Impossible Task | Jess The Receptionist?


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This week is more challenging than I thought. I’m a whore, my purpose in life is to have sex and a lot of it. So attempting to go seven days without sex feels like an impossible task. Everyone around me is trying to draw me in, to break my willpower but I’m resisting. I have taken the mantle of Receptionist at Candy’s, joining Lumi at the front desk. Candy gave me the receptionist position a long time ago but I’ve never felt the need to use it. Most of my days are spent leg up at the hotel, this week is different.

Impossible Task | Jess The Receptionist?

Impossible Task | The Temptation

The hotel bar was busy when I got there. Almost everyone seems to know about my challenge now which makes for a lot of people slipping me messages.

“Come on, just a quickie”

“Nobody will know”

I suppose the attention is fun but the temptation really is too strong.

Lumi of course doesn’t help anything with her constant pushing others to try and break my challenge. If anyone makes it feel like an impossible task then it’s her.

Bob arrived at the hotel and we had a planned photo shoot to get ready for his upcoming event at the hideaway. We headed there and as soon as we landed the Linden gods decided it was time to restart my region.

Trying to think of a place to go we headed to Bobs’ home. I had offered to help decorate a few weeks ago so this sounded like a good opportunity to make a start. After he fixed his fencing outside I set up his fireplace.

Lumi text me – “I don’t think that’s a photoshoot anymore”

Bitch! I am committed. I told her to come over and see for herself which she did. Of course, she wanted to try and press the issue once she got there. I was having none of it and reached out to slap her but I couldn’t hit her face for some reason.

As I tried again to slap her I grabbed something… it was a collar.

Who’s In Charge Now Bitch?

I captured her, I leashed her and I made her get on her knees.

“fuck. how did you find it?” she cried out. I could only laugh, this was going to be fun.

“Aha now who’s in charge bitch” I laughed before slapping her across the face. I wanted to get her back for all the slaps and the rumours that she was about to try and spread. My reputation of being the whore who could resist sex was growing. She had the potential to ruin it with fake news.

I made sure that she knew she had to stop. Luckily for her, there were guests waiting at the hotel, so I unleashed her and told her to return.

As those words left my mouth she slapped me and ran out of the door.

Lumi’s time is running out, I just need to pick the perfect moment.

Impossible Task | Jess The Receptionist?

Scheduling Appointments

Back at the hotel, Greg was relaxing at the bar. I wasn’t going to retaliate against Lumi in front of our guests so I kept up the pleasant act.

After discussing the adventure that we had with Uwe the night before, Greg seemed curious about what went on at the hotel other than my impossible task.

Lumi told him that there was a dark side to the hotel that doesn’t even make it onto a blog. Is she right? I can’t tell you.

We decided to let Gregg experience what we were talking about. After some careful persuasion, he decided to sign a waiver. Our appointment is next week.

We may never see Greg again, he may not make it out. Rachael will do her thing and that may be all she wrote.

What’s the dark side? Find out for yourself.


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