and trying to get Kane to test my willpower. Kane mentioned that the no-sex chicanery had to end but I knew that I could resist, I knew that I could succeed.

Every Possible Outcome | The No-Sex Pitfall
I Was Not Going To Fail

The Curveball | Betrayal From Above

I really had thought of every possible outcome. All apart from one. As I was trying to change the subject, Caroline brought up the VIP Tags. Her evil ways had taken over her and she dished them out to both Kane and Zathras.

I was doomed.

We attempted to sign Kane up for one of our now-famous procedures. Myself, Lumi and Rach all pulled out our implements. Lumi with her whip, I had my drill and Rach had… a cattle prod?

Rach started pressing the electric part of her prod to his nipples. My mind started relaxing, this was the distraction that I needed.

“That’s kind of kinky” he exclaimed.

My head spun, he was not supposed to be enjoying this. I was supposed to be able to make a quick exit and get out of there.

Rach had to leave but Lumi and I pulled out our nipple lasers. We were going to make this distraction work. At least I was, I had no idea what Lumi’s intentions were.

Then it happened.

I looked up.

I saw it.


Every Possible Outcome | Hypnosis

The tag was the least of my worries, what happened next took me completely by surprise.

Kane pulled out his cock and started swinging it around, my eyes were locked. I could feel myself falling into a trance-like state. Was.. was he hypnotizing me?

I could hear Lumis’ words faintly ring out “Look at it Jess”. I was looking, I couldn’t look away even if I wanted to.

Suddenly I heard Kane’s voice echo “Oh she’s going to get it”. This was it, I was doomed.

I was trying to resist but the hypnosis had taken over. Lumi was no help, Caroline had betrayed me, and Rach had left me. There was nothing I could do. I knew what to do but I had lost control over myself. Of course, in the back of my mind, it was also Kane and he’s always fun so would I really have resisted anyway?

“Let’s go fornicate” he muttered to me and without being able to stop it, I repeated the words back to him before he took me upstairs.

He slipped me out of my pants and started sliding his fingers inside my pussy.

I could hear footsteps approaching. Of course, Lumi and Rachael had to come and watch my demise as I failed my challenge miserably.

As Kane flipped me over and slid his cock inside of me Rachael started celebrating by dancing on the bed.

I could feel his hot cum fill me up, opening myself to him and letting him release himself inside me. After my challenge was broken, was I now about to be pregnant with Kane’s baby? I had thought of every possible outcome bar the VIP tag… and pregnancy.

The challenge was over.

Every Possible Outcome | The No-Sex Pitfall

Every Possible Outcome | Making The Most Of It

Getting back to the bar I was disappointed in myself but I was also on a high. Sex after going without it for so long felt amazing. As we all took a drink Zathras let me know that he had come to the hotel hoping to see me.

Zathras is one of my favourite guests so I knew that I was about to have even more fun.

We finished our drinks and made our way to the spa, slipping out of our clothes and into the hot tub. I had gone three days, now I was free to be the cock hungry whore I always was.

Of course, I still want to complete my challenge so maybe it’s time for a reset on the clock. Test me

Every Possible Outcome | The No-Sex Pitfall

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