I like to try and challenge myself as much as possible, even if yes sometimes those challenges fail. Greg is a newer guest at the hotel, or should I call him Jess 2? He changed his name recently to ‘Uninsurable – Thx Jess’ as a joke not realizing that it would stay that way for a week. I won’t complain, it’s a little bit flattering. He had recently come back to Second Life and was looking to have a full makeover. When he asked me if I knew how to build a Second Life Avi and if I would help him, I jumped at the chance.

How To Build A Second Life Avi | Jess The Stylist?
At the bar with pre-upgrade Greg, Kane and Rach

How To Build A Second Life Avi | Choosing The Right Body

Choosing the right body is always a challenge for anyone. I personally think that nothing beats Legacy. When it comes to knowing how to build a Second Life Avi that would always be my recommendation.

That was where we started with Greg, the classic Legacy body for males. The body is also on sale for half price at the Legacy Halloween Fair, it was definitely an easy choice to start there.

Next up was the head, pairing a Legacy Body with a Lelutka head is always a winning combination. I took a taxi to Lelutka and called for Greg.

I had him test a couple of heads before finally deciding on the ‘Jon’ head. For the style that we were going for it made the most sense and would be the easiest to work with.

Greg is a hard-working businessman and so it was important to me to keep that air of responsibility about him.

How To Build A Second Life Avi | Jess The Stylist?

How To Build A Second Life Avi | Skin Skin Skin

I’m a firm believer that skin is everything when it comes to knowing how to build a Second Life Avi. I personally use MILA skins which in my opinion are the best skins for female avatars available.

Prior to MILA, I was an avid user of Velour. MILA apparently does not have male skins but I knew that Velour did. With that in mind, we headed to the Velour Mall.

It was time to play around with Gregs’ shape before choosing a skin. We needed some definition instead of the more rounded look that was defaulted.

I purchased him the Boscato Weston shape from the Marketplace and after a little play around it was time to get him a skin.

Velour has some really great skins and eventually, we settled on the Chris (tanned) skin for his head and the Eros body skin.

Something wasn’t just quite right though, something was missing.

I asked Greg to try on some body hair, and he did. That was it, my panties were almost falling off there in the store. Greg was starting to look hot. He picked up Body Hair No. 1 and we were ready to move on. Knowing how to build a Second Life Avi was a little bit exciting.

How To Build A Second Life Avi | Jess The Stylist?

Jess Number 2 | Too Hot

After settling on a nice-shaven hairstyle it was time to pick up some clothing options. We tried multiple different hairstyles at different stores but for Greg, a very simple hair base seemed to work perfectly.

Greg is a businessman and so a suit was always going to be the option. Thankfully I knew about Bron. So we headed over there ready to get him all dressed and ready for action.

Bron isn’t a huge selection, it is not an all-you-can-eat buffet of clothing choices but what they do have is very well made and very pleasing to the eye.

Finally, he settled on the Adrian West and the Weston pants. He looked amazing.

I was proud of my work, so proud that I messaged Lumi jokingly saying that I made him too hot. She of course decided to twist that in the Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel group chat and use it against me.

We headed back to my office, there was one last thing that he was in need of…

The Physics Cock.

He was finally ready to go out into the world and explore. Greg also known as Jess 2, was a new man. When he asked if I knew how to build a Second Life Avi, I knew that the answer was yes, I just didn’t realize how good he would look when I had finished.

Are you thinking about upgrading your avi and not sure where to start? I’m available for bookings. Both myself and Lumi have decided to launch “The X Sisters” and help you feel and look like a better you.

Contact me In-World – itsjess.skydancer

Gregs New Look

Physics Cock
Legacy Mesh Body, Fit
LetLUTKA Head – Jon (HD beard, eyes, Face, Ears)
LetLUTKA hairbase 64m
Velour Skin (head)- Chris (Tan)
Velour Eros Skin (body) for Legacy/ Fit, tan
Velour Body Hair No. 1 For Legacy (Black)
Boscato Weston Head Shape
Bron – Adrian Vest
Bron – Weston Pants

How To Build A Second Life Avi | Jess The Stylist?


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